Blood stocks are too tight for emergency action

Blood stocks are tight
Urgent action before the holiday

          [Shenzhen Business Daily] (Reporter Peng Bei, correspondent Sun Jing) Yesterday noon, by the Shenzhstock是什么意思中文翻译en Lions Club, the city Red Cross, ttightlyhe city blood center hosted & LDquo; Red actibloodborneon ” Lion Blood Monthemergency英语 campaign kicks off in Huaqiangbei. In the following month, the event organizers will activstocks下载ely recruit blood donors to donatightropete blood for clinical use during the Spring Festival in our city.

          Last January, the inaugural & LDQUO; Red action ” More than 1,500 people were recruiteaction对魔忍d to donate blooblood翻译d during the blood Donation month, which played an important role in easing the tight blood inventory during the Spring Festival in Zhuhai. This year is the second year of taction怎么读语音his activity. Yesterstocks软件day, the Lions Club of Shenzhen donatemergency什么意思ed a car worth more than 400,000 yuan to the city blood Center. The lion numbeactiongirls女兵人r & throughout; The Chinese butoothaches serves as a blood donation vehicleblood翻译.

    &nstocksnapbsp;tightly是什么意思     As of 5 PM yesterday, more than 60 people had donated more than 20,000 ml of blootoothached.

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