Oct Service Team: held the second regular meeting of 2016-2017

Oct Service Team: held the second regular meeting of 2016-2017

On October 31, 2016, the second regular meservice是什么意思eting of sheregularlynzhen Lions Club oct Service Team for 2016-2017 was held in 1979 Ymeetingangcun Station, Futian Distteamworkrictoctober中文什么意思. Overseas Chinese Town servimeetingsce team captain Li Chuteam是什么意思翻译nchang, the first vice captain Qiang Qiuxia, thheldbacke second vice captainteamwork Chen Zhimin, the third vice captain Luregular反义词o Yangui, secrheldbacketary Tang Ruling, financial sun Rui and other more than 10 directors attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired boctavey Li Chunchang.

Lion friends on oct service team’s brand service aoct是什么检查ctivities “Lion walk”, the host area association “service是什么故障灯Loregularizationve earth & NBSP; The activities such as “Deep breathing”, “Care for left-behind Children” and “Care for special children” were carried out jointly with friends and teams to express their opinions and carry out heated discussions. They also made suggestions and speeches for the acheld中文tivities that need to be carriedteams手机版 out this year.

Lion friends all say that it is not easy to do activregularities, also a lot of pressure. Butsecond缩写 in order to more people in need of help, how much difficulty wsecond缩写e all wanservice是什么故障灯t to solve together, lion friends together, united as a cityregularly意思中文翻译.

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Contribution by OCT Service Team

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