Light the lamp: Light the way back with love

Light the lamp: Light the way back with love

(This article is reprinted from the public account "Shenzhelamp的中文翻译n Prison")

Familieback翻译s of prisonerslove is gone英文翻译 are a special group. They often havbackupe heavy psychological burden and se蛙泳ldom receive attention from the society. Some of them are young but go through hardships, some are white-haired but helpless, and some have sons and daughters but have to live alone... To this end, The Tai 'an Service Team owaysf The Lions Club of Shenlampkeepzhen clovealarmooperated with Shenzhen Prison to carry out the "Liglampkeephting Project" service activity, and dlamponated 2,000 ylove最新版官方下载uan of sympathy money and care materials to each of 22 famlighthouseilies of prisoners in difficulty, and the service fundbackspace was 54,000 yuan.lamppost

"In the afternoon, my mother blampkeeprought my daughter tbackwardo visilovely翻译t me from our village in Dongguan, and I was happy. Four years in prison, you only see them once a year in the summer. Daughter clever clever, just learned to be admitted to the couback怎么读nty's key h蛙泳igh school. My mother is in her 70s and halightning接口s rheumatism and high blood pressure, but she can barely do some houseworklightroom手机版."

On July 2way是什么意思5, the criminal Ah Qlovely什么意思ian蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松g met with the police of the sub-district that night. When they interviewed him, hlove直直播appe gbackspaceave mixed answers:

"High school tuition, a sway是什么意思emester costs more蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松 than 1,000, my mother said I don't need to worry about. My wifbackbonee ran away in lesslovely什么意思 than a yearlove最新版官方下载 after I was arrested. I know thelamppost situation in my family and don't know how this tuitiolampn can be raised."

A Qiang committed a crime to serve his sentence in prison and was duly punwaysished, but his children should not be invoback怎么读lved alightningnd should not even be able to read books.

In fact, like a Strong family economic difficulties children school difficulties, more than one case.

Fo蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松r them, oloven the one hand, the prison prolampovides internal help, such as providing them with school and dalamp翻译ily necessities, reducing the financial burden of their familieslampkeep, etc.

On the otherlighter hlighthouseand, the prison actively clovely什么意思ontacted social organizationwayss, such as Shenzhen Volunteer Federation and Longgang District General Chamber of Commerce, to sbackgroundtrive for social forces to help th蛙泳em.

Recently, Shlight的反义词enzhen Prison cooperated with The Talight翻译i 'an Service team of Thelamp怎么读 Lions Club oback中文意思f Shenzhen to carry out the "Light up light" education activity, which providelovely翻译d care to the falampsmilies of prisoners inway怎么读 difficulty, abackspacend lit up the way for prilovely什么意思soners to return.

In the middle of August, the prison actively communicated witlamp翻译h the Tai 'an Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club and agreed on the plan of helping activities. Later, the prison carefully screened and accurately selected 27 prisonlampsers in the province whose minor children could not go to school becalighteruse their parents were old or seriously ill and had no abilibackwardty to work, and their spouses were divorced. Ah Qiang was among them.

In earlylighter September, each prison organized the prisoners to contact their familieloves and inforlightroom安卓版下载m them of the support plan. Twenty-four people, ilovely翻译ncludiback怎么读ng Ah Qiang, mlampsanaged to contact their families, who allamp翻译l agreed to receive help. The prison promptly informed the tai 'an service team of the relevant situation and issued relevant celight的反义词rtificates so that the service team could carry out its work.

Inways late September, more than 40 staff members of the Tai 'an Service team went to Shanwei, Heyuan, Dongguan and otherbackward places to carry out doorto door assistance activities, and sent consolation money and goods (2,000 yuan in cash蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松 and living and learning supplies for each family) to the families of prisoners in difficulty. At the same time, there are psychological dlight是什么意思octors follow-up, immediately openlampshadeed a mental health hotline for minors, long-term free counseling services for them.

On Octolightningber 14, Feng Shillamp怎么读iang, a prisway翻译on police offilamp是什么意思cer, attended the thlove直直播appird regular meeting of the tai 'anlovely翻译 Service Team from 2017 to 2018 to excwayshange informatlighthouseion on the development of the "Light up" help and education activities. Prison to the Tai 'an service team presented "light up, love boundless" banner to express gratitude, Tai 'an service team said willing to continue to carry out in-depth help and education activities.

Held on October 27, prilampkeepson education activity sum-up meeting "light beacon", "strong as a representback怎么读ative of the inmates by helping to speak:" the party and state, the slighterociety did not forget me and my family, thanks to the help and concern for family anlighthoused love, I will repalovelyy society with better results and perforwaysmance officer and concern for me ".

After the meeting, the Correctional and Penal Affairs Office of the Prison and the Tai 'a蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松n Selove is gone英文翻译rvice team communicated with each other on continuing to help famililamp什么意思中文名字es in need, inviting families of pbackrisoners in need to walk into high walls for reunions, and promotingway是什么意思 employment of released prisoners, and reachedback中文意思 a preliminary agreementlamp怎么读.

Practice of fundamental security concept, "open the door to do a good job in the prison", we will create all conditions, ma蛙泳ke socialamp什么意思中文名字l education stlove直直播apprength, corwayporate power, administrative power and enthusiasticback怎么读 group, enthusiasts into the prison, "use", vigorously promote cohesion and tracking of make-work, regression, the reway怎么读novation work, to return to thbackgrounde society, actualllightroomy reduce crime again.wayward

Feng Shiliang

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