Our world, our future

Our world, our future
Lions International 26th Peace Poster Contest and 2013 2nd National Children's Contest
The award ceremworldtalkonyfuture糖果 of the World Peace Poster Contest (Shenzhen division) was successfully held

 worldwide;           November 24, 2013, "Our Worldfuture怎么读音, Our Fuworldtalkture". — The 26th Lions Internourpiayational Pefuture是什么牌子ace Pour怎么读osteour翻译r Contest and 2013 2nfuture4200d National Children's World Peace Poster Contest (Shenzhen Division) award ceremony was succesourplay下载sfully held in Taiwan Garden Andis Children's Squarfuturee, Futiworldan Districworldboxt, Shefuturenzhen. Domestic lion standing vice President of federation Zhang Guojun, shenzhen federation of ZuYuQin, shenzhen lions club of 2013-2014 director wu xm, first deputy director Lin Ziyu, secretary-general Zhang Xiaowei, caring closes working committee office, city of sheour怎么读nzhen, scourpiayhools, and art institworldwide翻译utions on behalf of the educationfuture翻译 department and the award-winning student representatives such as more than 500 people took part in the activity.
 our怎么读;   &futurenbsp;             Peace poster contest is one of the most important annual event shenzhworldwide翻译en lion, led by lions peace poster board in shenzhen, in sheworld什么意思nzhen lions club teams, schools, art institutions, thefuture bass active participation of the concerned about the lion to the healthy developmour翻译ent of the youth frienourplay加速器ds and social personag欧若拉e, under the supportworld of the childrefuture翻译n with high passion, with 7 colour brush, Depfuture bassict a picturourplaye of the children in the mind of the future of the world. A large shenzhen securitiefuture basss company (ESSENCE) as one of the organizersour怎么读 also participated in this year's competition.
&nfuture是什么牌子bsp; &nbsworldbox最新破解版p;             The peace Poster contest lasted for more than 3 months, with 28 service teaourplay加速器ms of Shenzhen Lions Club, 118 afuture是什么意思rt organizations, 255 instructors and 32,640 children participatfuturehendrixing in the cworld翻译ontest. In line with the principle of openness, fairness and fairness, through strict selection, the final shortlisted works are 945 works. The jury composed of experts from art, education, media and Shourpiayenzhen Lions Club selected children's woourselvesrks aged 11-13, and finally selected one special prize, one director special Award, 29 first prize, 30 second prizefuturelearn, 40 third prize and 645 finalists. This year, the Peace Poster Committee added an addifuture4200tional selecfuture basstiofuturelearnn for children under the age of 11, and also selected 10 first prize, 20 second prize, 30 third prize and 140 finalists. The entry recoworld音标mmended by mangrove Bay Service team was rfuture4200ated & LDquo; Special award & throughout; Six of his works won the second and third prizes in the pefuturehendrixace poster cworld翻译ompetition of the Domestic Lions Association.
                At the afutureward ceremony, the leaders of the domestic Lion Associourplay下载ation, Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Fine Arts Association and other relevant units congratulated the winners and presented awards to the winners.
&nbs偶然p;             The activity came to a successful conclusion amid great joy. The acfuture basstivities not onlyworld翻译 make teenagers from set uourplayp the public thought, c偶然ultivate the glworldtalkobalworldtalk idea, also promoted the shenzhen mental, culture and art education, the healthy growth of teenagers gettinfutureg attention this hard-won peace time, cherish the happy life is full of harmony, to cultivate teenagers more grfuture糖果eat compassion and the wider business, make the reputation of the lions club deeper support, Brand awareness has been further enhanced.
  &nbsfuturep;world音标           The International Peace Poster Competition has been held by Lions Club infutureternational since 1future是什么牌子988. It aims to encourage children to sow the seeds of peacfuture怎么读音e in their hearts, exworld翻译press their peace ideals and good wishes, establish pubourselveslic wfuturehendrixelfare ideas, expand their crefuture糖果ative thinking andfuturelearn cultivate tfuture翻译heir gloworldbal awareness through painting and poour翻译ster. On the platform bworldtalk下载uilt by ------ Lions Club International, the world'sworld翻译 largest NGO, we will communicate with children from all over the world in painting, constantly innovate and impfuturelearnrove, and provide an opportunity fworldwideor these children who are extremely talented in the field of art to gain recogfuturenition from the internat欧若拉ional community.ourplay下载 For the last 25 years, Nearly 100 countries and regions around the world, more than 4 million children between the ages of 11 and 13 participate in the competition. Every year, 350,000 children under the age of 11 participate in the competworldbox最新破解版ition in more than 65 cfuture怎么读音ountries and regions arouworldwidend thworlde world. Among the entworldtalkries from all over the world, 24 global masterpieces are selected.worldwide翻译 These posters will be shared with friends around the world through the Internet, socfuture4200ial media, news reports and traveling exhibitions arouworldwide翻译nd the world.
          &future怎么读音nbsp;   With the strong supportfuture是什么意思 of officials at all levfuture翻译els and enthusiastic people from all walks of liworldtalk下载fe, Shenzhen Lions Club has partfuture怎么读音icipated in the selection ofuture怎么读音ffuturehendrix international Peace poster competition since 2004 and achieved great success. Up to this year, nearly 60,000 lfuture怎么读音ittle painters from Shenzhen region have participateworldwide翻译d in the competitioworldtalkn. The seeds of peace have planted in the hearts of every chilourselvesd who participated in the competitiofuture是什么意思n. Children also grow up with thworldbox最新破解版e idea of peace. The work selourpiayected by Shenzhen Lions Clu偶然b has won three awards. Global Besourplay下载t Bookourselves Award & RDQUO; . "Give Peace a Chance" by Zeng Weicheng from Shenzhen Nanshan Experiment in 2004-2005;our 2007-2008: Pefuture4200ace Around the World by Li Jiazhen from Shenzhen Nanshan Experifuturement; In the 2012-2013 competition, "Imagine Pour翻译eace" by Mai Qianqian, a primary school student from Shenzhen, both won the Global Prize.

By Fang Mansong


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