All sectors of Shenzhen acted quickly to donate money and materials

Shenzhen Special Zone news (reporter Liu Yongxin) Sichuan Ya ‘an 7 earthquake continues to affect the hearts of shenzhen people. Yesterday, themoney翻译 reporter learned from the Civil Affairs Bureau,materials studio the CCF, lions Club, One Foundation and enterprises that over the past two days, charitable enterprises, social organizations and individuals in Shenzhacteden have actively donated money and materials. Some of them hamoneytalksve prepared their own materials and successfullymaterials怎么读 loaded them ontoenacted trucks and delivered them to the front lines. As of last night, the Shenzhen Charity has received more than 60 million yuan in donations, and the Shenzhen One Foundation has raised more thadonaten 40 million yuan from across tmoney怎么读英语he comaterialsuntry.

The civil Affairs Bumoney的复数形式reau reminds: the front traffic capaci深圳疫情ty is tight, the access to the front line requires a pdonate的固定短语搭配ass, so we advocatquickly的比较级e donations and bulk materidonatealquickly和fast的区别 donations and follow the unified dispatch, do not advocate深证指数 individmoney的复数形式uals or institutions to go to the disaster relief.


Large intendquickly和fast的区别ed donations will peak on Monday


Yesterday and the day before, many caringquickly和fast的区别 enterprises in Shenzquickly的比较级hen donated a total of more than 60 millquickly用英语怎么说ion yuan to the disaster area of Ya ‘an through the municipal Charity Association. At the same time, well-known domestic enterprises, entrepreneurs, foundations and other organizations, including shenzhen enterprises, have donsector是什么意思atquickly是什么意思ed more than 40 million yuan to the disaster area of Ya ‘an through the Shenzhen One Foundation. Wang Shi, executive director of the One Foundation, confirmedmoneygram什么意思 this figure and called on more enmaterials lettersterprisemoney是什么意思s to shoulder their social r深圳疫情最新动态esponsibility and take action for disaster relief. Jet Li, the core figure and f深证指数ounder of ondonate名词e Foundation, calledonate用法d pan Shiyi, Shi Yuzhu and othedonate形容词r entrepreneurs and artists across the Strait who donated love to thank thquickly是什么意思em. After the ya ‘an earthquake, the Onquickly是什么意思e Foundation sent China’s first professional civilian rescue team. Domoney的复数形式zens of its rescue tdonate名词eams have arrive深圳风险等级d at or are on their way to the fronmoneytalkst lines.

A spokmaterials期刊esman for the Civil Affairquickly和quick的区别s Bureau said that as the first two days of yesterday coincided with the double holiday bank business suspension, in &ldquomoney可数还是不可数; Can’t give in, can’t take out; So Monday will be the pe深圳地铁线路图ak day f深圳市最新疫情or donations. In addition, in order to avoimoneytalksd the weesector是什么意思kend bank businemoney可数还是不可数ss restrictions, some entrepreneurs have donquickly用英语怎么说ated large sums of money with personal accounts, such as Shi Yuz深证指数hu to Sina public welfare confirmed donation to account 5 million yuan, to shenzhen one fund confirmed donation to account 2 million yuan.


Shenzhen Lions Cquickly和quick的区别lub raised 2 milmoneylion yuan to the account


After the 7.0-magnacted是什么意思itude earthquake hit Ya ‘an, Sichuasector是什么意思n prodonatevince, Lionsmoneygram什么意思 Club of Shenzhen immediately activated the emergematerials怎么读ncy rescue mechanism facted怎么读音or majorquickly的比较级和最高级 disasters, and established the Vanguardonate翻译d team of Lions Club of Shenzhen in Sichuan Ya ‘an Earthquake Relief. A quaracted怎么读音ter of a million yuan of emergency supplies purchased by the Sichuadonate用法n Yamoney是什么意思 ‘an Earthquake Reliefdonate的固定短语搭配 Vanguard team of Thmoneygram什么意思e Lions Club of Shenzhen have been delivered to the lushan County People’s Hospital and peopledonate怎么读 in the quake-hit aredonate名词a in Ya ‘an Saturday night. By the afternoon of The 21st, the Shenzhen Lions Club had raised nearly 2 millionmoneytalks yuan in relief funds and more than 300,000 yuan in relief materials.

Peng Kun, Zhang Zhihe, Huang Cheng and Luo Yingmei, members of the Shenzhendonate的固定短语搭配 Lions Disaster Relief Pioneer team, arrived in Sichuan on The morning of The 21st. They got the pass to thedonate怎么读 disaster area at 12 o ‘clock on the same day, and were able to load the truck and quickly deliver the emergency supplies to the dis深证指数aster area. The goods include colored stripsdonate形容词, tarpaulidonate的固定短语搭配ns, rain gear, tents, torcquickly翻译hes, batteries, generators, cotton batting, blankets, women’s products, milk powder, medicines and food such as bread, compressed biscuits, minedonateral water and instant noodles.


Advocate donationsmaterials影响因子 to follow the unified allocation of supplmoneytalksies

Yesterday, Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau disaster relief and charity depamoney的复数形式rtment directo深圳市最新疫情r Ling Chong said in an interview, according to the Sichuan Provincial Civil affaiquickly用英语怎么说rs departmedonate形容词nt to provide information, the front earthquake relisectors翻译ef is in urgentacted need of warm cotton clothes and trousers, cotton coats, hope that love enterprises actively donate, dacted翻译onate to buy. Due to limited transportation capacity, manpower and time, local civil affairs authorities are particularly advised not to encourage indimoney是什么意思viduals to donatmaterials什么意思equickly的比较级和最高级 small quantities, individual donations and used clothes, esacted怎么读音pecially not to encouragdonate怎么读e indiquickly的形容词viduals to smoney是可数名词吗end materials, becquickly怎么读ause the sorting, cleaning, disinfection, packaquickly和quick的区别ging and consignment of small quantities of clothes and usacted翻译ed clothes will waste precious time. In additionquickly是什么意思, according to the latest circular of The State Council, we encou深圳地铁线路图ramoney的复数形式ge people to support disastedonate名词形式r relief in the form of donations, and then dispatch departmentsmaterials影响因子 and civil affairs deparmoney可数还是不可数tments in accormoney的复数形式dance with the actual neequickly的比较级ds of the unified purchaseexacted of goods.

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