Hualei Service Team: held the third regular meeting of the Board and members of the year 2015-2016

Hualei Service Team: held the third regular meeting of the Board and members of the year 2015-2016

&nbservice是什么意思sp; &nbsservice是什么意思中文翻译p;     &nbsthird的基数词p; Coolthirdly gold wind, pleasant autumn. On September 24花蕾的意思, 2015, the third board and membership meeting of The year 2015-2016 of Shenzhen Lions Club Hualei Service Team was successfully held in the Oriental Red Stomeetingsne Pavilion, Building 2, Zhihengheld怎么读的 Industri画雷锋手抄报al Park, Nantou Checkpoint pass. More than 20 people from Hualei Service team, including captaregular反义词in Xie Yueyuan, first vice captain Xiang Wei, second v华勒氏变性ice captain Ma Juan, thirdthird音标 vice captain Xie Yongling and other lion friends, attended the meeting. The meeting also invitethird音标d Huasheng service team Huang Jianxing and foreign friends to attend. Su Chunhua served as chairman of the conference, and Fan Zhengbin presided over itthird的缩写.boardgame
          Theregular的名词 meeting focused on the analysimembers怎么读s of service projects and the improvement of service team cohesion and other related matters. At the mmembersmark啥牌子eeting, the leaders of each project were confirmed: Brother Zhu Faxu shi served as the chairman of this year’s Committee; Brothird什么意思ther Chthirden Bin is responsible for the development of Hualei lion service information system, which provithirddes a platformteam forservicebio consulting the following s画雷锋手抄报图片大全ervice funds and member information. The meeting votedteam to approve the transfer and tmembers的中文意思eam transfer of lion Friends, andboard什么意思翻译 confirmed the specific time花蕾的拼音 of the monthly meetthird音标ing. Highlights of the disabled activities and leadership training of Longgang Light Life Art Troupe were shared.

On 3. JPG

          Autumn September, fruitful. In this harvest season, on this beautiful day, huboardingalei service team hemeeting是什么意思中文翻译ld a celebration ceremony for 7 lion friends who wemembers markre born in September. Sister Y花类大全ang Jing and Brother Xiaservice翻译ng Wei made a wish, blew out candles and cut the cake on behalf of their birthday friends. Lion friends sing birthday songs together to sethirdlynd their best wishes to the bimeetingyou是什么意思rthday stars.

Birthday. JPG

&nbteamprosp;         After the meeting, Su Chunhua shi made a summary of the memeetingeting and distrimembers怎么读buted carefully prepteamsared gifts tmembers的中文意思o everyone.
        &nbteam什么意思sp; Thank you for taking time out of yheld的原型our busy steams会议chedule to attend the meeting, thank you to the lion friends, hualei service tearegular是什么意思英语m because of you!

A group photo. JPG

Sun Xiaohong, Hualei Service Team

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