The numerous students table aspirations of outstanding talents to continue the new chapter

Eager students table aspirations & NBSP; A new chapter

            On the morning of November 19, 2011, a warm day in early winter, a large group of caring lions from Shenzhen Lioncontinue语句的作用是s Club gatheretable和desk的区别d at the south gate of Sungang Road Gymnasium and set otableclothut for Heyuantable和desk的区别 Middle School. Elite class of poor families ” Visiting class activities.

  &numerouslynbsp;         In the middle of September before this, initiated by the Guangdong Lions Hakka Service team, the parstudents的中文ticipation of cha Cheng, Wanlu Lake and other service teams, together with shenzhen Licontinue造句ons Club tong,continue的形容词 Diwang service team to donate heyuan Middle School Lions clnumerouslyub & LDquo; Hakka Hope Class ” , & other Elite class of poor families ” The tuition and living expenses of 100 students from poor families totaling 1.2 million yuan for threaspiration是什么意思英语e years have also been fully accounted for.  

            Before the class exploration activities, many lion friends have alrtable和desk的区别eady flown to Heyuan Middle School. Some lion friendstudents'dormitory翻译s on QQ group message said “ Hetalent什么时候可数yuan's air index is better than Shenzhen's. It's so nice to go out and breathe in the fresh air to replenish eneaspirations翻译rgy and see how the children are studying. Then take more beautiful photos and keep your love in everyone's memory. .
            Launched in 2010, the two elite classes in poor families have gathered more than 100 poor stoutstanding和excellent区别udents from five counties and one district of Heyuan who are econtinue翻译xceoutstanding前面加a还是anllent in character and learning. They form a big family here. During the pre-conference communicatiinnumerouson, the two teachers expressed their lovecontinue的用法 for thecontinue语句的作用是se students in their speeches. Pooutstanding翻译or elite ” Zhang, the class teacher instudents英语 charge of tnewgroundshe class, said with tears in his eyes that a student named Huang Mei in the class died of cancer because of his father, which brought a heavy blow to her and signifnewlyicantly reduced her mental state and academinumerous翻译c performance. After theoutstanding什么意思中文翻译 donation of brother and sister Liotable翻译n love help and psychological comfort, and the care and love of teachers and students, through a semester of adjustmecontinue是什么意思中文nt and efforts, her achievements madnewgroundse rapid progress, her growth case, moved all the people present.

         continue的用法   When we arrived in heyuan middle schostudents'unionol, one hundred students had alreanumerouslydy waiting for us in the meeting room, they use the most warm applause welcome lions love, love exchange activities hosted by professor rose from talent student committee co-chairman Kong Weimincontinue的形容词, chairman of the joint Lcontinuesin qing in lion elder sister address, called for in the middle of the students have to select the severalstudents'dormitory翻译 goodwill ambasnumerous翻译sador, will carry forward the spirit of love. Brother Yu Qianshi, the director of the linewlyons Club of Shenzhen, matableclothde an icontinues怎么读mpcontinue的形容词romptu speech to encourage the studentsnewgrounds to study hastudents英语怎么读rd, be positive and be successful in theoutstanding同义词 society in the future. Elite class of poor families ” The students expressed their greetings and congratulations. The enthusiastic applause and laughter of the students appeared after tstudents'unionhe enthusiastic speecontinue的形容词ch of each boutstanding什么意思rother and sister.
&nbsoutstanding前面加a还是anp;           At the meeting, three stabletpc平板电脑价格tudentcontinues怎么读s represtalent showented the exciting speech, expressed their infinite gratitude to the lion brothers annewlyd sistersnew是什么意思英语, and the last song, "Thaspiration是什么意思英语e Grateful Heart", whicontinue的用法cstudents英语怎么读h was sung from the heart, danccontinue造句ed with the sign language of the lion friends, movenew是什么意思d everyone, and made the visistudents翻译t to the climax of the class activity.
            In particular, Brothenew怎么读r Xie Yulin from datong Service team gavtableaue each student a special health care produnews可数吗ct for teenagers. Brother CAI Wanlin donnewsated a stableauet of customized stunewsdent clothes for each student. Under the leadership of Brother Yunumerous Qian, Lions club badges werenumerous和many的区别 handed out and worn by studenoutstanding和excellent区别ts, symbolizing that the spirioutstanding后面加什么介词t of lions will be passed on from generation to generation.

            After the meeting, lion friends and students in the teaching building and anumerous year ago planted together. Talnumerous是什么意思英语ent tree & throughout; Beforecontinue翻译 the group phochapter7怎么解锁to, everyone's happy picnews可数吗ture in the campus of Heyuan Middle School.


Liu Zhiying, Kong Weimin
November 1continued9, 2011


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