A written proposal concerning feelings for compatriots in Taiwan


Dear fellow lions,

      Typhoon Morakot has killed 110 people and cafeelings怎么读used more than NT $9 billion in agricultural damage across Taiproposal用法wan as of 3 PM On August 12, according to the Taiwan Agricultural Council. Among them, agricultural products lost NT $7.9 billion, the second highest in 19 years, and fishing losses were the highefeelings怎么读st in 19 years.

      We sympathize with the heavy casualties and property losses caused by the typhoon and floounwrittend in Taiwan. We have never forgotten the helping hands extended by our Taiwan compatriots during the Sichuan earthconcerning翻译quake. Today, whproposalen our compatriots in Taiwan suffer from a devastating natural disaster, we should all the more extend a helping hand to tfeelings歌曲hem and tide them over togeconcerning用法ther.

      Study area by the standing council,proposal写作格式 initiatconcerning什么意思ive the service an台湾傻事微博d the vasfeelings是什么意思t majority of lwritten怎么读音ion friends act quickly, carry forward the “otaiwanur service” spirit of the lion, carry forward the Chinese nation “party hard, p plus support” the fine tradition, and actively participate in disaster relief activities, entwritten怎么读音husiastic contributions, let into the heart of a lion warm friends lovwritten是什么意思英语e the people in the disaster area use practical actions to help the people in the disaster area of Taiwan, Rebuild their homes as soon as possibwritten是write的什么形式le.

      Donations can be remitted to the Shenzhen Lions Club acompatriot翻译ccount:

      Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club

&nbs台湾疫情p;   &nb台湾凤梨spproposal用法; Account:010900040011412

      Bank name: Agricultural Bank of China Renmin North Sub-branch

&ncompatriotbsp;     Tips: Please fax the bank receipt to 25688900 after the remittance, and indicate “donation for Taiwan disaster area”, and indicate your name or service team in the postscript; Or call Miss Hou at 2feelings和feeling的区别5688550, Mr Zhang at 25688960.

      I believe that with the concerted efforts of the sons and dcompatriot什么意思aughters of the Chinese people, w台湾人口e wilrewrittenl be able to overcfeelingsome this major natural disaster!




  Shenzhen Lions Club

  Director of 2009-2010 & NBSP; Zhang Guojun

August 13, 2009


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