New Year blood donation gets off to a good start (source: Shenzhen Evening News A02)

New Year blood donation is off to a good start
More than 10,000 people donated more than 500,000 milliliters

            Shenzhen Evening Nestart怎么读ws (reporter Zhou Qian correspondent Sun Jing) reporter learned from the city blood cennewter yesterday, the total storage of red blood cells 3888U; Apheresistarts platelet 91U. The stock of type O red blood cells is lsource的中文意思ow. Please pay close attentiongoodnotes软件下载 to thsources是什么文件夹e daily public opinion on blood donation published on the official website andofficial officyearningial Weibo. The stock of type A and AB apheresis platelets is low. We will collect platelets according to clinical needs in the comiyear是什么意思ng week. Please call 83252122 for an appointment.

    &gets函数头文件nbsp;       It is understoffice办公软件ood that the fourth & LDqustarto; Red action ” Since its launch on Deceyearningmber 12, 2013, it has received strong support annewd enthusiastic participation frooffsetm lions club friends and thegetsherass16 majority of caring citistart云游戏zens. As of yesterdanew balancey, Red action ” Twenty-two large-scale blood donation campaigns have been carried out, with more than 11,400 peoplgoodbyee donasource是什么意思ting blood and 50,780 milliliters of blood in total. Tsources是什么文件夹oday and tomorrow, shenzhen Lions Club mangrove Bay Service Team (Domestic Phogood的比较级enix Bblood翻译uilding, No. 2008 Shennan Avenue) and Milepost Service team (Wbloodanfu Square, Fuyong Avenudonation什么意思e, Fuyongbloodc剧情介绍 Town, Bao ‘an Dstart云游戏istrict) will organize a collectstartledive blgoodleood donationstartup activity respectively.

&nblood怎么读bsp; &nbyearnsp;         This Satsource车上按键什么意思urday (11th), the lianhuashan Panewspaperrk blood donation vehicle will provide normal service; Blood donation services were offereoffice办公软件d at dongmen Culture Square and Yantian Blood Donation Service Station on Sunday. In additoff是开还是关ion, duedonation什么意思 to “ Red action &rdquyearlyo; Collective blood donation activities, On January 10, guiyuan Road blood donation point,gets翻译 center bofficeookstore blood donation carnew的反义词 serofficialvice suspension; On January 11, Haiya Blood Donation vehicle andyearly Dongmen Blood Donation Center were suspended. The service of haiya blood donation vehicle will be suspended on January 12, we apoofferlogize for any inconvenience caused.start什么意思

&nbsdonation是什么意思英语p;           Restart翻译lated links: New Year blood donation off to a good start More than 10,000 people dyear造句onated more than 500,000 milliliters

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