Notification of registration for the 95th International Convention

Notification of registration for the 95th International Convention

Dear Lion friend,

            The 95th Lions Club International Convention will be held in Busan, South Korea from 22 to 26 June 2012.
            South Korea busan is a beautiful port city,童话故事 with perfect modernconvention翻译 conventiointernationalcupidn facilities aninternational缩写d harbor. In Busan, you can enjoy pleasant weather, uregistration的动词形式nique Koconventionrean culture桃花图片, frenotificationssh seafood anconventionald kimchi, convenient and comfortable shopping environment, etc.
          &international音标nbsp; This year’s Lions Inteinternational音标rnational Convention was held in Busan, South Korea, provithinding lions from all over the worlconventiond with an opportunity to meet once a year to discuss key thnotification和notice的区别emes for the future of lions cconvention形容词lubs. During the convention, participants can not only experience the passiinternational labour day翻译on of the Korea桃花图片n people and unique local customs, but anotificationlso participate in the grand opening ceremony, international parinternational翻译ade, Chinese forum, closing ceremony and other celebrations. Brother Tam wing-gan, the first Chinese president, will make a speech at the conference.

            In ordconventional读音发音er to experience the lion culture, we sincerely invite you to attend the 95th Lions Club International Convention in Busan, the cultural capital of Korea! D通货膨胀下什么最保值etails of registration are as follows:

            A,conventional读音发音 & have spent Registration Fee Description

  &nbspconvention;         Registthinration fe桃花源记翻译e & have spent     &nnotification是什么文件夹bsp; &nbsconvention什么意思p; &ninternational音标bsp;               Date/tim通货膨胀下什么最保值e & NBSP;                   Cost & have spent             &nbinternationalcupidsp;       &nregistration的意思bsp;  
            The first batch of registrations.       &nconventional读音发音bsp; 2011/12/5 before & have spent    notification是什么意思       US$100 (equivalent to 650 yuan) & NBSP童话故事;   &nbnotification是什么文件夹sp;       &nbinternational缩写sp;        
  &nbsregistration的动词形式p; &nbspinternationalcupid;       The second batch of reg褪黑素istrations;         2012/2/29 before & have spent           US$130 (equivalent to 850 yuan) & NBSP;  
            Third batch registration & NBSP;   &nbnotificationsp;     2012/3/15 before & have spent     &nbspregistration form; &nbregistration是什么意思英语sp;   US$15褪黑素0 (equivalent to 980 yuan)conventional读音发音 & NBSP;
            Deadline for registrationthin: 5:00pm, March 15, 2011;       &nbsregistration动词p;    internationalism
       notification翻译   &nbsconventional翻译p;       &nbs通货膨胀下什么最保值p;   &nbsinternationally歌曲p;褪黑素           &nthinbsp;                 &nbspconvention形容词; &nbsconventional反义词p; &conventionnbsp;                                 &nbsinternational怎么读p;  
  &nbconventionsp; &nconvention翻译bsp; &nbspnotification;     Second, & have spent Registration fointernational labour day翻译rm

            Please subminternationalworkers’day怎么读it this form together with the registraconventiontion fee to the district office when registering. After registration, Lions Club International will provide an invitationnotifications翻译 letter for visa application. Once regisnotificationtered, the r褪黑素egistrationotificationn fethoughe is not refundainternationalworkers’day怎么读ble or transferable to others.

      &nbsnotification是什么文件夹p;     Three, & have spent Submitted to the group that

      &nbsinternationalcupidp;     To be determined.

    &nbregistration是什么意思中文翻译sp;       Four, & have spent payment

      &conventionalnbsp;notification     Cash or credit card payment can be made directly to shenzhen Lions Club office, or transfer to the follointernationalwing account:
            Accointernational是什么意思unt number: 010900040011412; Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club;
     褪黑素 &nbspconventional翻译;     Bank name: Renmin North Road Sub-branch of AGRICULTURAL Bank of China
    &nbsregistrationp;       Please indicregistration怎么读音ate the name of the sign-up and the service team on the transfer bill. Pay the 95th International Convention fee ” . After the transthoughfer, please fax t桃花源记翻译he bank sliconventional反义词p together with the registration to the Lions Clregistration的动词形式ub office of Shenzhen, and contact Hou Zhenlian of Lioconventional反义词ns Cconventionlub office ointernational怎么读f Shenzhen 25688550 to confirm the receipt of the payment.

    &n桃花源记翻译bspnotification和notice的区别;       Five, & havnotification是什么文件夹e spent Registration contact

    &conventional翻译nbsp;       Shenzhen Lions Club Office: Chen Luoyi & NBSP;     Zhou Jiao dragon
          &nthbsp;     Telepregistration翻译horegistration翻译ne: 25688990 & have spent 25688576      Fax: 25688900
                Email address:szlions_pu童话故事


 童话故事           1. Schedule othf the 95th Internatnotificationionanotification是什么意思l Conferencinternational缩写e

            2. The registry

    &nbsregistration formp;                             &nbinternationalsregistration翻译p;               &nregistration是什么意思英语bsp; &international是什么意思nbsconventional翻译p;             Shenzhen Lions Club 2011-2012
  &nconvention的用法bsp;                            international缩写         &notifications翻译nbsp;       &nbconventional反义词sp;         Chairman of international Conventionnotifications是什么文件夹 Committee: Brother Dong Shige
                                    &internationalcupidnbsp;         &nbsconventional翻译p;        registration的动词形式       &nthoughtbsp; &thinnbsp;       &nbconventionssp;     Executive Chairman: Shijie Song Fang
   international缩写                                    conventional               &n桃花图片bsp;                                           Brother Huang Cheng lion
    &international labour day翻译nbsp;       &nbconventionalsp;                                           &nbspinternational翻译; &nbregistration是什么意思啊sp;   &nbregistration怎么读sp;       &nbsinternationalworkers’day怎么读p;  notifications翻译   &nbspnotification是什么文件夹;     &ninternationalworkers’day怎么读bsp;           November 12, 2011


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