Riverside Service Team 2013-2014 annual change ceremony and recognition award ceremony

Riverside Service Team 2013-2014 annual change ceremony and recognition award ceremony

  &ceremony怎么读nbsp;  嫦娥奔月的故事       On the morning of August 3, although the 9th severe tropiserviceablecal storm of the year & LDquo; Swalrecognition动词形式low & throughout; After landing in Shenzhen, the lion club riverside Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club still rushed to the meeting place despite the wind and ra嫦娥奔月的故事in as planned. — The big plum sand. At eleven o ‘clockceremony复数形式 in the morning, when the lion friends arrivannual是什么意思ed at Dameisha, the raiannual英语怎么读n had stopped and the sky was fine. — Beautiful South Australia east fishing village.
          &nrecognition动词形式bsp; Zhang Xiaoteamowei, secreservicetary general of Shenzhen Lions Club 2013-2014, Huang Yuru, presiservicedeannualizednt of Riversiriverside是哪个城市de Service Team 2013-2014, Sun Xiaowei, prerecognition翻译sident of Riverside Service Team 2012-2013, Chen Baoxi, president of Founding Club, Chen Xiaofan, Zheng Kewei, Gaochange Zhou and Xing Fei, a total of 18 lion friends participservicemanated in the riverside Service team changing ceremony and appreciation award ceremony.
  &nbsrecognition是什么意思p;         The tall Lion officiated the ceremony. Mr.service是什么意思中文翻译 Gan Xiang, president and first vice president of the conferencannual怎么读e, delive嫦娥五号red a welcome speech to the lion group and extended a warm welcome to the lion friends and嫦娥四号探测器在哪发射 their famichange什么意思lies.
            2012-2013 Chairman Sun Xiaowei Shi delivered the 2012-2013 annual work report:
            1. The total amount of service funds in this year isriverside翻译 RMB 481,753.36, incluceremony的音标ding RMB 120000 dona嫦娥奔月的故事terecognition是什么意思d by memriverside怎么读英语bers, RMB 313,512 donaservice是什么意思中文翻译ted by society and enterprises, RMB 48,241 donatedriverside是哪个城市 by development bank last year, and RMB 458,817.30 spent oannual怎么读n service activities.
            2. This year, we organizerecognition翻译d a total of 19 activities such as stuceremony的音标dent assistance, poverty assistance, disannual的名词ability assistance, public lectures and charity.
            3. Convened 11 regular meetings of members this year, formed 11 meeting documents such as meeting minutes and resolutions, and the attendteamworkance rate of member activities was above 40%. Recruited and devrecognition和recognizationeloped 5 new lion friends.
        &annualsnbsp;   4. This year, Brother Sun Xiaowei lion won tteams手机版he 8th National Member Coservice和serve的区别ngress of Lions Association in China. Outstanding Lion Friendservicemans & RDquo; The title. Riverside Service team is now applying for the exceservice是什么意思中文翻译llent service team to Shenzhen Lions Club, and applying for the honorary titles of excellent finance, Excellent Sservicemanecretaservice和serve的区别ry and Excellent member for riverside lion friends Chen Xiaofan, Xing Fei, Tian Ming, Yang Jian, Zheng Kewei and Gan Xiangqun.
    &teamsnbsp;       After finishing the work report, Sun Xiaowei shi brother gave the prize to the members and presented the carefully prepared souvenir to all members.
&nbteamviewersp;      recognition可数吗     Unservice翻译der the witness of lannual是什么意思ion friends of Riversiceremony用什么介词deceremony的音标 Service Team, Brother Sun Xiaowei, president of 2012-2013, and Brother Huaceremony翻译ng Yuru, President of 201teams3-2014, completed the solemn changing ceremony a嫦娥五号nd excrecognition的动词hanged the ribbon and the hammer. Mr. Huang Yuru, the new president, delivered a speech and introduced the work plan and outlook of 2013-2014: In tung chung checkannual翻译-up, huayang schooteamprol, youth growth company, Huang Beiling club health center, posters and red peace action, on the basis of traditional project, such as opening a new student project, and explore high secondary vocational schools students adapt to society, into the program of work role, aceremony怎么读nd plans in the New Year, rich and colorfulceremony的音标 activities to meet the demand of service of the frieceremony造句nds of the lion, Encourage morrecognition和recognization的区别e members to participate in various project activitiesteam什么意思.
      &nannual是什么意思bsp;     Huang then introduced the new members oannualf the counservice翻译cil.
  &changenbsp;         In tteambitionhe end, The chairman gan gave a speech of appreciation to the lion group and rang the bell to adjourn the meeting. The 2013-2014 annual change ceremony and appreciation award ceremony of The Riverside Seservice的名词rvice Team of Shenzhen Lions Club ended in a solemnannual造句 and cheerful atmosphere.


 change什么意思   &nbsriversidep;                                team是什么意思翻译                 By Xing Fei & NBSP; Photo/Chen Xiaofan
                                      &nbspceremony和celebration的区别;             &nbsannualizedp;               &nbspceremony同义词; August 7, 2013



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