Notice about the Tree of Hope membership Development Series Awards

About & other; Tree of Hope ” Notice of member development Series awards

Dear Lhopedion friend,

      &nbshopep;     In order to make the service team bigger and stronger, and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Lions Club is noseries翻译w launching & LDQUO; Tree of Hope ” Member development series awards. Hereby announced as followsnotice怎么读英语: & NBSP;

            1.  If the service tseries是什么牌子eam is successfullhope和wish区别y established before Mdevelopment可数吗arch 31, 2012, it winotice是什么意思llseries是什么牌子 be awarded &LDquo; Tree of Hope Contribution Award & Rdevelopment的用法和搭配DQUO; , the service team wahope怎么读s awabouttime免费观看arded 5000 yuan. The establishment of the club can be announced on April 2 ondevelopment的用法和搭配 the 10th anniveabout翻译rsarymembership是什么意思英语 of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, which coincidenotice作文s with the club's bihope是什么意思rthday.

            2.  Teams with a netaward什么意思 increase of 20% in membershhope怎么读ip by 25 May 2012 as compared to the previous year wabout是介词吗ill be awarded Tree of Hope Grnotice的形容词owth Award & RDQUOabout怎么读语音; .

            3.  If tdevelopment的用法和搭配he membership reaches the standard 25 membertrees bydevelopment的动词形式 May 25, 2012, the service team wiltreel be awarded &LDqutreeo; Tree of Hope Achievement Award & RDquo; .

            4.  Any service team thahope的用法t increases its membership by 20% to 25 by May 25, 2012 will be awarded. Tree of Hope Achievement Awawards什么意思ard & RDQUO; .

            Get & otdevelopment的动词形式her; Tree of Hope Growth Award & RDQdevelopment的用法和搭配UO; , & othtree怎么读er Tree of Hope Achievement Award & RDquo; , & otaboutcg网站her Tree of Hope Achievement Award & RDQUO; Each of the service teams will receive a medal for rmembership和member的区别ecognition at the fourth Distrseriesict Council meeting of the year. The above awards are awarded in accordance with the principle of high not low, not repeated awards.

   series翻译         This awaboutard will be one of the necessary conditions for the year-endseries selection of outstanding service teams and other awards.

            I hope all service teams will ctree的复数ontinue their efforts to win thdevelopment可数吗is award! I would lidevelopment翻译ke to express my heartfelt thanks to all lion friends for their support and cooperation.

           aboutcg网站               &nabout是什么意思bsnotice翻译p;        series函数用法                   Shenzhdevelopment翻译en Lions Club 2011-2012
               treeplantingday      notice怎么读英语;             &nbseries翻译sp;           &nbtree的音标sp;  about         Mr.hope Cheng Degang, Director
  &series的中文意思nbsp;             &nbsawards怎么读p; &nbsdevelopment的用法和搭配p;                                         February 13,development是什么意思 2012


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