Hongyang Service Team: held the eighth regular meeting of 2015-2016

Hongyang Service Team: held the eighth regular meeting of 2015-2016 & NBSP;

On the afternoon of June 7, 2016弘扬雷锋手抄报内容, the eighth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club hongyang Service Team for 2015-2016 was heleighth读音d at zhongqi South Building in Futian District. Heheld的中文意思 Xinru, chairman of the 15th District of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2015-2016 and 18 other people attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zheng Xianping, captain Gu Ming as the chairman of the conference.  

He Xinru, chairman, put forward suggeighthsestions on the collection of membership dues for 2016-2017. He suggested that everyone strive to pay all the membership dues before June 10 to win the outteams会议stregular的名词anding Servieighth读音ce team awregularard. Meanwhile, he expounded on the score evaluation of the service team participating in various activities.

Captain Gu Ming made strict regulations on the attendanc红羊电影李蕾丽版红楼梦e rules of the council, and all those who violate the rules of the meeting, such as being late or leaving early or not wearing the meeting clothes, should be donated. The Council must be held before the regular meeting, which is held 12 times a year. The counregular翻译cil must be helregularly意思中文翻译d in the first ten days of each month, the regular meeting in the middle and the joieighth音标nt meeting iservice是什么意思n the second haeighth什么意思lf of each month. Bonmeetingsus points will be given for attendanservice和serve的区别ce at meetings and event弘扬s, which will be announced monthly. As for the schedule of future regteamsular meetinregular的所有形式gs, Captain Gu Ming suggested that the executive chairman and time andeighths place of the next meeting should be conheld的中文意思firmed at the end of each meeting.

At the meeting, Zheng Xianping showed and revteamproiewed hongyang service team’s service activities in Qinglong, Guizhou, Yunnan, Xregularityizang and other places through PPT. When zheng Xianping talked about the cataract projecteamst of the service team, he said excitedly that when he saw the cataract patients shed tears after recovering their eyesight, he suddenly felt that everything he had done was vemeeting翻译rservice怎么读y meaneighth英语怎么读ingful and he would definitely stickserviceable to thservicemane project. As for the annual project service activities, Zheng Xianping pointed out that they must be hosted twice and co-hregular的名词osted three times within a year, and more comeighthsmunity activities should be conducted, mainlymeetingtencentcom urban projects.

The meeting alsomeeting翻译 discussed the develteambitionopment and retention of the membership, the change of the service team and omeetingther issues, everyone expressed their opinions. Team leader Zhu Yinxia seighth基数词uggested an economical and effective way to save the cost and time of transition.  

In the end, Captain Gu Ming presented qinglo弘扬雷峰精神主题班会ng officials and cataract patients’ certifregularizationicates of gratitude to all theighth翻译e lion friends one by one.

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Hong Yang seteamsrvice team contributed

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