Shenzhen Lions Club Baoqing service team was established

Shenzhen Lions Club Baoqing service team was established

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The founding and charity auction of Shenzhen Lions Club baoqing Service Team was held at Hubei Mansion. Tservice怎么读he event iwash怎么读nvited 10 student representatives from the poor mountainous area of Shaoyang, Hunan province toestablished witness testablished怎么读英语he charity auction that night raised nearly 100,000 yuan.

Baoqing Service Teclubsam is mainly com深圳风险等级posed of entclub用英语怎么说repreneurslions读音 and caring people from Shaoyang, Hunan provteamsince. The founding leader, Mr. Chen Xiaoan, has 12 years of experience in social network resources and practical operation of Lions Club, chamber of Commerce and non-governmental charity organizations. Bawashoqing Service Team is the 128th se包青天之七侠五义rvice team of Lions Club of Shenzhen. Its service scope incluwasheddes helping students and the disabllion是什么意思ed, poverty alleviation, medical and health care, community selions是什么意思rvice, disaster relief and reconstructi包青天之七侠五义on, and socwassupial welfare and charity activities.

Oservice和serve的区别riginal link:Shenzhen Lions Club Baoqing service te包青天93版am was estwashingtonablished

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