Gardener workshop brings "heart" care

Gardener workshop brings & LDquo; Heart & throughout; Take care of

           brings怎么读音; It takes ten years to grow trees, but a hundred to cultivate people. Teachcare什么意思中文意思ers are engineers of human soul and undertake the sacred mission of cultheartivating and educating the next generation for the motherlagardener动词nd. Teachers' psychological health is also directly related to the qualbrings怎么读音ity of education and teaching.

&nbgardener怎么读的sp;  workshop怎么读;   &nbcaresp;    workshop中文翻译; Two and a half days from 24 to 27 August. 2012 Gardener Care Project & RDQUO; The & other; Gardener Care Workshop & RDQUO; Helbrings怎么读音d in Pinghu Street, Longheartworkgang District, held public lectures and workshops for more than 200 private school teachers. “ Gcarefreeardener Care Workshop & RDQUO; Received unworkshop是什么课animous praise from the gardeners. Many teachers who participated in the activity said, Gardener Care Workshop & RDQUO; Let them have a new understanding of stress and physical and mental health problems, learn a lot of ways to deal with stress and conflict, let them meet the challenges in work and life with a more positive attitude.

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    &ncarebsp;     “ 2012 Gardener Care Projecheartbeatt & RDQUO; Sponsored by The Municipal Civilization Office, the Munworkshop中文翻译icipal Care office, the Municipal Education Bureau, Shheart是什么意思中文enzhen Press Group, Shenzhen Rheart是什么意思中文adio and Television Group, Sheworkshop中文翻译nzhen Lions Club, undertook by the Zi Meng Service team of Scarefulhenzhen Lions Club. Since the official launch on March 16 thgardener动词is year, by inviting psychological training expertscareful, in view of the pressure teachers face and physicaheartfeltl and mental health problems, held & LDQUO; Gardener Care Workshop & RDQUO; The way of trainicare什么意思中文意思nbrings怎么读g cogardeners怎么读urses has solved the problems of scare怎么读henzhen teachers' mental health and achieved good results.

      &nbring搜索bsp;     Ldquo; Gardheartshotener Care Project & RDQUO; , through a varietheartbrokeny of ways to care for the physical and mental health of teachers, to relieve pressure. “ Gardener Care Project & RDQUO; Will continue to be carried out. Gardenerworkshop是什么意思啊 Care Workshobrings翻译p & RDQUO; And carry out sampling test surveycareful, master the basic situation of teachers facicaregiverng prcareer翻译essuheartworkre in our city, for the next step to carry out the caring gardener activities to provide a scientific

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