Lions Charity sale helps autistic patients (source: Shenzhen Evening News B11)

Lions Club charity sale;   Helping people with autism

            &nblions是什么意思sp; Shenpatient是什么意思英语zhen Evening News (reporter: Wang Xiaofang, correspondent: Huang Yan) Recently, the service teams of The Shen深圳疫情zhen Lions Club, inclpatientsuding Hualing, Oriental Rose, Pengbo, Wecharity形容词njin, Gaoxin andhelpsbtodo还是doing Bagualing, jointly organized a charity sale for the disabled with shenzhen Zhikang Service Center for the Disabled and Hong Kong Ealions翻译中文st China Group. It is reported that all donations flionsgaterom the bazaar will be donated to the relief of autistic patients.

              In the 29th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair in Shenzhen Convention acharity翻译nd Exhibsale是什么意思ition Center, Hong Kcharity音标olionsgateng Huadong Group sponsored 1,500 pillows for charity sale, and the charity sale money amounted to more than 20,000 yuan. Shenzhen Lions Clu深圳疫情b Hualin Service wisource翻译ll usautistic中文翻译e all the proceeds from this charity sale for public welfare activities,charity音标 providing translions读音portation and livihelpsbtodo还是doingng subsidies for autistic youth in Shenzhecharity宽容的爱n Vocational Health Servicsource翻译e Center for the Disabled to participate in supportive employment.

      &nbpatient是什么意思中文翻译sp;     &nbautistic中文翻译sp; In addition, during the evehelpsbtodosth造句nt, Huadong Group of Hong Kong don深圳大学ated mattresources是什么文件夹sses worth 5 million yuancharity宽容的爱 to the Lions Club osources是什么文件夹f Shenzhen to fund the improvement of living conditions or accommodati深证指数on at home for theautistic是什么意思 disabled, the elderlylionsgate, educational institutions and service orglion是什么意思中文翻译anizations for the disabled to imprlion是什么意思ove theirevening是什么意思 quality of life.

        &nbslionsp;     Yu Jianshencharityg, president of Shsource引擎enzhen Lions Club Hualin Service Club, said that the charcharity音标ity sale gave him an in-depth understanding of autism. He hoped that the cpatient是什么意思中文翻译harity sale could arouse peopcharity是什么意思le’s attention, help and caautistic是什么意思re for the vulnerable grousource insightps in a wider rang深圳疫情e, so that more autistic people could have the opportunity to partlions翻译中文icipate in supportive employment and integrate into the mainstream society.深圳 Feel and experience the joy of cooperation and communication with people in the work.

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