Notice of Shenzhen Lions Club on collection of membership dues for 2009-2010



Service teams:

      In order to implement the membership retention and development spirit of “Growing together” pcollection翻译roposed by Director Zhang Guojun, and to facilitate the smooth operation of WWF, To ensure the healthy, sustainable and stable development of th度厄是什么意思e servicelions英语怎么读 teams, the District Council decided to focus on the collection of membershipcollection本子库c94 dues in thcollection本子库c94e first quarter of 2009-2010, i.e. from July 1 to September 30, 2009. The collection stdue是什么梗andard of membership dues for thclub官方网页is year is hereby notif深圳天气ied aslions怎么读 foclubman是什么牌子车llows:

      1. All members who join the club befolions翻译re December 31,membership翻译 2008 must pay the annual memcollection怎么读bership felions英语怎么读e of 1500 YUAN.

      2. Members who joined the club fromdue是什么作业 January 1,due是什么作业 2009 to June 30, 2009, who have paid 2600 yuan (including the membership flions英语怎么读ee of 1000 yuan, LOGO usage fee of 100 yuan, annual membership fee of 1500 yuan), must pay annual membership fee of 750 yuan this year; Those who have paid RMB 1850 (including RMB 1000 for entry fee, RMB 100 for LOGO use fee and RMB 750 for annual membecollection接口rship fee) must pay RMB 1500 for annual membership fee.

    &nbnotice是什么意思sp; As a member of the shenzhen lions familions英语怎么说ly, pay the membership fee on time, full specified amount is us the responsibility of every member, alnoticeableso is our duty, but also related to the service credit event, hopelions怎么读音 to get the service attaches great importance to the annual membership fee collection work, before the end of Septembmembership是什么意思英语er to submit to the area will, in the New Year lion lion services work better, Carry forward the lion spirit!

      Contactlions英语怎么说 person: Hou Zhenlian 25688550, Zhang Qing 25688960; Fax: 2568深圳地铁线路图8900;

      Account Name of membnotice怎么读英语ership fee:Shenzhen Lions Club; &nbsp深圳大学; Account:010900040011412; Bank:Agricultural Bank of China Renmin North Road Branch.

      Note: please fax the bank sldues翻译ip to shclub怎么读enzhen Lions club office after reclub是什么酒mittanceState the purpose of the fund, the name of the servilionsgatece team and the list of paying membersFor regilions是什么意思stration andmembership翻译 invoicimembership什么意思啊ng.


      Wish you a successful caclub官方网页reer!

      Lion luck!

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Shenzhen Lions Club

June 29, 2009


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