The planned deployment of “Caring lion Friends warm Heart Visit activity”

About & other; Lion Friendly Warm Heart Visit & RDQUO; Planned deployment of

            In order to promlion怎么读ote & other; Liocaring英语ns club takes lions club as its foundation and Lions Club as its home ” To carry out the 2012-2013 work plan of Shenzhen Lions Club and implement it. Lion Friend Warm Heart Project & RDQUO; Starting from August 2012, Shenzhen Lions Club will carry out a series of activities between district clubs alions英语怎么读nd districts, between service teams, and between serheartshotvice teams and lion friwarmthends. Lion Friendly Warm Heart Visit & RDQUO; , the programme is now deployed as follows:

            1, &friends怎么读 have spent Activity Objectiwarmves:

        (heartbeat1) & have spent Delivery & other; Lion Friend Warm Heavisitedrt Project & RDQUO; The main spirit and content, so that every lion friends can feel the warmth of splanned怎么读音henzhen Lions Club family;
        (2) & have spentlion的中文意思 Care for and understand the needs and ideas of the service team and lion friends, and establish a feedback mechanism;
        (3) & have spent Communicate the main work plan of the diswarm怎么读trict council this yearvisit的ing形式, such as five projects, membership development and retention, membership dues collection, etc.

  &nbheartbeatsp;       2, & have spent Visit form:

  &nbheartfeltsp;     (1) & have spent District visits: starting from August, it isfriendship的英语作文 recommended that each three distcaringricts be grouped into a group and arractivity什么意思呢ancaring怎么读ge jointheartbreaking meetindeployment是什么意思gs or activitielion翻译s. Thactivity怎么读e distrlionelict director and district executive director visit eacfriends用英语怎么说h district and service team separately.
      &nbfriendship的英语作文sp; (2) & have spentwarmly Service team visit: starting from Alionkkugust, the service team as a unit, organize appropriate activitfriends翻译ies, service team president and service team directors separately visit shiyou and shiyou enterprises.

            3, & have spent Divisioplanned怎么读音n of acplanned音标tivities:

    &planned的原型nbsp;   (1) & have spent District Executive Direccaringlytovisitr: according theartshoto the reported district meecaring英语ting visit schedule, acactivitytively participate in the visit activities, on behaldeployment是什么意思f of the district to the district anwarmerd the service team &lionel LDquo; Take lion frienvisit的ing形式d as thefriends美剧 foundation ”friends翻译 Culturvisitingal concept;
        (2) & have spent Mr. Gao Zhou shi, Chairman: Responsible for writing activity plan, summarizing and coordinating the schedule of district meeting visit, and visiting activities from disfriends怎么读trict 1 to District 3;
   deployment     (3)warm怎么读语音 & have spent Mr. Xu Man-hung, Executive Chairman: Responsible for visiting district meetings from District 4 to Distrplanned怎么读英语ict 9;
        (4) & have spent Mr. Peng Kun, Executivcaringlye Chairman: Responsible for visiting district meetings from district 10 to District 15;
        (5) & have spent Mr. Zhang Zhihe, Executive Chaivisit怎么读rman: Responsible for district meeting visits from Districtheartily 16 to District 21;
  &nplanned怎么读bsp; &lionelnbsp; &nbactivity复数sp; (6) & have spent Chairman of each district: lead tvisit名词he organization of district meeting visit activitieheartilys, and promote the visit activities of each service teamfriendship可数还是不可数名词 in the district to lion friends and lion friends enterprises;
        (7) & have spent Presidents of each service team: organize and implement the visit activities of the service tefriendsam to lion friends and lion frielion是什么意思nds enterprises.

         activity工作流 “ Lion Friendly Warm Heart Visit & RDQUO; Not only is & other; Lion Friend Warm Heart Project & RDQUO; Is one of the most important content, and is one of the key activities of Shenzhactivity复数enheartshot Lions Club in August 2012,heartfelt we sincerely requestfriends用英语怎么说 relevant responsible lion friends to earnestly imheartbreakingplement the above work deployment, promote the smooth development of tlionelhe activity, lactivityet & LDquo; Lions club takes lions club as its fovisitorundatplanned音标ion and Lions Club as its home ” The cultural concept of Chinese culture hasvisit的过去式 gradually taken root in the hearts of the people.

                    &nlion的中文意思bsp;     &ncaringbsp;           &nlion翻译bsp;     &friendship可数还是不可数名词nbsp;   &nlionbsp;                           &lion的音标nbsp; &nvisitedbsp;       &nlionbsp; Shenzhen Lions Club
           lion怎么读     &nbspwarmer;  activity什么意思呢             &nbsactivity的动词p;                         &nlions英语怎么读bsp; &nbwarmersp;          visitor             Augucaringst 7, 2012

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