The delegation of Shenzhen Lions club to the 50th Far East and Southeast Asia Lion Convention returned home with great honor

The delegation of Shenzhen Lions club to the 50th Far East and Southeast Asia Lion Conventfarmerion returnedsoutheastern home with great honor

 &nb深圳风险等级sp; The 50th Far East andclub翻译 Southeast Asia Lsoutheast怎么读ion Ann深圳疫情ual Conference was held in Manila, Philippinelionss frclubom November 24 to 27, 2011. A delegation of 24 lion friends from eightclub用英语怎么说 service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club pengzheng, Aixiang, Shenzhen Bay, Central District, Longhua, Hepifarmerng, Huaxiang and Mingren attended the annual meetinshenzheng in Manila, Philippines. Mr. Zheng Deganglionsgate, director of Lions Club shenzhen 2011-2012, received the award from Mr. Tam Wing-gen, President osoutheastf Lions Club International, at tsoutheast是什么意思英语he annual meeting for his outstanding performance in membership development. First Believer ” Gold medal, shenzhen and domestic lion friends for the lightsoutheast.

To celebrate the 50th an褪黑素niversary in Manila

   delegations       To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Far East and Southeast Asia Lion Conlions翻译中文vention, the convention returns to its origin, where the first Farlions翻译中文 East and Southeast Asia Lion Convention was held. — Manila, Philippidelegation翻译nes. The theme of the annual conference is &Leaster英语怎么读Dquo; Golden Service Towards the Future & RDquo; . After 50 years of dlions翻译中文evelopment, lions clubs in the Far East and Southeast Asia have entered their golden years and continue to mature. At the same time, ilions是什么意思t also indicates thadelegation怎么读t lion will usher in a bright and brilliant future after 50 years of s深圳风险等级ervice.
      &nclubmanbsp;     More than 20,000 lion friends from Chidelegation是什么意思na, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysi褪黑素a, Singapore, Beaster英语怎么读runei, tsoutheast翻译he Philippines, Guam and other countries and regions gathesoutheastred in Manila, the Philippines. We participated in a series of wonderful programs, including gclub用英语怎么说olf tournaclubmed官网预订ment, tree planting ceremony, foeastmoney东方财富网股od carnival, opening ceremony, international performance, reception reception, forum, women-themed深圳疫情 meetings and activities, international President dinner and closing ceremony, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Far East and Southeast Asia Lion Ann深圳天气ual Conferensoutheast怎么读ce.

Participa通货膨胀下什么最保值te inclubmed官网预订 lion fellowship to promote international communication

          &nb深证指数sp; At the annual meeting, leaders of lions clubs in the Far East and Southeast Asia discussed the future delions英语怎么说velopm法人ent同花顺 direction and service plan of Lions Clubs. Through mutual commeaster什么意思unication, fellowship and badge exchange, the lion friends of various countries enhanc深圳疫情最新消息e the understanding between lion friendseast是什么意思翻译 a深圳风险等级nd promote international exchanges.
 delegation           On the evening of November 25th, guangdong Lions club hosted a dinner for all the representatives of lion friends in China. Tan Ronggen, president of the Internationathoughtl General Assembly, came to the scene and made an inspiring speeclions怎么读h.
            On the afternoon of November 2法人6th, more than 100 lion friends from Shenzhen, Guangdong lifar是什么意思on Clubs, Dalian, Qingdao, Beijing,lions翻译中文 Zhejiang, Shenyan深圳市最新疫情g and Shaanxi participated in the Chinese forum organized by the National Lion Association. The Power of Servithoughce ” Discuss the topic and reach a consensus.
     童话故事       On the evening offare November 26, shenzhen Lions Club shenzhen Bay Service team and Philippine Crown Lions cldelegation翻译ub held a friendship meeast数据eting.

Participated in the whole meeting and won the gold medaclub怎么读l

            During the four days in Manila, Mr. Zheng Deganeast数据g, director of Shenzhen Lions Club 201faraway1-2012, participated in afarewellll the activities of the annual convention, including the meetings of complex district governors and single district governors, cadre meetings and other district governors’ represen深圳天气tatives to discuss lion affairs together. When the lion friends saw that Dirlionsgateector Zheng was too busy to participate in an褪黑素y travel activitieeasts, they all expressed their admiration for director Zheng’s dedication to lion worasian读音k.
            On the evening of November 26th, at the dinner of the presi深圳天气dent of the International General Associfarmation, Brother Tan Ronggen, the president of the International General Association personally awarded brother Zheng Degang &far是什么意思 LDquo深圳; First Believer ” The gold medal. The audience applauded for the winners, pushing the dinner sceshenzhenne to a clions读音limax. According t法人o lions Internationaclub是什么酒l, 42 district directors f深圳天气rom around the world havclub是什么酒e received awards. Ffar是什么意思irst Believer ” Gold Award, 295 district governors &lions翻译 LDquo; First Believer ” Silver med法人al. It is not only th褪黑素e honor of shenzhen Lions Club, but also the honor of all Chinese lions.
              All good things must come to an end. After foeast数据ur days, the 50th Lions Convention of far Eafarest and Southeast Asia came to a successful conclusioeast数据n on the afternoon of November 27th. The delegation of Lions深圳 club of童话故事 Shenzhen return童话故事ed to Shenzhen safely with a sad mood and wonderful and unforgettable memories. Let’s meet again at the 51st Far East and Southeas深证指数t Asia Lion Annual Cdelegationsonference in Fukuoka, Japan inlions英语怎么读 December 2012.

                                       asia                      通货膨胀下什么最保值               &nbssoutheastern是什么意思p;     &nbsfarmerp; &nbspdelegation怎么读;   Article/photo & have spent Chen Lao dieeast翻译t

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