Pay attention to health and care for life — The “Shell Project” of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

Care for health and life— The “Shell Project” activity of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

On January 8th, phocareer翻译enix serattention歌曲vice teashell怎么读m of Shenzhen Lions club heldlifestyle the launching ceremony oshellfishf “Shelifespanll Project” into lions club in the multi-function hall o李峰张雪四海集团f Shpaymentenzhen Lions Club office. This event is co-sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club and BYD Charitable Foundation, and co-sp李风起onsored by Shenzhen Lions Club L深圳疫情最新消息ion Care Committee and Shenzhen Lions Club Pprojectorhoenix Service Team, with the full support of BGI. Kuang Honproject翻译g presided over the cere深圳疫情最新动态mony.

Byd’s charitabcareful是什么意思le foundation CEO tang mei, shenzhen lions ShiJianYong, the head of 2016-2017, such as, Chen Zong partition chairman what salary, lion friends care committee chairman KuangHong and executive chairman oflions英语怎么读 money sweet, xiao-ling zeng, aimee, zcare什么意思中文意思heng cui Rong, phoenix service captain LuGuoZhi etc. Mhealthy是什么意思ore than 100 lions, friend and family, loving people to attend the launching ceremony.

At the ceremony, President Shi Jianyong, Ms. Tang Mei, Chairman Kuang Hong anhealthyd Captain Lu Guozhi made speeches respectively and raised expectations and blessings for the activity. Then,shell编程 the leaproject是什么意思ders came on stage together to lighealthht the ball, which means thcareerat the “深圳疫情最新消息Spaypal下载hell Project” entered the lion friends series of activities officihealthyally began.

The event was divided i深圳地铁线路图nto twattention翻译成中文o sessions in the morning alifespannd afternoon, providpaypaling free HPV screening for 270 lion friends and their relatives.shell脚本编程100例 At th深圳风险等级e scene, lion friends and BYD volunteerattention歌曲s are busy ever深圳天气ywhere, providing timely help and service, maintaining order, registracarefreetion, picking up litter, answering questions and so onattention简谱, they are very busy. In the field, the crowd was in uprshellfishoar; Outside, love flies. The most imprelifestylessive thing isattention翻译 uncle Han of the office, who has been busy from morning to night, from carrying equipment, preparing sanitary supplies, cleaning and putattention歌曲ting frattention怎么读uit bowls, tcaregivero cleaningcareer翻译, sorting supplies, garbage classification after the activity has not stopped.

Through the “Shell Project”, a large number of enthusiastic, dedicated and loving scarefreeervice providerspay是什么意思 and deliverers emerged. Whether it is the organization plahealthy是什么意思nning or logistipaypalcs support, the spirit of “ca深圳疫情ring for others first, caring for yourse李飞lf and those around you” is fully reflected. Successful screening actlions怎么读ivit李峰张雪四海集团ies, gradually into the side of every female friends. So far, in just two months, Project Shell has provided free screening services to more than 600 peopaypal登录ple.shell脚本 In the future, the service will also go into the community, into the poor mountainous area. I believe that in the near futureshell, the awareness of cervical cancer screeattention是什么意思ning and prevention will fly into thousands of households. I also wish that every female friend will stay awayproject软件使用教程 from the harm of cervical cancer and have a healthy and beautiful life.

【 Text 】 Zhang Huiling

[Photo] Hu Lei

[Editor] Ma Huijuan cheng Zhaohua

[Issued] Shenzhproject软件使用教程en Lions Club Office

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