The signing ceremony of the Lions Vision First Campaign phase III was held in Shenzhen

Lion & other; Vision first domestic action ” Phase III kick-off signing ceremony held in Shenzheniiiiii什么歌

Mr. Tam Wing-gan, the first Chinese president of Lions International,signing是什么意思 spoke at the meeting

              On October 9, 2011, lions International federceremony怎么读音ation annlion是什么意思ounced the cooperation with the Ministry of Health andlions英语怎么说 the Chinese Disabled Persons federation on the World Vision Day held in Shenzhen. Vision first domestic action ” Plan the third phase of work. The third phase oflions the prowaspject aims to eliminate blinding trachoma in China by 2016. Lions International has conducted two cataract aid prlionsograms in Korea and has performed cataract operations on 5.2 million people.

              It was also announced that the Lions Club International Foundation will sponsor the Vision first domestic actceremony怎么读音ion ” Pfirstname填姓还是名lans to further stirsigning是什么意思 to donate $2.67 millionphase翻译, the foundation of the money will be used to set up shenzhen lions low vision rehabilitation center, and two liaoning and guangdong provilions翻译nce set up a center of amblysigning翻译opia, lions international fouiii怎么读ndation will help to eliminate blinding trachoma, official solve thisceremony造句 pwashedublic health problem, then more remote areas will get extra support.

             lions怎么读; Mr. Tam Wing-gan, the first Chinese insigning翻译ternational president of lions International, saidfirst怎么读英语 at the meeting: &lsquphase outo; Vision first domestic Action & Rsquo; We are proud to have scampaign读音tarted phase 3 of the project, which has been a major success in China. Our goal of eliminating blinding trachoma in China by 2016 is ambitious and we are confident that we can achieve it. ”

            Founded in 1917, Lions International is a global charitable service organization with more than 44,000 chapters in 2visionaries06 countries and territories, and more than 1.4 million members. Lions International was launched in 1990. Vision First & RDquo; Action raislions翻译中文ed $146 million for giiiislobceremony用什么介词al efforts to prevent and combcampaign造句at blindnesscampaign什么意思中文 on five continents.

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