Domestic Lions Association membership management system and office work seminar successfully held

Domestic Lions Association membership management system and office work seminar successfully held

   seminary是什么意思;        system翻译; From February 25 to 26, 2012, the Training and office work seminar of Chinoffice怎么激活a Lions Association membership Management System was successfully held in Xi 'an. Mr. Zhaworkshopng Guoyun, Vice President of The Natidomesticonal Lion Association; Mr. Li Ling, Deputy Secretary General of the National Liosystemn Association; Mr. Fu Rong, Deputy Secresystematictary General and Office Director of the National Lion Associatiassociation什么意思中文翻译成on; Mr. Ge Yangnian, Vice President of shaanxi Disabled Pworksersons' Feoffice是什么软件derationdomestic怎么记忆 and Representative of shassociation什么意思aanxi Representative Office of thoffice激活密钥e National Lion Association; More than 20 people, including general secretaries and secretarseminaryiat ofdomestic怎么读ficeworkshoprs from guangdong Lions Club and member management organizations in dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, Zhejiang, Shenyang and Shaanxi, attended the traiworkoutnoffice是什么软件ing and discussimanagement翻译on. Mr. Lin Yanju, executive Deputworkplacey Secretary general of Lions Club shenzhen, led the staff of lions Club shenzhassociation怎么读en office to attend the training and successfully completed the course.
&noffice2016bsp;  system占用cpu过高;         This seminar is the first time for the domestic Liondomesticallys adomestication翻译方法ssociation to hold memberseminar的意思ship management system trasystemindomestic读音ing and office management training and discussion, which has been highly valued and strongly supportedmembership by the lesystem32adership of the assoassociation英语ciation. Wang Naikun, prdomesticateesident of The Lions Association of Chindomestic是什么意思a, wrote a special inscription for this seminar: enthusiastic service, scientific managdomestic怎么读ement, provide reliable guarantee and strong suppoffice365ort for the development of the domestic lionsystem怎么读s association, and have high hopes for the future desystem怎么读velopment of the management team of the Lions Association of China.
&nworksbsp;           At the meetimanagement英文解释ng, Li Ling, dassociation什么意思中文翻译成eputy secretary General, delivered a speecseminar的意思h on behalf of the Domestic Lions Association. She said that the growth of the number of national members from several hmanagement怎么读undred to tens of thousands is inseparable from the support of leaders and efforts odomesticallyf lion friends. Only with a good management model and the prlions翻译otection of rules and regulations, can we ensure the healthy and steady development of the Assocmembership翻译iation by focusassociation用法及搭配ing on organizationalseminary是什么意思 management. Ge Yangnian, vice chairman, on behalf of shaanxi Disabled Persons' Federation and Shaanxiworkforce Management Committee,membership翻译 introduced the basic situation and various work in Sworkshaanxi and extseminar翻译eassociation怎么读音nded a warm welcome to managemenlions怎么读t workerdomestic怎么记忆s from all over the country.
            Fu Rong, deputy secretary general and office dirmanagement是什么意思英语ector of Domestic Lion Association, and thassociation可数吗e association staff gave a detailed training on nine aspects of office work ovemanagement英文解释rmanagement是什么意思英语view, jobmanagement蓝屏 responsibilities, document handling, file management, conference work, activitdomesticationy organizatiodomesticaten, financial management, membership managemesystem怎么读nt and foreign affairs. The learning atmosphere was strong, and everseminars什么意思yone said they had benefited a lot and hmanagement的动词形式oped to carry out more relevant tworksraining.
            After thesystem怎么读 trainingmembership和member的区别, Mr. Zhang Guojun, vice president of the National Lion Association, came to the scene and made a speech. He expressed that the training course was very successful and the students studied harworkerd. On behalf ofassociation英语 the Chinese Lions Association, he thanked all the staff for their esystem函数fforts. He pomembership什么意思啊inted out that it is an important task for the developmenassociationt of lseminar什么意思中文ions clubs in China tmembership翻译o strengthoffice2016激活密钥en the office team and put forward valuable suggestions on how to develop the office team.
    &nbsoffice2016激活密钥p;  membership和member的区别     Mr. Zhang Guojun, vice president of The National Lions Association, Mr. Gdomestic反义词e Yangnian, vice president of shaanxi Disabled Persons' Federation and shaanxi Representatassociation翻译ive Office of the National Lions Assdomestic怎么记忆ociatisystem占用cpu过高on, and Mr. Liu Lianteng, foundomesticallyding District chairman of Shaanxi Lions Associatoffice是什么软件ion, presented the certificates of completion to the students from eight regiomembership翻译ns and took photos with them.

By Zhou Jiaolong and Zhang Licchen & NBSP;   Photo/Zworkhang Lichen

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