Lion enterprises visit Shiyishen

Lion enterprises visit Shiyishen

On July 15, 2016, the Caring Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club Jie Cheng Service team launched the second phase of caring lion friends and visiting lion friends enterprises. There were three stops in this caring activity, and the three lion friends visited were all the founding members of Jiecheng Service Team. Thvisite caring Committee alsvisit怎么读o prepared three gifts for them, including honorary certificlion的音标ate of founding members, honorary badge of Founding members, and red Lion costume of Advanced customization of Jiecheng Service Team.

Thlion翻译e first lion friend I visited was zh施益生ang Tao shi Brother, an excellent lawyer. At nine o ‘clock in the morning, Mr. Liu Derong, the chairman of the Committeeshiyishen of Love and Care, Mr. Gao Chang, the executive chairman, Mr. Qu Jie, th是以圣人抱一为天下式e captain, Mr. Li Yuguang, tlion复数helion first vice captain, Mr. Yang Chuanjing, and Mr. Hu Bibi, the direlion翻译ctor, came to Mr. Zhang Tao’s office and previsitsented the giftvisitings carefully prepared by t石邑深涧he Committee of Love and Care. In order to welcome you, Brother Zhang shi prepared welcome banners and delicious fruits with great care. Henterprise是什么意思英语e also made tea specially from his hometown. Brother Zhang t时医生是我的人alked with tenterprise是什么版本he lion friends about the combination of work, life and charity as well as their experience in lion wovisit什么意思rk. More than an hour passed unconsciously, and the conversation was still full, and the feelings between the lion friends deepened.lion翻译

After biddvisitilion的音标ng farewell to Brother Zhang Tao, wenterprise是什么版本e came to the cvisitompany of Sister Chen Jidi shi in Nanyou Building. Chen Shijie is a remarkable woman who runvisit是什么意思英语s a clothing company and is deputy secretary general of the Shaoxing Chamber of Commerce ienterprises怎么读n Shenzhen. Sister Chen shi warmly received everyone, invited the lion friends to eat blueberries from home, drink longjing from home, and also sent each a silk scarf. For Chen Shijie, many of the lion friends are still十一什么意思 the fi十一什么意思rst tienterprise是什么版本me to meeenterprise是什么意思t, we were all infected by her enthuenterprise是什么意思siasm, did not feel unfamiliar, while drinking tea, while talking about lion affairs, do not mention how happy.

After lunch, we opened the third stopvisit是什么意思英语 – visit the shajing Miulicang lion brother. Miao Shenterprises翻译i Brother is the man是以圣人为而不恃ager of Hongma Product Design Co., LTD.,lions英语怎么读 which specializes in industriallionkk design. The products desiglionned by the company are very novel and the industry technology is far ahead. Under the leadership of Miao Shi Brother, shi you visited and experienclioneled various products of the company. We visitvisiting, while disculion的音标ssing the prospectvisit怎么读 of indenterprise是什么版本ustrial development, while discussing the focus of servicenterprise是什么车e activities, we said, laughing, heart imperceptibly and close to some.

This activity, tlionelhrough visiting the lion friends and visiting the lion frienvisit是什么意思英语ds enterprise, narrowed the distance between the lion friends, also flion怎么读elt the enthusiasm and warmth of each lion flionkkriends, and felt the culture and power of the Lion club. There are some lion friends, although they did not participate in this caring alions英语怎么读ctivity, but they pay attention to and support in the wechat group of Jie Cheng Service team.

Thanks to every lion friend of the jie Chenliong service team, becausevisiting of you, we firmly believe that this big family will be warme是以圣人抱一为天下式r and stronger, thank you for traveling with us all the way.

Artshiyishenicle/picture contributed by Jie Cheng Se时医生是我的人rvice Team

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