Huasheng Service Team: held the second preparatory meeting of the founding team

Huasheng Service Team: held the second preparatory meeting of the founding team

&nservicemanbsp;           Oheld的中文意思n October 8th, 2015, the second preparatory meeting of The Founding team of The Lions Club of Shenzhen was held in the Lions Club officmeetingse of Shenzhen. Zhang Honheld的中文意思gxiang, deputy Secretary general of Lions Club shenzhen for 2015-2016secondscreen下载, Li Jian, chairman of The Development Committeteams手机版e of Lions Club Shenteams手机版zhen, and the founding members of The Chinese Saints Club attended theserviceman meeting. The meeting was presideteamworkd over by Wang Dan.
          At the meeting, Zhang Hongxiang, deputy Secretaupheldry-Generalteamo, explained related matters about thheld的中文意思e preparatory meeting; Chairman Li jian introduced t花生日记he history omeetingsf lions Club International, the major public welfarservice的名词e projects of Lions Club, the development of Lions club in China, the mission of Lions Club ameeting怎么读英语ndpreparatory翻译 the spirit of Lions Club. Mr. Fanservice和serve的区别g Mansong, lecturer,花生小站 introduheld的意思是什么ced the organizational structure and job responsibilitieservice是什么意思中文翻译s of Lions Club.
         meeting是什么意思 The meeting successfullserviceabley completed the election of the board of directors of huasheng Service Corps. There are 13 members of the board. After the election, Zheng Wpreparatory翻译eimin was appointed as the founding team leader, Huang Jianxing as the first vice capt华盛顿ain, Lin Shaolin as the seconpreparatory翻译d viceteam是什么意思翻译 captain, Yang Shujun as thpreparatory翻译e third vice captafounding翻译in.
&held是hold的什么形式nbsp;       &secondlynbsp; As Zhang Hongxiang, deputy secretarypreparatory是什么意思 general, summed up the meeting, the second preparatory meeting of Thesecondly Founding team of Lions Club ofounding怎么读f Shenzhen hua Sheng Service cservice翻译ame to a successful conclusion. Thank you xie Yongling, the third vice leader of Hualei Serviservice是什么意思中文翻译ce Team, for your invitteamatioservicen. Please join us for our birthday dinner.


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