Promote the progress of the domestic lions Club

Promote the progress of the domestic lions Club
                   promote和boost的区别               &nbspclub是什么酒;                          clubman       &nbsprogressivep; &nblions读音sp;       &nbsplions翻译;             &nbslionsp;         &nclubman是什么牌子车bsp;     &nclubman是什么牌子车bsp;       &nbslions英语怎么读p;     &nbsppromote的名词;   — — Warm congrdomestic是什么意思atulatidomesticons to the successful convening of tprogressive是什么意思he sixth National Congress of the Domeclubstic Lions Association

            From June 17 to 19, tpromote和boosthe sixth Natioclubmednal Congress of The National Lions Associationlions是什么意思 was successfully held at the National Convention Center in Beijing. Wang Naikun, vice Chairmanclubmed of China Dlionsgateisabled Persons’ Federation and president of China Lions Association, tang Xiaoquan,promote是什么意思英语 chairman of China Disabled Persons’ Welfare Fund Committee and Chairman of China Lions Association Advisory Commidomesticatettee attended the confdomesticallyerence and delivclubman是什么牌子车ered a speech. More thanclub翻译 300 lion friends from Shenzhen, Guangdong, Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao, Shaanxi, Shenyang, Zhejiang and other places attended the event. The meeting elected a new leadership of lions Club, appointed the secretary general and deputy secretary general and the treasurer, reviewed thelionsgate work report and financial report, and discussed and adolions英语怎么读pted the working rules of the Domestic Lions Club, the collection of dues and management methods. The adoption of tpromotedhese documents indicates that the Domestic Lclub怎么读ion Association has formed a relatively complete management and operation system while developromote翻译ping steadily.

              Durinpromote造句g the meeting, Chen Ya ‘an, secretary general of the Domestic Lions Association, made a work report entitled “Helping others and serving the sopromote和boostciety & Mdash;& MDash; Promoting the development of the Domestic lions Association”, comprehensively and systematicprogressive翻译ally summarlions英语怎么说izedpromote和boost the work of the three councils, using ldquo; Five & throughout; Sumpromote造句marize the achievements and development of the three years, namely & LDqclubmeduo; Established a goopromote和boost的区别d developmenprogress翻译t pprogressive是什么意思attern, established a stable member team,lions翻译 develodomesticationped a set of complete managemenpromotedt system, the implementation of a series of effective social servdomesticateice activdomesticateitieslionsgate, formed a strong appeal and cohesion of the core vdomesticatealue systdomestic反义词em & RDquo; . Chen Shclubijun, member of the finance committee of the Domestic Lion Association, made a financial report on behalfclub是什么意思 of xu Xiaoning, chief financial officer of the Domestic Lion Association. Vice President Zhang Guojun made notes on and Notelionsgates on. Lei Jianwei, director of domestic Lions Association, wrote “And direcdomesticatetor candidate explanation”.progress翻译

            All the delegates attended the conference with adomestic翻译 strong sense of responsibility and mission from the beginning to the end. In the group disclubscussion on the afternoon of 18th, lion friends from all over the world had a heated discpromote和boost的区别ussion adomesticationbout the work report and meeting documents. Domestic lion fclubmedederation representatdomesticive in shenzhen, shenzhelions音标n vicelions英语怎么说 President of the federation Huang Chunbin, shenzhen XiaoXingPing lions club director, the director Zheng Degang elect, former director of wear wdomestication翻译方法ith xin and Chen Shijun, Wu Hpromote什么意思aining, Feng Qijiang, high characterlions读音, Chen YuMinprogressdrawableg lion posipromote造句tive news soufangwang friends, such as for domestic lion federation work many insightful comments and Suggestions are put forward.
            The conference elected Wang Naikun as the president of the Domestic Lions Association, Liu Xiaogang, Liu Guopuclubman是什么牌子车, Zhang Guojun as vice presideprogress翻译nt; Chprogress是什么牌子衣服en Ya ‘an elected as the secretary general of the Domestic Lions Association, Xu Xiaoning as thelions音标 chief financial officer; Li Ling, Guo Chunning and Fu Rong were appclub怎么读ointed deputy Secretary-General of the Domestic Lion Association; Approved the chairman, vice chairman anlion是什么意思d members of the National Lions Leapromote和boost的区别gue Advisory Committdomestication翻译方法ee.lions读音 The above lispromotet was voted through at the first meeting of the fourth council of the National Lions Association. Indomestic读音 addition, the second meeting of thlions是什么意思e fourth Council of The Domestic Lions Association clariclubmanfied thepromote翻译 division of labor of the vlion是什么意思中文翻译ice presidedomesticnts, the sdomestication翻译方法etup of the special working committee, the list of the chairman and vice chairmen of the special wclub用英语怎么说orking committee, and theclubs working schedule of 2011-2012.


            On the evening of the 18th, the grand award adomesticatend fellowship party of the Chinese Lions Associadomestic怎么记忆tion was held to commdomesticend the outstalions读音ndingprogress membpromoteders, outstanding service teams, outstanding serpromote用法搭配vice projects and special colions翻译ntribution awards of the 2010-2011 Chinese Lions Associationlions音标. Dai Qun, Tian Li, Zhang Zhihe, Li Wenqiu, Yu Qian, Zhang Zhenjiang, Gao Zhclubmanou, Lu Zhiqiang, Luo Jianwen, Taclubsng Zili won the Outstanding Lion Friend Award; Shenzpromote的名词hen Lions Club East China Sea Service Team and Shajing Servidomestic反义词ce Team won the Outstanding Servpromote和boosticedomestic反义词 Team award; A series of supporting projects in Sanjiaopromote的中文意思 Village, Wushi Town, Leizhou Town, Zhanjiang orgaprogress什么意思nized by Shenzhen Lions Cdomestic翻译lub, & LDquo; Red action ” Lion Blprogress可数吗ood Donation Month project won the Award of Excellent Servicedomesticate Project; Lions Club of Shenzhen won the Award of Outpromoteslions翻译tanding Service Project in Africa. Zhang Guojun, vice president of thpromote是什么意思英语e National Lions Association and last director of tprogress什么意思he Shenzhen Lions Club, received the special contribution Award.lions The wonderful performances of lion friends from various regions brought the atmospherdomestic反义词e of the party to a climax.
       domestically翻译     19 morning, the founding chairman of the Dpromote的名词omestic Lion Associaclubtion, chairman of thelions英语怎么说 customer committee Tang Xiaoquanpromote和boost in the third meeting of the sixth national Congress of the Dodomesticationmestic Lion Association mclubade a speech full of emotion. She fully aprogressdrawableffirmed thprogressdrawablee achievements made by tclub翻译he third council of the Domestic Lions Association in the past three years, and also plapromote是什么意思英语ced high expectations on the new leadership. Byclub用英语怎么说 analyzing the advantages anclubmed官网预订d special sigclubmed官网预订nificance of theclubmed官网预订 Lions Club in policy andomestically翻译d environment, she askeddomestic是什么意思 the Lions Club to continuously improve its ability of sustainablepromote造句 development, self-management and servpromote和boostice projects in thedomestic怎么记忆 new historical period. She also enthusiastically recommended the projects of the National Diprogressdrawablesability Welfare Foundationdomestic怎么记忆, where she is now working, tpromote的名词o Lions Club, hoping tclub是什么酒o cooperate with lions Club to better serve the disabled and vulnerable groups in China.
  &nprogress可数吗bsp;         Wclubsang Naikun President as the next President in the end of the sixth congress in a speech from the height of the theory explains thdomestice establishmentdomestic反义词 andlions音标 the importancpromote翻译e and necessity of constructiclub是什么酒on of domestic lion cib value sclub是什么意思ystem, and emphasizes the construcprogressivetion of cib value system must adhere to China’s basic national conditions, to insist on the value system and over all the ideas,promote的中文意思 adhere to the value system construction and system construction of corresponding, Adhere to democraprogressive翻译tic centralism, adhere to the practice of conlions翻译tinuous learning, and constantly iprogress翻译mprove the ability of perlions是什么意思sonal conscious participation, self-promotedmanagement and self-improvement, andprogress是什么牌子衣服 constantly enlion是什么意思中文翻译hance the organization’s theoretical innovation, system innovation and practice innovation ability. She pointed out that the Lions Club is a noble cause, a cause for the welfare of mankind, in line with the requirements of social development and the progprogressiveress of The Times, will have strong vitality and broad prospects for development in China. President Wang’s speech ipromotenspires and inspires lion friends alclubmanl over the countrylions怎么读 topromote是什么意思英语 bedomestication more persistent and resolute in the road of serving the society and benefiting mankind.

         progress什么意思 &lions读音nbsp; After the 6th congress, huang Chunbin, director designate Zheng Degang, First Deputy dirdomestic怎么记忆ector designate Su Zeran, and Secretary General Zhang Xiaowei attended the 2011-2012progressive翻译 regional leadlions音标ership Training seminar. Xidomestic反义词ao Xiclubsngping, chairman of leadership Committee designate and Director of Lions Club shenzhen also attended the seminar. The training seminar invited professors from the National Schoodomestication翻译方法l of Governance to deliver speclion是什么意思中文翻译ial lectures. At the same time, liu Xiaogang, Liu Guopu and Zhang Guoyun, vice presidents of Lions Club, discussed with the studentsdomestically on the history and futurlions是什么意思e of Lions Club, member development and training, herdomestic是什么意思itage and regional construction, and annual planning of each region. The aim of the training is to develop high quality district leaders through a series oprogressive是什么意思f effective traclubman是什么牌子车ining. We serve ” In strict accordance with thdomestic反义词e national association management regulations, standardize the lion operation around.

    &nbsclub翻译p;   &nbsplions音标;   The sixth national Congress of the National Lions Assclub用英语怎么说ociation has come to a successpromote的中文意思ful conclusion. The meeting reviewed and summarized the preliminary workprogressdrawable of the aslion是什么意思sociationclub用英语怎么说, and established the value system with helpilions是什么意思ng others and serving the society as the core, pointing out the direction for the future development of the association. This conference is of great significance as it aims to unlionsgateify thinking, pool strength and inclub翻译spire morale. It also aims to chart the course, build on past achievementpromote和boost的区别s and blaze new trails. This natipromote造句onal congress will guide and lead thlions是什么意思e lion fprogressive是什么意思riends throughout the country to forge ahead in ulion是什么意思中文翻译nity, the domestic characteristics of the lion club constantly push forward!
            Annex I: List of the national Lions Association bodomesticallyard of Didomestically翻译rectors 2011-2012
           domestic翻译 Chairman: Wang Naikun
    &nbspromote用法搭配p;       Vice Chairman: Liu Xiaogang & NBSP; Liu Guopu & have spent Zhang Guojun
            Sclubmedecretary General: Chen Ya ‘an
          &nbspdomestic读音; Cfo: Xu Xiaoning
            Deputy Secretary-Generaldomestic: Li Ling, Guo Chunning, Fu Rong
&nbslionsgatep;  progress   &nbclub翻译sp;     Richard & have spent What: Xiao Xingping, Zheng Degang, Su Zeran, Jian Jiansheng, Mai Siming, Qu Jianye, Xia Xicheng, Tang Jie, Bao Jie, Sun Lijiang, Duan Youtao, Huang Wei, Ye Ke, Dai Jdomesticallyianming, Zhong Wprogressdrawableenling, Zhang Jingyu, Zhao Dong, Liu Liantengprogress, Cui Cheng

    &nbspclub翻译;       Appendix 2: List of advisory Committee of National Lions Aspromote什么意思sociation 2011-promote的中文意思2012
            Chairman: Tang Xiaoquan
   progress什么意思         Vice Chairmen: Gao Jianwei, Xie Jianwlions英语怎么读en, Guo Deloitte, Li Yang
         domesticate   Members: Dai Tongxin, Sha Haiyu, Sdomesticationun Yun, Chen Ying, Zhang Weixian, Chen Yanping, Song Zprogressive是什么意思huoping, Hong Kangxi, Sun Peiying, Huang Chunbin, Zhu Jixun, GE Yangnian, Zhang Zhimei,domestication BI Yuanqinlionsg, Hdomestic读音uang Changwei, Wang Jinliang, Li Xiaobo,promote什么意思 Zheng Yao, Pan Yuzhe, Lei Jianwei, Wang Ping, Chu Chengdong & NBSP;

    &nbsppromote什么意思;       Appendixdomestic怎么记忆 3: Shenzhen Lions Club was awarded the 2011-2012 National Lions Association Recognition List
    &clubmannbsp;      progress是什么牌子衣服 Outstanding lion Friends: Dai Qun, Tian Li, Zhang Zhihe, Li Wenqiu, Yu Qian, Zhang Zhenjiang, Gao Zhou, Lu Zhiqiang, Luo Jianwen, Tang Zili
            Outstanding Service Teams: Easdomestic翻译t China Sea Servicdomestic反义词e Team, Sandwell Service Team
            Excellent service plion是什么意思rojects: Sanjiao Village, Wushi Town, Leizhou, Zhanjiang, & LDquo; Red action ” Lion Blood Month plions英语怎么读roject
  &nclub用英语怎么说bsp;         Outstanding service prdomesticojects of the Association: Africa Bright Travel
    &npromote和boostbsp;       Special Contpromote造句ribution Award: Zhang Guoyun

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