"Operation Red" Lion Blood Month launched

“ Red action ” Lion Blood Donation Month kicks off

              Shenzhen Special Zone News (reportlauncheder Yu Hailong correspondent Sun Jinglaunched是什么意思) yesterday, by shenzhen Lions Clublood翻译b, Shenzhen Red Cross, Shenzhen Blood center and other units sponsored a large community service projecredundantt & LDQlion的音标UO; Red action ” Lion blood Donation month, officially launredisched in Huaqiang North Maoye Department Store Square. This is one of the series actiredvities of Shenzhoperationen Care Action.

        &nbsbloodyp;     In January everlaunchedy year, due to cmonths中文意思old weather and migrant workers returning home for the Sprbloodc剧情介绍ing Festival, the number of people donating blood on the street drops significantly, and blood is ilionkkn a state of emergency. At the samonth是什么意思me time, hospitals also need to rred怎么读eserve enougreduceh blood to cope witredh emergencies during the Slion怎么读pring Festival, which malions英语怎么读kes the blood supply situation worse. The Shenzhen Lions Club learned about this situation and doperation翻译ecided to plan it.lion Red action ” Lion Blood Donation Month activity, the January of each year as “ Lion Bloodlion翻译 Donation Moon & RDquo; To organize shiyou and its employbloodc剧情介绍eeslions to actively participate in voluntary blood donamonthlytion.

              According to the introduction, last year the first & LDquo; Red action ” Lions donate blood month, a totamonthlyl of more than 1500 enthusiastic participabloodc剧情介绍nts, Shenzhen Lions club also raised a donation of nearly 300,000 yuan, bought two cars & LDquo; The lion number & throughout; The first aidbloodc剧情介绍 blood truck was donated to shenzhen Blood Center. This year the second & LDquo; Red action ” In tred是什么意思he month of Lion Blood Donation, the lion friends of Shenzhen Lions Club will promote and recruit blood donors more widely, especiallymonth读音 in enterprioperation的动词ses to cultivate more regular blood dlaunchedooperation是什么部门nation volunteers.

      &nbslion复数p;       At yesterday's event, shenzhen Lions club members also raised money to buy a ldquo; The libloodshedon numbemonthr & throughout; Bloperationallyood donation car donated to the city blood center, this blood donation car after decoration to meet thmonths是什么中文翻译e requirements of blood collection, will be &LDquo; Go out early and come backmonth怎么读英语单词 late Park in Huaqiang North for a loperation是什么意思ong time.

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