Shenzhen Lions Club 2010-2011 tribute and 2011-2012 inaugural ceremony was held

Shenzhen Lions Club 2010-2011 Tribute and 2011-2012 inaugural Ceremony grand ceremonyline

        &inaugural address翻译中英对照nbsp;   On July 24, 2011, shenzhen Lions Club 2010-2011 annual tribute anclubsd 2011-2012 annualclub翻译 inauguration ceremony was held in Shenzhen Nanshan Haizhu Food City. Leaders of lions Clubs international, Lions Clubs in Chilions英语怎么读na, Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau, Shenzhen Clions音标ivil Affairs Administration Bureau, Shenzhen Disabled Pertribute结尾的单词sons’ Federation and other relevant departmetribute结尾的单词nts,inaugural address课文ppt leaders of Lions clubs in Hong Kong, Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao, Shaanxi and Shenyceremony复数形式ang, representatives from all walks of life and more than 800 members of Litribute词根ons clubs in Shenzheclubn attceremony复数形式ended the inauguration ceremony.

Salute & bull; gratitude

          To promote & other; We serve ” The lceremony复数形式ion spirit, set an example, to promote the Shenzhen Lions Club to a new level, in the shenzhen Lions Club 2010-2011 annual tribute, Shenzhen Lions Club awarded 16 people such as Zuyuqin, Huang Chunbin, Xie Jianwen, Dai Tongxin, Sha Haiyu, Sun Yun, Zhang Weixclub用英语怎么说ian, Wang Jinliang, Zhang Guojun, Zhinauguraleng Degang & LDquo; Directo深圳市最新疫情r’s Special Support Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded to 12 service teams such as Sh深圳市最新疫情angbu and Xinzhou. Team Steady Development Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded to shenzhen Radio and Television Group, Shenzhen Ptribute怎么读ress Group and other 12 units Support awatribute翻译rd & throughout; ; Zheng Degang, Su Zeran and olions怎么读ther 17 people. Majointributer Contribution Atributeward & RDQUOclub; ; Awarded 10 units such as Shenzceremony翻译hen Zhejiang Association and Shenzhen One Day Technology Co., LTD. Cariinaugural是什么意思ng award & throughout; ; Awarded to 19 service teams such as Longhua and Fuyong Outstanding Service Team Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded mileage, central areaceremony翻译, etc. 10 service teams & LDquo; Excceremony翻译ellent Project Team Award & RDQUO; ; 40 service teams were awarded to Lin MAO, Aixiang and Bo Ai. Outstanding Service Project Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded to 12 service teams, such as Wuto深圳天气ng Mountain and B深圳市最新疫情agua Ridge. Service Tlionseinaugural是什么意思am Star Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded zheng Xi, Hu Yue and other 114 lion friends & LDquo; Excellent Lion Friend Award & RDquo; ; Awarded t深证指数o tang Zili, Wang Ba深圳疫情最新消息olitribute词根n anceremony用什么介词d other 20 lion friends & LDquo; Excellent Secretary Award & RDquoceremony; ; Awarded to fang Mansong, Zhong Yinghui深证指数 and other 25 lion friends & LDquo; Extribute词根celltribute怎么读ent Financial Award & RDinaugural翻译quo; ; Awarded to zhao Hua, CAI Yongwei and other 23 lion friends & LDquo; Excellent President Award & RDquo; ; Awarded to gao Zhou, Chen Shaohua and other 24 lion friends & LDquo; Excellentclubmed District Staff Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded to Li Chuangfeng, Liu Qtribute怎么读uanshi and other 8 lion friends & LDqintributeuo; Mceremony的名词ember Development Award & RDQUinaugural addressO; ; Awarded to Liu Jun深圳天气, Niu Xiaosan, Lai Fuxiang and other 22 lion frinaugural address课文pptiends & LDquo; President, Secrtribute怎么读etary, Financial Rising Star Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded feng Qijiang, Wulions翻译 Di and other 12 lion frieinaugural addressnds & LDquo; Lion Family Award & RDQtribute词根词缀UO; .


&tribute是什么意思nbsp;   &nb深证指数sp;     &nbspclubmed; Through the joint elionsgatefforts of all lions club members, Shenzhen Ltribute词根词缀ions Cluinaugural address翻译中英对照b has achieved many excellent results in 2010-2011. In thattributee 8th Care Aceremony怎么读音ction of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Lions Club was awarded & LDquo; Excellent organizainauguraltional unit &深圳疫情最新消息 RDquo; Awainaugural是什么意思rd, & other; Red action &clubmed官网预订rdquo; The project was awarded & LDQUO; Public Satisfaction Activities & RDQUO; ; Shenzheceremony同义词n Lions Club won the second consecutive yeatributer. Pengcheng Charity Award & RDQUO; And ten & other; Pengcheng Charity Organization Award & RDQUO; , won the awarceremony是什么意思d of the speciatributel Economic Zone for 30 years for shenzhen’s outstanding contributions to charity & LDQUO; Pengchinaugural是什么意思eng Charity Outstanding Contribution Awceremony同义词ard & RDQUO; ; At the same time, shenzhen Lions club has also been granted tax exemption status and public welfare donation pre-tax deduction status. Shenzhen Lions Club insists on ldquo; Standard lion business, stea深圳风险等级dy growth, building culture, brandlionsgate servilions是什么意思ce & RDquo; , the number of members of nearly 2000, successfully completed the established work objectives深圳风险等级. Director Xiao xingping thanked the council members深圳疫情最新消息, committee chairman, service tea深圳地铁线路图m president and all lion friends for their supceremony是什么意思port. We serve ” The spirit of social welfare undeinauguraladdress课件pptrtakings in the future to achieve greater achretributeievements.


            On behalf of Lions Club shenzhen, Director Xiao Xingping expressed htributeser deeinaugural是什么意思p respect to the 2010-2011 director, boardclubs members, committee members, service team board members and lions friendceremony同义词s who had made ouceremony怎么读tstanding contrclubmedibutions in the service activities and fundrailions音标sing activitieclub怎么读s. She thanktribute词根词缀ed them for their efforts and efforts for the healthy development of Lions Club shenzhen深证指数 in the past year.


            Director Xiao xingping also commended 170 senior lions club members with more than nine years of eceremonyxperience, the Mermantribute结尾的单词 Clock Awarclubman是什么牌子车d and the Hua Lion Award, and awarded MEDALS to them for their contributlions音标ions to the Sheattributenzhen Lions Club.
            This year, the Lions Club of Shenzhen has carried out various service activities, such as light travel, education, helpinaugural addressing the disabled and orphans, disaster relief, poverty alleviaticeremony复数形式on, community service, and so on. The s深圳疫情uccess of these activities has been strongly supported by shenzhen Disabled Persoclubmedns’ Federation, Shenzhenclub翻译 Second People’s Hospital, Sheshenzhennzhen Eye Hospital, Shenzhelions是什么意思n Broadcasting Group, Shenzhen Press Group and many other units and media, and has made outstanding contributions to establishing the service brand of深圳市最新疫情 Shenzhen Lionsclub Club. The party hceremony是什么意思onored thlions音标em with special recognition.

Oclubman是什么牌子车ffice & bullceremony翻译; Congratribute怎么读tulations on

     inaugural address翻译中英对照       In the international lions club of winretributeg kun tam lion brother, appointed director of the international We深圳n Jinhuan lion elder sister, appoclub是什么意思inted director of the深圳大学 interclub怎么读national and domestic lion federation vice-chairman Liu Xiaogang lion elder sister, doclub是什么意思mestic federation vice-chairman Liu Guopu lion lion brother, brother Zhang Guojun lion witness, the previous director XiaoXingPing lion elder深圳疫情 sister will director to wear and the right to fight solemnly Zhengtribute是什么意思 Degang lionlions英语怎么说 brothers transferred to the director. Mr. Zheng Degang, tclubmedhe director, made a warm inaugural speech. He saidclub怎么读 that under the leadership of Director Xiao Xingping and the board of diceremony用什么介词rectors, Shenzhen Lions club has made many excellent achievements in the past year. Behind these achievements, we cannot leave the efforts and perseverance of the directors, board members and all liceremony同义词ons club members of Shenzhen. It is inseparable from the strong support and enceremony翻译couragement of President Tam Wing-gan, Lions Club of Honglions音标 Kong and Macau and lion friends from all over the world. Can not leave thetribute结尾的单词 guiinauguraladdress课件pptdance and help of the Dtribute怎么读omestic Lion Association; Can not be separated from the party and govtribute怎么读ernment, civil affairs, disabled persons federa深圳地铁线路图tion and other departments at all levels of concern andtribute结尾的单词 attention. Director Zheng degang expressed his heartfclub是什么意思elt thanks to them for their stributeupport! He came up with the slogan of the year: “ Tree of Hope ” , with the ten key this year will work as the main line, and the system construtribute结尾的单词ction, actively caceremony和celebration的区别rry out community service, to do the lion forest construction, cceremony同义词ontinue to promote lion brand services, lions as atributes dlion是什么意思中文翻译irector of eight, ten years in shenzhen lion road, on the basis of the accumulation of experience, continue to explore the develattributeopment path of domestic features lion, for charity development and make great efforts! Lookiceremony造句ng forward to the lions Club in S深证指数henzhen. Tree of Hope ” And grow into a towering tree. Then, Director Zhengclubmed官网预订 Degang wore the ribbon and issceremony和celebration的区别uedshenzhen the certificatributeste of appoinlions英语怎么说tment to the appointed members of the new counciceremonyl and the certificate of appointment to thtribute翻译e chairman of the committribute怎么读tee.

     inaugural address       Tan Ronggen, president of the Lions Club of Shenzhen,club spoke highly of the club’s charitable work ilions怎么读n poverty al深圳大学leviation. Domestic lion federation chief representative in shenzhen, shenzhen, chairman of the disabled persons’ federation ZuYuQin on behalf of the disabled perceremony和celebration的区别sons’ federation of shenzhen in shceremony的名词enzhen lion said in the past a year’s work, the achievements expressed appreciation, to 2011-2012 director Zheng Degang lion brotherclubmeds and the new cou深圳风险等级nciclub是什么意思l, commission and service office of the council expressed warm congratulations!

            In response to Tan Ronggen, President & LDquo; Plant a million trees. In response to the calions是什么意思ll of Director Zheng Degantribute词根词缀g & LD深圳疫情QUO; Tree of Hope ” “, shenzhen Lions Club plans to open a Sceremonyhenzhen Lion Forest at the foot of Lianhua Mountain, calling on every lion friend to plant one. Tree of Hope ” , carry forward the lion spirit, gather bits of lion heart, show infinite lion loceremony的名词ve. The chairman of the conference and the fclubmed官网预订irst deputy director of thceremony造句e conference, Mr. So Zeoran, suggested that the lion friends should takceremony的名词e action with ldquo; We serve ” The spirit of the Lion partici深证指数pates in the construction of the Lion Forest Project, arousing people’s attention to ecology, environmental protection and charceremony用什么介词ity. &nbsp深证指数;

            &tributenbsp; The Lions Club is a large civil society charity. We serve ” We prtribute词根词缀ovide services in medical and health care, assisting the disabled and the elderly, environmeclubman是什么牌子车ntal protection, civic educeremony同义词cation, disaster reduction and poverty alleviation, anlions英语怎么读d caring for the community, which has won pinauguraladdress课件pptraise in the society. Mr. Cheng Degang, the new director of Lions Club, said that he would lead all lions club members to continue to carry out various service activities and sprelions英语怎么说a深圳疫情最新消息dtribute翻译 the word. We serve ” The spiritlionsgate of lions club in the domestic development of history to write more wonderful, to build a harmonious society t深圳疫情最新动态o matribute翻译ke more positive深圳 contributions!

  &nb深圳疫情最新消息sp;     &nlion是什么意思bsp; &inauguraladdress课件pptnbsp; Since its establinauguraladdress课件pptishment in 2002, Undetribute词根词缀r the leadership and guidance of China Disabled Persons’ Federation, China Lions Association and shenzhen official associations, Shenzhen Lions Club has been adhering to the leadership of linaugural address课文pptdQUO; We serve ” The lion spirit, actively participate in disaster relief, poverty alleviation, health care, social welfare,clubman education, rehabilitation of the disabled, environmental protection and other atribute词根reas of public welfare activities, helping the poor, helping the disabled, helping the weak poverty alleviation, for the government to share the burdeceremony是什么意思n, for the people. According to incomplelions英语怎么说teclub翻译 statistics, in the past nine yelionsars, Shenzhen Lions Club has carried out more than 5,000 service activities throughout China, with a total service fund of 120 million YUAN. It has provided free operaticlub是什么酒ons for more than 15,000 poor cataract patients, donatelion是什么意思中文翻译d more than 53 million yuan in materials for disaster relief, and raised more than 6 million yuan for the disabled aclub是什么意思nd orphans. More than 40 lion schoolclub是什么酒s have been built, benefiting 30 millions英语怎么说lion people and attracting wide attention from the whole societyinaugural翻译.

By Ma Huijuan

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