Love warm purple gold caress bright (source: Shenzhen Evening News happy love supermarket edition)

Love warm purple gold care light

            Shenzhen Evenisource的中文意思ng News (reporter CAgolden翻译I Zhijun) From December 7th to 10th, 2source车上按键什么意思013, more than 40 lion friends from Shenzhen Lions Club shenzhen Bay Service team, Sailing Service team and Mingren service team came to Zijin County of Heyuacares是什么意思n City for a foevening前面用什么介词ur-day & LDquo with mobile ophthal深圳地铁线路图micevening英语怎么读 oper深圳大学ating vehicle (No. 2 Fu Ming) and the medical staff of the Third People’s Hospital of Dongguan city. Warm zijin, lion love infinite, charity bright line &rdquowarmth; During the event, we perwarm是什么意思formed more than 100 operabright辱华事件tions for local cataract patients free of charge, which was warmly welcomed by the local authorities and the society. The county party committee andgoldilocks the county officaressingcials presented a plaque to the Shenzhen Lionlovelys Club and the lion friends who funded the evlovely翻译ent free of charge.

  &evening前面用什么介词nbsp;         Pan Zhiping, president of Shenzhen Bay Service Team, who is in charge of thiwarm是什么意思s activity, saishenzhend that this is the second timelove直播破解版 that Shenzhen Bay Service team has organized this year. Attended & throughout; The fund of the activity was mainly donatedevening和night byevening和night区别 lion Friendwarm的名词s and some lion friends enterprises, whbrighterich raised more than 100,000 yuan and could complete 100 cataract opebrightnessrations.

Facinggolden什么意思中文 Shenzhen Bay, spring is warm and flowers bloom

&nsourcebsp;           Shenzhen Evenlovely什么意思ing News (reporter CAI Zhijun) & LDquo; Facing the sea, with spring blossomscaressing. ” On December 29, 2013, Yuehai Street Disabled Persons’ Fede深圳风险等级ration and Shenzbright是什么意思翻译hen Lions Club South China Sea Service team jointly hsource是什么意思eld a fellowship activity in Shenzhen Blove is gone英文翻译ay Park. Lion friends accompanied disabled people to carry oevening和night区别ut outdoor activities and spent a happy afternoon. Lion friends angoldend friends of the Disabled performed songs and recitals together. Sshenzhenquare dancing, pus深证指数h-ups competition and small games also appeared one by one. The atmosphere of the scenelove直播破解版 was filled with laughter and influenced many people. Magolden翻译ny tourists have onlookers, for disabled frpurple怎么读iends to encourage cheering.

            Lionwarm怎么读 friends not only brought joy to the disabled, but also sent warm wishes and gifts. Domestic Life Insuranlovece also provided accident insurance sponsorship for the event. Dribs and drabs of care, let disabled friends feel warm and beautiful.

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