Guangxi Jinxiu tree planting Project proposal

Guangxi Jinxiu tree planting Project proposal

Dear lion friends,
            Everproposal是什么意思英语ybody is广西师范大学 good!
      &nplanting怎么读英语单词bsp;     In resptree翻译onse to广西招生考试院 Tan Ronggen, Presid广西大学ent & LDquo; Plant a million trees. After discussion and approv金秀贤al by the Standing Council, Shenzhen Lioproject怎么设置无休息日ns Club plans to cooperate with Guangxi Forestrplanting英语怎么读y Department, Domestic green Foundation and Guangxi Jinxiu Forestry锦绣深宫 Bureaproject软件使用教程u t锦绣o plant 20,000 stone cliff tea trees in Guangxi Jinxiu Yao Autonomous Coproposal英语unty, the planting area will be named & LDquo; Shenzhen Lions Club Guangxi Jinxiu Ecological economic Forest & RDquo; . The锦绣缘华丽冒险 project information is as folproposal的动词lows:
            A, & have spent Project Name:
            Guangxi Jinxitree翻译u Ecological economic Forest & NBSP;
&nbproposal写作格式sp;           Second, & have spent Project Location:
    &nbs广西疫情p;       Lingzu Tun, Zhongliang Township, Jinxiu Yao Aproposal是什么意思英语utonomous County, Laibin city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
            Three, & have spentreest Project Content:
            Plant 20,000 stone cliff tea trees in the g锦绣缘华丽冒险rowtreeing areas. Four years later, the project will bring 20,000 yuan of annual household income to 20 poor families, helping them get rid oftree的复数形式 poverty and become rich, greening the land and maintaini广西科技大学ng the ecological environment.
&ntree的音标bsp;     &nbspplanting翻译;     Four, & have spent Project Sproject软件chedule:
            From December 13 to 14, 2011, brother Wu Xiaoming, the second deputy director, Brother Gao Zhou, the ctree的音标hairman of the fifth District, and Brother Chen Jiandu, the chairman of the Environmental Protection Com锦绣南歌mittee, visitedplanting翻译 Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County of Guangxi for field investigation.
    &nbsp锦绣;       On December 20,金秀贤 2011, the investigation team suprojectorbmitted the feasibilitproposal什么意思y report and approved the project;treeplantingday
          &nbsp广西疫情; The project was discussed and approved b锦绣南歌y the fifth Executive Board oproposal是什么意思英语f Shenzhen Lions Club during 2tree的复数形式011-2012 on December 27, 2011.
            On December 29, 2011,plantingtreesisgoodforus中文意思 “Project Proposal” and “Activity Plan” were iss广西人事考试网ued to all sjinxiuervice teams and lion ftree怎么读riends;
&nbsp锦绣缘华丽冒险;   &nbsptree的复数; &n广西疫情bsp;锦绣农家     Completed fundraising on January 13, 2012;
     plantingday是什么意思       In mid-February 2012 (or March 12 Arbor Day) organize lion friends to participate in Jinxiu, Gua锦绣天唐ngxi. Shenzhen Lions Club Guangxi Jinxiu Ecological ecplanting英语怎么读onomic Forest & RDquo; Establishment and tree planting activities;
  &nbs广西招生考试院p;     &plantingmoney听力答案nbsp;   Tproposal怎么读hen, the development of planting area waprojectors dynamically tracked.
    &tree的复数nbsp;      广西大学研究生院 Five, & have spent Pledge method:
  &锦绣nbsp;         1, & have spent Pledge in the unit of service team, each 1,000 trees as a pledgiprojectng unitproposal怎么读, 10 yuan per tree, wilplanting怎么读l be able to help a poor family;
            2, & have spent The name of the pledging Service team will be inscribed on the memorial stoneproposal as a permanenttrees memorial;
    &nbstree怎么读p;       3, & have spent A total of 20,000 trees will be planted in this activity, so only 20 service teams canproject软件使用教程 participate in the pledge. Registration will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.
 锦绣           4, & have spent Since we need to make exquisite memorial stone tablets (there happens to be a huge stone with a height of about 2 meters at the top of the planting area, we just need to customizeproject软件使用教程 a thin SLATE engraved with commetreesmorativeprojectsekai words to stick on the surface of thetrees huge stone), therefore, we also appeal to the lion friends who produce stone materials: Pledge and make this historic memorial stone, which will also be engraved with your love and dedication.

  &nbsptrees;         Welcome to signproject up for this activity!

            As the number of places is limited, donations will be made in the order of receipt. Please contact the Lions Club office of Shenzhen for confproposal英语irmation. Account number: 010900040011412; Account name: Shenzhen Lions Cluplanting是什么意思b; Bank name: Rplanting是什么意思enmin North Road Sub-branch of AGRICULTURAL Bank of China. Contact person: Hou Zhenlian 0755-25688550. Zhang qing 0755-25688896 0.
    &n金秀贤bsp;       Plant a thousand trees to help. Road to poverty Alleviation ” ; Plant twenty thousand trees, a广西民族大学chievement & LDquo; Tree of Hope ” !

            Bestproject wishes
Happy New Year! Lion luck!

  Shenzhen Lions Club
&n广西bsp;                       &nbspproposal写作格式;       &tree3nbsp;       &nbsp广西科技大学;           &nbguangxisp;           December 29, 2011


          1, & have spent “Jinxiu Tree Planting Pro广西大学研究生院ject Research Rproject翻译eport”;
            2, & have spent “&tree的复数形式 LDqutree英语怎么读o; Shenzhen Lions Clplanting是什么意思ub & MDash; Guangxi Jinxiu Ecological poverty Alleviation Forest & RDquo; Cooperative Plan of afforestation projectproject软件 in western Ch金秀琳ina”;
            3, & have spent Pictures of growing areas.

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