Notice of registration for the 95th International Convention

Notice of registration for the 95th International Convention

Dear Lion friend,

              The 95th Lions Club International Convention will be held in Bnotice的固定搭配usan, South Korea from 22 to 26 June 2012.
            South Korea busan is a beautiful port city, with perfect modern cnotice翻译onvention facilities and harbor. In Busan, you cnoticeablean enjoy pleasan褪黑素t weather, unique Ko童话故事rean culture, fresh seafood and kimchi, convenient and comfothinrtable shopping environment, etc.
      &褪黑素nbsp;     This year's Lions International Convention was hregistration怎么读eld in Busan, South Korea, provinotice是什么意思ding lions froconvention什么意思m all over the world with an opportunity to meet once a year to discuss key themes for the future of linotice过去式ons clubs. During the conveinternational翻译ntion, participants can not only experience the passioregistration formn and unique local cnotice过去式ustoms of the Korean people, but also participate in the gran童话故事d openinginternational怎么读 ceremnotice是什么意思ony, international parade, Chinese forum, closing ceremony and other celebrations. Brother Tam wing-gan, the first Chinese president, will make a speech at the conference.
            In order to experience lion curegistration怎么读lture, we sincerely invite you to attend the 95th Lions Club International Convention in Busan, the cultural capital of Korea! Details oconventionsf registratiointernationally歌曲n are as follows:

            A, & have spent Costs that

 notice怎么读英语       (1) Registration fee

   notice是什么意思;         Registration fee & have spent     &nbinternationalcupidsp; &nbnotice怎么读英语sp;       Dainternationalworkers'day怎么读te/time & NBSP;                 &nbsnotice怎么读英语p;   &nbsregistrationp; Cost & have spent               &nregistration动词bsp;     &registration翻译nbsp; &nbsthinp;
            Theconvention的用法 first batch of registrations.       2011/12/registration怎么读5 before &convention什么意思 have spent     US$100 (equivalent to 6registration是什么意思英语5conventions0 yuan) & NBSP;      notice作文   &nconvention形容词bsp;          
            The second batch oregistration翻译f registrations; &nbsinternational翻译p;     2012/2/29 before & have speninternational怎么读t  registration form;   US$conventions130 (equivalent to 850 yuan) & NBSP;  
            Third batch registration & NBSP;    convention;   2012/3/30 before & have sconvention什么意思pent     US$15notice过去式0 (equivalenthought to 980 yuan) & NBSP;  
            Deadline for registration: 5:00pm on March 30, 2012 & NBSP;    

      &nnotice是什么意思bsp;     Please submthinit the registration fee to the district office before 5:00pm on March 30th, fill in the registration form for the 95th Lionsconventional读音发音 Clunotice怎么读英语b Inter桃花源记ninternational怎么读ational Convention (see th桃花源记e attachment褪黑素) and send it to the emailinternational缩写 address of Lions Club shenzhen:szlionsconvention_pub@163.comOr fax to 755-25688900. Registration iinternationally歌曲s required for all lions attending the 1995 connotice的固定搭配ventioconventionsn. After registration, you cnotice是什么意思an get an entrance tag and a convinternational音标ention manual at the convention venue in Korea.

          (2) Painternational怎么读rticipation fee

              Group A: Busan, Seoul, Gyeongju 7-day tregistration怎么读our (CITS), tour fee: 9,200 yuan/person.
    &nnotice用法bsp;         Group B: Busan, Jeju island, Seoul e同花顺ight-day tinternational labour day翻译ouregistrationr (investment China Travel Service), tour fee: 9,800 yuan/person.notice怎么读英语
  &internationalcupidnbsp;           Please download attachmnotice怎么读英语ents 3 and 4 for detaile童话故事d schedule. Please contact the district council office before March 29 to inform you of the tointernational音标ur route you have chosen and pay the full tour fee. Please register as soon as possible due to tight schedule of flight and hotel resenotice是什么意思rvation. Late registrants can only joregistration的动词形式in the tour with the approvalconventional othf the trconvention什么意思avel agent, and the tour fee may be increased.

        &registration怎么读音nbsp; (3) Clothing expenseconventions

  &nbconventional什么意思中文sp; &international labour day翻译nbsp;       &nbnotice的形容词sp; In order to unify thconventional反义词e image, the National Lions Association designed a unifinternational怎么读ied T-shirt, which costs 100 yuan per piece. The T-shirt will be worn binternational labour day翻译y althinl Korean lions during the event.
       international翻译         If you want to order, please submit the clothnotice作文ing size to the district office and pay the clothing fee bnoticedefore Apri桃花图片l 10.

  &nbthinsp;       (4) & other; Dregistration翻译ragon night & throughout; The cost of admission to the party

&nbsnoticep;        &nbsnoticep; When & have spent   Ms: On tthoughthe evening of June 24thconventions
                To & have spent &nbregistration怎么读音sp; Point: LOinternational缩写TTinternational音标E Hotel in Busan, South Korea
        &ninternational缩写bsp;       Fee & have spent   Use: 650 yuan/person (adults,registration怎么读音 children are this standard), this fee is not included in the touthr fee.
                Dress code: evening dress

         internationalism    Secoconventional读音发音nd, & have spenotice是什么意思nt payment

&registration翻译nbsp;           Registration fee, tour fee, costume fee and admisnotice作文sion fee for dragon Night club should be paid to the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Cashnotice是什么意思 or credit card payment can bethough made directly to the Shenzhen Lions Club Office, or transfer to the following account:
  &convention什么意思nbsp;  notice过去式      notice的固定搭配; Acinternationally歌曲count number: 010900040011412; Account nathoughtme: Shenzhen Lions Club;
  &conventional翻译nbsp;         Bank nthoughame: Renmin Nortregistration是什么意思英语h Road Sub-braregistrationnch of AGRICULTURAL Bank of China
  &nbs童话故事p;         Please indicate the name of ththoughe sign-uregistration的动词形式p and the service team on the transfer bill. Pay the 95th International Convention fee ” . After the transfer, please fax thconvention翻译e bank slip together with the registration to the Lions Club office of Shenzhen, and contact hou Zinternational怎么读henlian, accountant of Lnotice作文ioninternationalisms Club office of Shenzhen 2internationally歌曲5688550 to confirm the receiptnotice作文 of the payment.

            Three, & have spent Registration contact

            1.  Shenzhen Lions Club Office

            Zhou Jiao dragconventional反义词on & have speconventional反义词nt   Contact number: 0755-25688576
  &nbthsp;     &ninternational缩写bsp;   Zhang Lichen & have spent   Contact number: 0755-25688980&NBsp;  
              Fax: 0755-25688900
  &conventional翻译nbspnotice是什么意思;   &noticenbsp; &registration怎么读音nbsp;    registration form; Email address桃花源记:szlions_pub@163.conotice作文m

          &nbnotice作文sp;   2.  Shnotice的固定搭配enzhen Zhongqiao Travel Service

       conventional读音发音;     Zhu Lejun & have spent Contact number: 0755-83279519; 13828731117
            Ren imkgift  Contact number: 0755-832registration的动词形式79registration是什么意思中文翻译760; 13510323350
       international是什么意思;       Email address:

&nb同花顺sp;  registration是什么意思英语;         3.  Shenzhen Merchants Travel Service

            Ming for spring & have spent   Contact number: 0755-82463715&NBsp;   13823396049   
       notice怎么读英语;     Fang-fang zhao & have spent   Contact number:registration动词 0755-25833301&NBsp; 18938921586
            Jiang Yingjun & have spent   Contact num褪黑素ber: 0755-82463823&NBsp;   13922858095   
       registration的动词形式;     KeJunKai & have spent   Contact numnotice的固定搭配ber: 0755-258333桃花图片12&NBsp; 13322982250
  &nnotice是什么意思bsp;         Email address:KINGSWAYUSA@GM桃花图片AIL.COM
  &nnotice的形容词bsp;    notice过去式;     Documents and forms required fo通货膨胀下什么最保值r the visa have been indconventionsicated in the attach桃花源记ed travel agency schedule, please download and browse. If you have any questions about visa anregistration formd itinerary, please contact Shenznoticeablehen Merchnotice的形容词ants Travthinel Service and its staff.

 notice是什么意思           Attachment:

            1. Schedule of the 95th International Conference

            2. The registry

      &nnotice过去式bsp; &conventional什么意思中文nbsp;   3. Tour A: Busan, Seoul, Gyeongju 7 days tour and quotation (CTS)

            4. Tour B: Busan, Jeju and Seoul eight-day tour itinerary and quotation (updated by CITS on June 12, 2convention形容词012)

                    &nbregistration翻译sp;       &notice的固定搭配nbsp;           &nbinternational缩写sp;       &nbsconvention形容词p;        th;         Shenzhen Lions Club 2011-2012
                 internationalcupid;                              international缩写           Chairman of international Convention Committee: Brother Dong Shige
                          &nnotice的形容词bsp;                        th;         Executive Chairmen: Shijie Song Fang, Shijie Huang Cheng
                  &nbsthinp;   &nbsinternationalismp; &noticeablenbsp; &conventionalnbsp;    convention形容词;            童话故事         &nbregistrationsp;           March 15, 2012


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