Notice on the system and regulations to be considered at the 12th Annual Meeting

Notice on the system and regulations to be deliberated at the 12th Annual Conference ofthough Shenzhen Lions Club

  &nbsconsidered什么意思中文p;   &nconsidered什么意思中文bsp;     Materials for the 12th Lions Club童话故事 Annual Meeting were reviewed and approved by the 5th Special B同花顺oard meeting of Linotice翻译ons Club shenzhen held on April 12, 2014. The regulatimeetingtencentcomons on Management of Servicsystem32可以删除吗e Activities of Shenzhen Lionsannual的名词 Club (draft), regulations on the Establishment of service Teams of Shenzhemeetingtencentcomn Lions Club (draft) and Information Disclosure System of Shenzhen Lions Clubannual (draft), which were deliberated at the 12th Annuameeting翻译l meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club, are hereby publicized. Publicity period: April 23, 2014 to April 26, 2014, any commentsannual英语怎么读 and suggestions during the publicity period, please send them to shenzhen Lions Club Office

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    &system32nbsp;       Regusystematiclations on Management of Service Activities of Shenzhen Lions Club (meeting的音标Draft)
&nnotice是什么意思bsp;           Regulations of Shmeetingyou是什么意思enzhen Lions Club oconsidered翻译n The Establishment of Service Teams (Draft)
            Information Disclosure System of Shenzhen Lions Club (Draft)

  &nbspconsidered; She褪黑素nsystem32zhen Lions Club & NBSP;    
April 23, 2014


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