Happiness Service Team: held the second regular meeting of the council and members of 2015-2016

Happiness Service Team: held the second regular meeting of the council and members of 2015-2016

        &nheldenbsp; On September 19, 2015, the second board and membership regular meeting of 2015-2016 of Shenzhen Lions Club Happsecond怎么读iness Servicservice是什么意思e club was held in Xinkai Group. Guoteamo Yongyong, CAI Min, Zhanmembersdrcfxcomg Yannan,members是什么意思 Zhang Shengzhoregular是什么意思英语u, Tang SAN, Guo Peng, Guo Zhateamsohang, Chen Xiaobin, Cao Jiexiong, Lhappiness的同义词iao Binbin, Li Qingzhong, Zhang Xiujuan, Lteamsin Weilong, Deng Quanxiteams手机版ang, Liu Yunhuan, Lin Chunhao, Lin Xiaoservice翻译yi, Ma Zerong, Ma Zexin, Zhan Haixia, Lumembers翻译o Meizhen (guest) and more than 20 people attended the meetimembers的中文意思ng. Li Baihe from Huayuan Service Team attcouncil翻译ended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by CAI Min.


&nbmembers是什么意思sp;         The meeting deliberated and approved the “happiness prize, education, scholarship” activity implementhappiness音标ation plan; Mesecondmregular是什么意思英语bersmeeting翻译 of theheld中文 Council ancouncilman小体d committee of the Happiness Service Team fosecond缩写r 2015-2016 were notified; Discussed how theld的原型o do the scholarship distribution work, awardsecondarying ceremony site, vhappiness是什么词性isiting school route and other related activities arrangregular什么意思ement; To wear the badgeheld的意思是什么 for the new member of theheldback Hapsecond缩写py Service Team, Masecondscreen下载 Chae Wing, etc.
&nbssecondlyp;         After the meeting, Lin Ximembers怎么读aoyi, president of the conference, made a speeteams会议ch “How to use financheldenial tmembers翻译ools to promote the development of charity”, explaining the new ideas of the combination of finance and charity.meeting是什么中文意思 He said that only with a real senseservice是什么意思中文翻译 of social rteamsesponsibility can enterprises embameetingyou是什么意思rkregular翻译 on the rregularlyoad of long-term development.


Article/photo Contributed by Happiness Sehappiness作文rvice Team

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