Notice of soliciting papers on “Towards growth — Lion Affairs Forum for the 10th anniversary of lions Club of Shenzhen”

About solicitation & LDquo; The 10th Anniversary of Lions Club in Shenzhen Notice of paper

Dear Lion friend,

   growth怎么读         To promgrowth造句ote & othlion是什么意思er; We serve ” To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the founding o同花顺f Shenzhen Lions Club, review, summarize and analyzeforum怎么读 the d桃花源记翻译evelopment process of Shepaper是什么意思nzhen Lions Club in its 10th anniversary, and deeply discuss the new sipaperstuation, new problems and new changes in tforums翻译he development of domestic lion cause. Shenzhnotice的形容词en Lions Club pforum是什么意思lans to hold a game on April 2lion怎么读, 2012 in thnoticede apapersamefternoon & LDquo; The 10th Anniversary of Lions Club in Shenzhen To further enhance the popularity, reputation and influence of Lions Club shenzhen in the field of public welfargrowth的用法e and charity, and serve as a model for the development of lions club in China, enrich the connotation of thnotice的形容词e development of lions movement in Shenzhen, and make suggespaper是什么意思tions and sunotice的固定搭配ggestions for promoting the development of lion桃花源记翻译 cause iforum84n China.papership Shenzhen Lions club is now open to all lion friends to collect papers.

     lion        A, & have spent Forum time and venue

              Time: 13:30 — 18:00, April 2, 2012
 lion翻译             Location: to be cgrowth怎么读onfirmed

&nbaffairs翻译sp;            Second, & have spent Forum themes and topics

            1. Forum theme
            Growing up — Lions Forum for the 10th anniversary of Lions Club shenzhen
&nbsforump;         &nbnotice过去式sp; 2. Mai通货膨胀下什么最保值n Topics of the Forum:
            This forum consaffair是什么意思英语ists of five sections, which will focus on how to promote tlion翻译he sustainable development of Lionoticeablens clubs in China in a more effective and comprehensive way. Lookingrowth的用法g back at the 10th anniversary, tracing the development track of llion翻译ions Club in China & RDquo; , & other Innovating and forging ahead to promote tgrowthhe development of Lions Club to new breaktlions英语怎么读hrough & RDquo; To study antowards和toward有什么区别d discuss the key issues.

  &nbspnotice是什么意思;         Three, & have spent Participants:

      &nbspgrowth是什么意思;     About 200-300 employees, including:
            1. Leaders of Internationagrowth是什么意思l Lions Federation, China Disabled Personsthin‘ Federatgrowth组合ion and Daffairs怎么读omestic Lions Federation, as well as management Bureau of Shenzhen Civil Organizationotice作文ns;
     notice是什么意思       2. Lion club representatives in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, Shaanxi, Zhejiang, Shenyang, etc.;
  &affairsnbsp;  affairs是什么意思       3. Experts in Beijing and Shenzhen, famous modaffairs翻译el of charity in S同花顺henzhen and mainstream media.

            Four, & have spent Title of papnotice过去式er solicited:

    &nbnotice的形容词sp;       In order to facilitate lion friends to develop ideas, we prepare the following topics for your reference, you can prepare the paper according to tgrowth是什么意思he following topics, if you have a bette同花顺r topic, also welcome your valtowards同义词uable comments and suggestions.
  &nbtowards和toward有什么区别sp;         1.  Draw lessons from international experience and creagrowth组合te a brand of charity service with Domestic chgrowth是什么意思英语aracteriaffairs怎么读stics –& LDQUO; Attended & throughout; , & otgrowth造句her Low vision & throughout;
   affairs怎么读       &nbsnoticeablep; 2.  Exploring the Working Mechanism of Community Charity Service Model — ldqforum84uo; Love statiothn ”
            3.&nbsplionel; Some practices of Shenzhen Lions Club’s Participation in official Counterpart Assistance for poverty Alleviation — ldquo; Zhanji同花顺ang Sanjiao Villag同花顺e & RDquo; , & otforum怎么读her Rehabilitation Center fpaperseeor the Disabled
            4. paperstream Promote the public image of Lions Club shenzhen through service activities – ldQUO; Shizi Forest of Lianhua Mountain in Shenzhen & RDqlion是什么意思uo; , & other Care for traffic Police & RDqnoticeableuo; , & other Human traffic light & RDquo; , & other Red action ”
            5.  Research on Project Management of Charity Service Work — LDquo; Liontowards Primary Schootowards和toward有什么区别l ” , & other Spritowards翻译ng Brelioneleze Library ” , & other Poor elite ”
            6.  Studnotice过去式y on the growth path and training mechanism of lions Club service leaders
     通货膨胀下什么最保值       7.  A demonstaffairsration of the rapid response of lions in disaster relief
        &lionsnbsp;   8.  Lion cultowards和toward有什么区别tural values and our Mission
&nbforum鞋款式叫什么sp;           9.  Lions Club democratic mechanism and charity openness and transparency. — On the annual election of governor and deputy governor
        &nbspapersamep; 10.  The role of monitoring mechanism establishment in lions club development
  &nb桃花图片sp;       11.  Laffairs怎么读ion Culture Values antowards是什么意思d Practice & LDquo; We serve ”
 lionkk     &noticenbsp;  forum什么意思中文 12.  Through & other; Lion Culture & RDquo; Inheritance童话故事 and further promotion & LDquo; Lion Spaffair是什么意思irit ”

            Five, & have spent Paper requirements and use of results

            1. Paper Requirements:
        (1) It conforms to the gunotice怎么读英语idinggrowth的动词 spirit of the fnotice的形容词oforum84rum paper solicitation and the established topic connotice用法tent requirpaper是什么意思ements of the forum; Broad vision, profound analysis, accurate argument, feasible cnotice的固定搭配ountermeasures, concrete measures; It has strong policy, guidance, pertinence and practicability.
        (2) The Forum has the right to use the collected papers in the name oforums是什么意思f the Forum. No additional payment. The coplion翻译yright in a pa同花顺per belongs to the author.
        (3) The submitted paper should meet the relion的中文意思quirements of the essay content. Please indicate whetherlion怎么读 the paper is in newspapers orgrowth是什么意思 magazines. Please submit an electronic velion是什么意思rsion of the paper in Chinese with a length of 3000 words or less. The tgrowth翻译ext, formula and table should be edited in Microsoft Word 2003 or above, and the illustrations and photos should be inserted igrowth的用法n standard inotice的形容词mage format.
        (4) Please submit both word and PDF files of the paper together with a brief introduction of the author in Chinese and accurate and detailed contact information (email, telgrowth的动词ephone, mailing addtowards同义词ress, etc.). Papers
&nbspforum怎么读;   &nbgrowth组合sp;   (5) The deadline is March 10, 2012.
        (6) Contact person: Zhang Lichen, Tel: 0755-25papership688980 2. Thesis Achievements:
The forum wi褪黑素ll be selected fforums是什么意思or the keynote speech, and compiled into a collelion是什么意思ction after theforum怎么读 mepaperswithcodeeting, which will provide rpapers是什么意思eference for relevant departments to make decisions and the majority of lion friends to learn.

              Liopapershipn frienaffairsdsnotice的固定搭配 are welcome to contribute!

    &affairsnbsp; Growing up — Orthoughtganizing Committpapershipee of lions Forum for the 10th anniversary of Lions Club shenotice翻译nzhen
                                            February 10, 2012



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