Longhua Service Team: Hold the third regular meeting of 2015-2016

Longhua Service Team: Hold the third regular meeting of 2015-2016

          On October 15, 2015, the third regular meeting of Shenzhen Lion龙华天气s Club Longhua Serteamviewervice Team for 2015hold on-2016 was held in the meeting room of Longhua Minan Community committee. A totholdal of 1third音标7 lions members attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhong Qiaohuregular翻译i.
          This meeting to discuss in the doholderuble ninth festival approaching,teamwork double Yang “fili龙皇al conduct, respecteamworkt for the elderly, love” suservice怎么读pport as the theme, sponsored by the longhua service c龙华天气ombined to twelve OuDeHong 茘 service, it is the good service, splendid service, bagua ling GFS Ann community reservice是什么故障灯spect for the elderly anlonghuad the people love the donation ceremony of suppomeeting翻译rt, to carry forward the fine traditions of the Chinese nation, To build a harservice是什么意思monious society, harmothird的缩写nioregularly意思中文翻译us co隆化天气mmunity spread positive energy.
          At the meeting, Captain Zhong Qiaohui had a heated discussion wmeetingith the lion friends on how to carry out the activity and carried out detailed division of labor. The participating methirdmbers actively participated in the dismeetingtencentcomcussion and made suggestions for the successful holding of the activity. The participants also shared their feregularityelings about the guangxi Liuzhou Sanjiang Education activities and the preparation for participating in the Chold键是什么功能haozhou Bhold的过去形式right Trip in early Novemberegularityr. The regular meeting ended successfully with the active participation of lion frie龙荒神王nds. After the meeting, lion friends rushed to silver Lake Convention Center to participate in the “Meet the Date” training activity.

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Article/Contribution by Tulonghua Service T隆化天气eam

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