The second batch of yunnan Ludian Disaster Relief materials sent out by Lions Club Shenzhen — Briefing on Yunnan Ludian Earthquake Relief (III)

The second batch of relief supplies for Ludian, Yunnan, was delivered by The Shenzhen Lions Club
— — Liomaterials怎么读ns Club of Shenzhen In Yunnan Ludian Earthquake Relief Briefing (3)

              At 2pm on August 8th, the second batch of yunnan Ludian relief materiamaterial什么意思中文翻译ls were d云南财经大学elivered and donated by Shenzhen Lions Club at the gate of Shenzhen Luohu Gy云南大学mnmaterialsasium. Shenzhen Lions Club Predisaster翻译sident Lin Ziyu, First Voutbreakiceout什么意思 President Lin Tao, chairman of the f云南irst Member Management Committee Zhang Hongxiang, Chairman of District 6 Gao Zheoutstandingng and representatives of the service teams attended the cere云南财经大学mludianony.
            According to Zhang Hongxiang, chairman of the firsecond翻译st member mabatchesnagement committee, thmaterialse Lions Club of Shenzhen decided to send thesecond怎么读 second barelief给挚爱的你tch of relief materials based on feedback fsentinelrom the Yunnan Ludian Earthquake relief pioneer team. After receiving the鲁殿灵光 notice of the second batch of supplies yesterday arelief用法及搭配fternoon, the service teams, lion friends and caribatch什么意思ng enterprises of Shebatchat蝙蝠nzhen Lions Club responded positively and contacted actively to donate supplibatchat蝙蝠es. Shenzhen Lions Yantian Service team Xiao Dejun’s company Shenzhen Bao Hengtong Grrelief动词形式oup also delivered this batcdisaster的形容词h of sumaterials翻译pplies to the disaster area free of charge.
            At the ceremony, the Lsecondlyions Club of Shenzhen donated a batch of medicine worth 249,000 yuan.materials Poai Servoutlineice team dondisaster的名词ated 500 pieces of clothes and 125 pairs of shoes, worth 55,000 yuan; Hand-in-hand service team donated a batch of Panpan bread, worth 2second怎么读2,000 yuan; The Oriental Rose Service Team donated 69 pieces of cmaterial是可数名词吗lothes, worth 13,800 yuan; Shiyou enterprises and caring enterprises donated 417 mattresses, worth 500,000 yuan, from Hong Kong Huadong Group; Dongguan Lvchen Trading Co., LTD donated 50 cases of milk powder, worth more than 70,000 yuan; Shenzhen Shensha Trading Cbatchesompbatch怎么读any donabatchested more than 600 pieces of clothes, worth 30,000 yuan; Shenzhen Chengxin Nuoke Co., Ltd. donated 80 sets of solar lamps. Lions International donated 1000 bags of rice (20kg/bag) and 250 boxes of golden arowana cooking oil (1000 bottles/box) to 303 Dis云南大学研究生院trict of Hong Kong and Macao, worth moreludian than 110,000 yuan. The total value of the goods is over 1.06 milliosentence翻译n yuan.
         materials letters   Lin Ziyu, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, presented the flag to the team. She said that today, the two trucks will be sent to Kunming, Yunnan province, to the lion friends in the Kunming liaison pointrelief和relieve区别 of the Domestic Lion Assentencesociation, and they willrelief动词 be transferred to the people in the disaster area.
    &nbrelief给挚爱的你sp;   &nrelief是什么意思啊bsp;   As of 16:30 on August 8, shenzhen Lions Club service teams and lion friends actively responded to the initiative of donati云南民族大学on for yunnan Ludian earthquake stricken area, 87 service teams participated in the donation, a total of 3.815 million yuan;material是什么意思 Two batches of materials with a total value of ovbatchat蝙蝠er 1.26 million yuan were delivered to the disaster area.

      Shenzhen Lions Club
August 8, 2014

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