Four places lion friends together to learn, exchange and grow together -- Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and Sichuan lion friends exchange activity was held smoothly

Four lion friends together to learn, exchange and grow together

-- The Shenzhen-Beijing, Shanghai-Sichuan Lion Friends Exchange activity was successfully held

August 25 ~ 26, 2017, & NBSplaces的中文Ptogetherbnb游戏下载安卓; Lion friends from Beijing, Sigrow怎么读语音chuan, Zhejiang andtogetherbnb游戏下载安卓 other places ruplaces的英语怎么读shedlion怎么读 to Shenzhen from all directions to participate in the four places of Shenzhen, Beijilearn的用法ng, Sichuan, Zhejiang lion friends exchange organized by thefriends什么意思中文 Shenzhen Lions Club step up service tealionm.

On the aflion的中文意思ternoon of 25tfriends美剧h, 15 lion friends fgrowsrom Zhejifourthang repfriends美剧resentative organizaplaces翻译tion深圳疫情最新消息s arrived in Shenzhen under the leadership of Li Qun. Tian Wangxing, 2017-2018 president ofgrow翻译 Shenzhen Lions Club, Chgrow怎么读en Shaohua, mentor, Zhang Luoning, leader of Shangbu Service team and other lion friends attended the welcome d深圳疫情最新动态innegrow是什么意思r to exprefourteenss theirlearning warm welcome and thanks to zhejiang lion friendgrowings.

On the moexchange服务器怎么填rning of 26th, sasa, Zhang Kun, Zhu Jilang and Zhejiang Shiyou went to Shenzhen Bay Park to carry out the "Love the Earth, Breathe deeply" shexchangedenzhen Bay hiking activity, helping the sanitatiofourronn workers to clean up the countryside hit by typhoon Hato. Lion friends braved the hot sun, clean up the garbage in the beach stone crevices, clean up the beach. After that,grow翻译 the lion friends stafriends翻译rted the 4 km hiexchange用法及搭配king activity with happy mood, measutogether怎么读ring the beauty of Shenzhen Bay with their feet. Then, lion friends went to youth station, under the leadership of Wei Zhijun to visit the youth station, understand the operation mode of youth station.

On the afternoon of 26th, liu Zili, leader of sichuan Representative pplaces音标anda Service Team, alionelnd Yin Yan, leader of Befriends美剧ijing reprlearn和study的区别esentative Panda Service team arrived with the lion friends as promised. More than 60 people gathered at wanka Space of Aviation Building to open the exchange meeting. Tian Wangxlions英语怎么读ing, chairman of shlearn的用法enzhen Lions Club 2places翻译017-2018, Lin Tao, chairman of the secfriends什么意思中文ond zone Guo Yongyong, mentor Wu Zewei, Lifour怎么读ao Maohua, Li Wenqiu, Chen Shaohua, Yitilion的中文意思an service team captain Ru Kexin, former captain Cui Ming, Shangbu service team founder Wang Bo and other 8 former captains and this year's captain Zhang Luoning attendedlearnt the exchange meeting. The meeting is ch深证指数aired byfour Tong Xin.

Wang Bo shared his elionkkxperience and feelings about the founding of the team. Huang Min explained the lions Club International Folions英语怎么读undation and mervyn Bell Members. Liao Huiwen introduced the responsibilities of team leader; Zhang Kun talked about hoexchange短语w to have a good monthly meeting. Wefourthi Zhijun introduce深圳疫情最新动态d the "Youth Relay Station" service project; Huang Min introduced the "Brightening Action" service project; Ng zak Wai explainlearn的过去式s how to raise money at lions Club... Lion friends froplaces怎么读音m other places alsplaceso bexchangerought wonderful shalion的音标ring: Zhang Ziyue from Beijing Chaoyang Service team shared "four怎么读growing in service"; Li Qun of Zhejialearnng Qunxin Service team explained "the importanclearninge of member development in service team"; Zeng Jian of sichuan Panda Service team brought "challenges and opportunities in the development of the team".

In the past 15 years, with the efforts of all lions club members and the previous captains, the splaces of interesthangbu Servicefriends用英语怎么说 Team has gradually formed alearn的用法 unique service team culture, and became the first 200% Merman Zhongshi award service team in China on the 100th anniverfriends用英语怎么说sary of ltogetherbnb攻略ions Club internation深圳大学al. Shangbu service team has the responsibility to promote lion culturfoure and service concept, and also has the spirlearningit of "we serve"lion是什么意思, encouraging lion frieexchange用法及搭配nds to serve for lion friends and the society, and promoting the continuous progrefriends怎么读ss, development and plionsrogress olionsf thelion复数 lion club family thrfourronough communication and learning.

Article/photfriends翻译o & have spent Step upfour是什么中文 service team contributions

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