Shenzhen Lions Club held the launching ceremony of community service series activities

On October 17, 2020, the launching ceremony of the Shenzhen Lions Club community service series activitiheld中文es was held in front of The Shuibao D六安城南疫情epartment store in Liantang Street, Luohu District. This activity provided a number of services for the community residents, such as red Action bloclub用英语怎么说od donation, diabetes prevention propaganda and educommunity servicecation, visioncommunity health consceremony同义词ultation,service是什么意思中文翻译 financial fraud prevenlions翻译tion p深圳ropaganda, legal advclub怎么读ice anheld过去式和过去分词d assistance, physicalion是什么意思中文翻译l monitoring, etc., with a service fund of 30,000 yuan.深圳疫情

The activity was organized by the Llionsgateions Club of Shenzhen, S深圳风险等级henzceremony翻译hen Sports Center Operation Manlions翻译中文agement Co., LTD., sceremonyhenzhen Blood Center, shenzhen Lions Club Orienta深证指数l Rose, Tai La六安城南疫情i, Donghai, and other 17 service teams, and assisted by 24 service teams, such as Chheldang, Xin ‘aservice是什么故障灯n, Huanggang, Hongli, Bougainvilleaclub怎么读, And Mcommunity英语ingde. Has been the shenz栾城天气预报hen sports fashion magazine operation managemheld的原型entceremony复数形式 Co., LTD., Liantang community party mass service center support.

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Shenzhen lions深圳大学, 2020-2021 annual dean of general affair Dencommunityg Yi, long picket zhlions翻译ang jian, deputy secretary-general Fang Shilei, chairman深圳疫情最新动态 of the second zone Wei Xin new, chairman of the zone 6 zhi-hui zhou, li xiaofeceremony是什么意思ng, chairman of the fourth division, divisseries怎么读ionseries函数用法 President Peng Dingkuan 5 and 6 zhi-jian wu, chairman of the partition, community service committee chairman Chen, executive chaiceremony复数形式rman of Zhong Ruihua, qing-yun zhao, ming-xia sun, Zhang Yocommunity是什么意思ngtao, Zhang Zhining, chairman of red Action Commit栾城天气tee, Lv Guiqin, chairman oclubmedf Diabetes Prevention Propagseries是单数还是复数anda and Educ深证指数ation Committee alaunching是什么意思nd other leaders of lion friends and乱成语 community residents, more than 100 people participated in the activity. The activity was chaired bclub是什么酒yshenzhen Wang Yanrocommunity是什么意思ng, captacommunity servicein of Oriental Rose Service Team, and presided over by Li Jun, captain of Xin ‘an Service Team.

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The lively and lovely children of Sheheld怎么读的nzhen Dance Spring Arlions读音t Troupe gave a wonderful performance of “Dance Togheld是hold的什么形式ether”. Wang Yanrong, executive chairman of the event, introduced the guests.

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Deng Yi, Fang Shilei, Wei Xinxiseries翻译n, Chen Jian乱成语jun, Zhang Zhining ancommunity是什么意思英语d other leaders explained the key content and work arrangement of lions Club community service respectively. Deheld过去式和过去分词ng Yi, Deputy Secretary General Fang Shilei and Chairmheld怎么读的an Wei Xinxin said that Shenzhen Lions Club would do m栾城天气预报ore within its power to better serve the community andseries是单数还是复数 society. They also expressed their gratitude to relevant departments for supporting this event. Chairmcommunity servicean Che栾城天气ncommunity是什么意思英语 Jianjun and Chairman Zhang Zhining jointly prservice和serve的区别oposedcommunity英语 to carry深圳疫情 out so六安城南疫情cial services with the concept of “standing in the commuceremony是什么意思nity, deriving from the needs”, so as to mlionsgateake the neighborhood more harmonious, the community more warm, and the services benelionsfit more shenzhen citizens.

At the scene of the activicommunity servicety,深圳 the community service Commi深证指数ttee awarded the community service flacommunity是什么意思英语g to the chairmen of the second district, the chairmen of the fourth, fifth and sixth districts, as well as the service teams that undcommunity怎么读音ertook and co-organized the commclub怎么读unity service, thanking them for their selflclubess dedication and a深证指数ctive participation in the community service.

Lead the lions a栾城nd the representatives of the service teams to launch this year’s community service activities. Next, the Commshenzhenunservice是什么故障灯ity Service Committee and the seseries函数用法rviccommunity复数e teams will go into many communities in Shenzhen to carry out relevant service activities, practicing the spirit of “Four out” around the annual theme of “Joy, Responsibility and Good Deeds”, doing a good job in social services, and continue to open up a broad sky inclubs the field of public welfare and charity.

Asceremony是什么意思 the first stop of the commheld的意思是什么unity service activity, this activity also got the strong support from the domestic bank Lianceremony的音标tang Branch andcommunity是什么意思 Shenzhen Sports Center. Do栾城mestic bank Liantang branch manager ding to community residents to spread the daily financial fraud anclub用英语怎么说d fraud may encounter, calling on the majority ofceremony和celebration的区别 community residents to sharpen their eyes, do not栾城北部新城规划图 give the opportunity to criminals. Shenzhen sports center she Junbiao professor foheld的意思是什么r the majority of lion friends and community masses to introduce the method of healthy exercise, expceremony的音标lain how to control the heart rate, to achieve the purseries是什么意思英语pose of scieseriesntific and effective heaservice是什么故障灯lthy exercise.

The scene of the activity was very lively. The community residents actively participated in the project they were interested in, studied secommunity是什么意思英语riously and communicate深圳市最新疫情d with the staff. Some participate in eye vision examcommunity怎么读音ination, some stop to understandservice是什么故障灯 the knowledge of fraud prevention, some queue up to receive community service brochures, some actively fill in the form tocommunity participceremony复数形式ate in the red action love blood donation, some actively participate in physical examination projects…… Lion friends also join in and improve themselcommunity是什么意思ves in learcommunity servicening.

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The family is the cell of society, and the community is the foundation of the nation. Shenzhen Lions Club Community Service Committee will lead all lion frie深圳疫情nds base深圳d on the community, pionseries翻译eering and innovative, through various forms of service content, to shine for the community selionsgatervice cause of Shenzhen.

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[Text] Sun Mingxia

[Photo] Chen Weiming

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Qiu Peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office


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