We are “super waiters”

We are “super waiters

On the afternoon of December 17th, 2016, the lions Club of Shenzhen held the financial traininsuperstarg and New Year’s Parsuperficialty of 2016-2017 in the big conference rosuper是什么意思om of thewaiter是什么意思中文 Lions Club office in Shenzhen. A total of 54 people attended the activity. The training was presided over by Zhanwaiter是什么意思中文g Shijun, head of the lecture group.

In the ice-breaking game, each service team finance in the game famiwaitersliar with each other and close the distance. Through the self-introduction of the financwaiter是什么意思ial staff of Shenzhen Lions Club office, the financial staff of eachwaiter是什么意思 service team knew more about the responwaiter是什么意思sibilities and division of each financial staff. Masuperiority Min, chief Financial Officer of Lions Club shenzhen 2016-2017, systematically trained the financial system and reimbursement process for the financial staff of each sersupermarketviwaitersce team, and explained in detasuper是什么意思il the transparent and efficient financial management mode, fiwaiters翻译nancial sysuperiorstem and working process of Lions Club Shenzhesuperiorn, as well as the mainsuperman content of the financial settlement center osupermef the district club.

During the training, Ma Min, chief Financial officer, positioned the roles and workwaiter是什么意思英语ing procedures of financial personnel in each service team. She said that the core of daily manwaiters翻译awaiter是什么意思中文gement of the service team is composed of the serviwaiters翻译ce team leader, secretary and finance. Finance is an important board member of the service team, the person in charge ofwaiter是什么意思翻译 fund and asset managwaiter是什么意思ement of the service team, andwaiter是什么意思 the main force of service supervision and stwaiter是什么意思英语andasuperiorrdized management. The finance department must work with the twaiter是什么意思翻译eam leader and the board to prepare the annual revenue and expenditure budget, collect membership dues, adminisuperficialstrative expenses and servicwaiters是什么意思e expenses, deposit them into the special account designated by each service team, and send the accountingwaiter是什么意思中文 receipts to tsupermanhe memwaiters翻译bers or donors issued by Lions Club shenzhen. Finance need to fill in all the finance approval sheet and keep the original vouchers, regularly check the execution of the budget situation, and a month for the service council and the standing council public finances, end of the month reconciliatiosuperjuniorn with shenzhen lions financial settlement center, the account do real consistent, and completes the transition of financial transfersupermarket formalities and annual financial reporsupermarketts.

In class, to participate in training is to know about the shenzhen lion lion friends membership fees, the source of the administrative and service expenditure, fundraising methods and purposes, storagsupercelle access, the specific situation of thwaiter是什么意思翻译e reimbursement bills, approval, and focus on the relationship between “LiangFei”, including: administrative funds can be carried forward for service funds use, service funds cannot be used to administrative expenses. The rewaiter是什么意思中文imbursement prsuper是什么意思ocess framework of the service team and the purpose and principles of raising service funds shall be in accordancewaiters翻译 with the provisions of Article 1 of the Administrativsupermee Measures on Raising and Using Service Fsupercellunwaiter是什么意思ds of The Domestic Lions Associatsuperion.

Afwaiters翻译twaiter是什么意思英语er the “supermarketdual-fewaiter是什么意思英语e” management, each service team has one U shield andsuperiority two accousupernts (service expense account and administrative expense account). The financial staff of Shenzhen Liwaiter是什么意思英语ons club demonstrated the opesuperration of login, transfer, inquiry and generating swaiters翻译tatements osuperf two banking systems through practical operation. Ma Min, chief Financiasuperstarl officer, suggested that the financial staff of the service team should grasp the new financialsuperstar reimbursement process of the online reimbursement service tsuperstaream’s financial account as soon as possible.

Training to understanwaiters是什么意思d thesuperficial mainwaiters翻译 financialsupermarket system ofwaiter是什么意思 Shenzhen Lions Club. At the same time, the financial dsuperficialepartment of the service team was advised to stop the deficit budget,waiter是什么意思英语 to stop the expenditure not approvesupermarketd bsuperjuniory the board of directors, to stop the leader from acting arbitrarily, to stop not following the rules, and to stop handing over financial negative numbers to the next term.

Each servicwaiter是什么意思e, after the financial have publishwaiters翻译ed comprehension, specificatsuperiorityion, legitimatwaiter是什么意思e, open, transparent lions club service of financial management is the cornerstone of sustainable development, and financial personnel is “super” waiter, with a sinceresuper love, high sense of respowaiters是什么意思nsibility and creativity to perform their duwaiter是什么意思英语ties, manage and use well, accept the supervision of the lions, friends and socsuperiorityiety.

[Text] Liu Jun, reporter of Shenshi News Agency

[Photo] Lin Wenjie, Office

[Editor] Shen Shi News Agency, Wan Chaolin, Zhasuperstaro Ansupermannie

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Offisuperiorityce

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