Hunan Service Team: held the second regular meeting of 2017-2018

Hunan Service Team: held the second regular meeting of 2017-2018

On November 4, 2017, the second regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club huaxregularizationiang Service Team for 2017-2018 was successfully held in the conference room of Swire Asset Management Co., LTD., Nanshan District. Hua Xiang service team captain Yu Manwang, last captain Lai Minteambitiongfang, first vice captain Xu Youpingmeeting怎么读英语, second vice captain Li New Year, third vic湖南师范大学e captain Li Xiaofang, team captain Zhang Maintenance, secretarymeetings Xu Gehua, financial Li Yihua, general affairs Zheng Chaheld过去式和过去分词ngqing, picket Tang More xing, director Ling Da yun, Huang Fenservice的名词gge and otheregular的所有形式r 25 people atregularizationtended the meesecond怎么读tisecondng. The meetinservice是什么意思中文翻译g was chaired by Xu Youping.

Xu youping gave an introduction to t湖南科技大学he MAO Wen Zhong Shi Award, The Chinese Lion A湖南工业大学ward and the Chinese Lion Award, and proposed that the lion friends support the lioteamn work, actively pledge to donate the Chinese Lion Award anmeeting是什么中文意思d sign up for the New Year charupheldity evening.

Yu Manwang reported the work from August to October,team什么意思 and implemented the activities of caring for the disabled in November and the pheld是hold的什么形式revention of myopia into campus activities of enjoying the lion love ateamond Accurate Serregular反义词vice — Caring for the next generation of teesecondhandnagers series of student assistance services. Lai let convey the conference spirit, the party’s 19 introduced shenzhmeeting怎么读英语en lions annual work emphservice是什么故障灯asis, and points out that the social organizations shall adhere to湖南科技大学 the leadershsecond什么意思ip of the party, don’t forget to beginner’s mind, keep in mind the mission, under the corremeetingct leadership of the ci at home, to xi jinping, the new era of socialist thoughts as the instruction, practice lions “out” spirit, for building a well-off society in compassion. Li Yihua reported the financial income and expregular是什么意思英语enditure details forheld中文 the first quarter of this year. Li Xiaofang put forward comments and suggestions on lion work.

Afterwaheldenrds, all thmeeting的音标e participasecondlove日剧nts disservicebiocussed each service project and appointed the person in charge oteam是什么意思翻译f each project. By Li Xinnian docking Pingjiang County chengguan district care for the dissecondlyabled, poor familiesheld的原型 community activiserviceties; Ling Dayun docking wenregular什么意思gjiang Town nursing home care activities; MAO Xiaojuaregular的名词n docking guizhou Province left-behind children care activities; Li Yihua contacted cenchuan Nursing Home for the care of more thasecondaryn 100 lonely elderly; Huangfengge docking chengguan Town nursing home care activities; Li Jin docking changshou town nurteamprosing home care activititeams手机版es; Liu Xiangyang docking wengjiang town drinking water project to establish activities. Secretary Xu Gehua summedregular反义词 upregular的名词 the meeting.

The regular meeheldenting came to a successful end with warm applause. On the public welfare road, wmeeting是什么意思e were grateful to lion friends for their love of giving.

Article湖南工业大学/photo Contributed by Huaxservice怎么读iang Service Teateamviewerm

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