Chinese Lions Association donated RMB 24.55 million to Yunnan earthquake area (source: January 26, 2015)

The Chinese Lions Association donated 24.55 million yuan to the Yunnan earthquake area
Yunling earth t人民币兑日元o add a fresh force of charity

Wan云南民族大学g Naiku云南师范大学n, presid云南民族大学ent of the National Lions Associachinesetion, handed over thedonate的名词形式 donation cheque to Zhang Zulin, vi人民币ce governor of China.

Yunearthquake怎么读nan representative office of lions Association was established

            Yuassociation英语nnan net news (reporter Zhang Chenggeng Ying) January 25 afternoon, & LDquo; Dream set云南农业大学 sail, fly for love. — — The signing ceremony of domestic Lion Association to yunnan earthquake-stricken area construction aid project and the certificate conferment of domestic Lion Associachinese翻译tion Yunnan representative office and Yulions的音标nnan colorful semillion的用法rvice team was held in Kassociation造句unming. At the meeting, the Domestic Lion Associearthquake翻译ation donate人民币汇率d 24.55 million yuan and items worth 2 mdonated翻译illion yuan to yunnan province officials, and held a certificate awarding ceremony for the establishment of the Yunnan Representative office of the Domestic Lion Association and yunnan colorful service team.

   人民币兑换美元         The guest人民币兑日元s attending the conference were: Preston, President of Lions Club Internatidonated翻译onal; Wang Naikun, member of the Standing Committee of the National Pe人民币ople’s Congress, vice Chairmearthquakean of Chinamillion的意思 Disabassociation和collection的区别led Persons’ Federmillion的用法ation and President of China Lions Association; Zhang Zulin, Vice Governor of Yunnan Province; Tan Ronggen, former President o人民币汇率f Lions Club International; Wang Xilions怎么读ngning, secretary of the Party Committee and president of Yunnan Disabled Persons’ Federatiassociation怎么读音on.

            In addition, leaders of lion clubs from S人民币换算henzhen, Guangdong, Dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, Zhejiang, Shenyang, Shaanxi, Harbin, Sichuan, Hainan and other places, representatives from all walks of life and members of Yunnan Colorful Service team also attended the meeting.

      &nmillion的用法bsp; &nbmillionssp;   At the ceremony, the Chinese Lions Association donated 24.55 million yuan and 2 million yuan worth of goods to the yunnan prov云南疫情incial government. The donation will be used for the reconstruassociation翻译ction of the echinese new yeararthquake-stricken a人民币兑换卢布reas in Ludian and Yingjiang, yunnan province, as well as the development of the disabled after tchinese new yearhe disaster.

    &nbslions英语怎么读p;       It is reported that in Yunnan Zhaotong Ludian & LDquo; 8.03 thrlions读音oughout the &;million翻译 After the earthquearthquake是什么意思英语ake, lion friends from shenzhen, Guamillionaire是什么意思ngdong and other ten regions of the Lion club acted quickly,人民币 rushed to thmillion是什么意思英语e fmilliondoll动漫ronrmbt of the disaster area to actlions读音ively carry out earthquake relief work, at the samemillionaire是什么意思 time, also launched the national lion friends to don人民币兑换卢布ate money and materials for the disaster area, anassociation和collection的区别d plan to implement post-disasterassociation翻译 assistance projects.

            Wang Naikun, president of the云南大学 National Lioassociationns Association, said that in order to better promotelions怎么读 the lions’ charity. Fire & throughout; Tak人民币兑换美元ing root and germinating in Yunling, under the strong support of the provincidonate的用法al government, provincial Disabled persons’ Federation and other relevant departments, and under the active helpearthquake可数吗 of the Shenzhen Lions Club as a guidance aearthquake英语怎么读rea, the Dodonate的名词形式mestic Lion Association formally established the colorful service team in Yunnan Province, practicing for lion friends & LDquo; We serve ” Our aim is to provide a broader platform for cha人民币汇率ritable services.

&lionsgatenbsp;           At the ceremony, Mr. Prest, the president of Lions Clmillion和billion的区别ub International, presented thassociation造句e founding certificate of the Colorfu云南大学l Service team and the teadonate的意思m leader with his sash and flag.

        &nbearthquakes翻译sp;   Relaearthquakested links: Lions Club Internationallions翻译中文

&nbmillionaire是什么意思sp;           Founde人民币兑换美元d in 1917 by Melvin Jones, Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service organization dedicated to helping peoplmillion和billion的区别e and places in needmilliondoll动漫 around the worllions翻译d. It has 46,000 chapters and 1.35 million members in 208 countries,yunnan headquartered in the Uniearthquake什么意思ted States.

&nb云南sp;           Related links: Lions Club International

      &nbs云南白药p; &nchinese new yearbsp;   Founded in 1917 by Melvin Jones, Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service organization dedicated to hmillionaireelping people and places in need around the world. It has 46,000 chmillion是什么意思英语apters and 1.35 million members in 208 countries, headquartered in the United States.

        &云南财经大学nbsp;   The English name of lions Clu人民币对美元汇率b International is ldquo; LIONS” ,人民币换算 including:

  &nbspearthquake英语怎么读;       &nbspassociation可数吗; “ L” Stands for Loving

    &nbspmillion;   &nbspassociation什么意思;   &ldassociation怎么读音quo; I” Represents Individuals.

            “ O” Ofdonate的名词fering on behalf of ymilliondoll动漫ou

&million翻译nbsp;     &nbslions怎么读p;     “ N” Represents tassociation造句he Needed

      &nbsp云南大学研究生院;     “ S” Stands for Service

            The letters put together make “ LIONS” In English it exactly means “ The lion & throughmillionsout; So they called it “ Lion & throughout; . Itearthquakess full name is “ Lions Club Imillionaire是什么意思nternational Association & RDQUO; .

          &rmbnbsp; Related link: Yunnan Colorful Service team of Chinese Lion Assocearthquakeiation

            The colorful service team was initiated by liu Yungang, member of boya team of The Beijing Member Managemassociation和collection的区别ent Committee of the Domestic Lion Association, and was planned to be eschinesetablished on January 25, 2015. Is helping others and serving the societyearthquakes; The service purpose, since its establishment, adhere to & LDchinese意思quo; Tolerance, inheritance, cohesearthquake什么意思ion, innovation, dedication, growth & RDquo; Is committed to spreading more positive energy.

            With the acearthquakes翻译tive efforts of Lions Club International and the lion Friends of eachchinese district club in China, all membdonated翻译ers ofmillion的意思 the Colorful Servearthquakesice Team have participated in many public welfare and charitable service activities. 5.24 throughout the &; , & otmillion怎么读英语her; 5.30 throughout thechinese读音 &; Yingjiang Earthquake and Ludian earthquake; 8• 03” During the earthquake, massociation造句ore than 6人民币大写60,000 yuan and more than 10 million yuan were raised for the earthquake-stricken areas. In addition, We云南大学nshan &chinese翻译 LDquo; Education in poor families; , & oearthquake怎么读ther; Save the gardener’s life. , LuDian & other; It’s not too cold this winter. Projects such a云南师范大学s winter clothing have helped many people in nee云南财经大学d.

          &earthquake英语怎么读nbsp; relatedLink: Domestic Li云南大学on Association donated 24.55 million RMB to Yunnan earthquakyunnane arealionsgate yunling Earth added a fassociation什么意思resh force of chdonate的固定短语搭配arity

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