The lions Club of Shenzhen 2017 — 2018 Annual tribute and 2018 — 2019 Inaugural Ceremony before and behind the stage

Because love so wonderful

— Behind the scenes of the Lions Club’s 2017-2018 tribute and 2018-2019 inainauguralugur深圳天气al Ceremony

The 2017-2018 tribute ceremony and 2018-2019 inauguration ceremony of Lions Club Shenzhen深圳天气 ended on July 31, 2018. Ma Min, president of Lions Club Shenzhshenzhenen, took oveinaugural翻译r t深圳市最新疫情he responsibility from Tian Wangxing, presi深圳疫情最新消息dent of Lions Club Shenzhen, and will lead the club to “share the new generation of lions with the new momentum of lion Show”. The magannual英语怎么读nificent plion是什么意思icture of solemnity and grandeur still remains in many深圳疫情 lion friends’ minds. Following the footstclubseps of reporters from Shenzhen Lion News Agency, let’s get close to the backstage of the ceremony and thclub翻译e c深圳地铁线路图eremony to feel different wonderful.

Early in the morning of July 30, the advance team of深圳天气 the preparatory group has been in the exhibition center of the fifth hall. Time flies. When the exhibition booths in the outer field were almost finished,inaugural address the sky was getting dark. At this time, hall 5 looked like a huge sauna due to the lack of air cond深证指数itioning. The lionesses cut the flowers separately深圳疫情最新动态 in the outfield and tied them into beautiful guest bouqu深圳ets. The Lionesses carried theinauguraladdress课件ppt flowerclubmed官网预订s on their shoulders in the infield and climbed up and down to buildtribute是什么意思 the stagetribute结尾的单词 and adjust the lighting. Their clinauguraladdress课件pptotheinaugural addresss were soaked with sweat and tinauguralhey wished they could work ilion是什么意思中文翻译n a vacuum. The lion friends were busy until 4am. After a short rest, the first group of people showed up at 8:30am on the 31st to check the details again. When etribute词根词缀veryone walkinauguraladdress课件ppted into the venue to see the magnificent stage, these lion friends who had worked hard the night before felt very satisfied.

Shenzhen is a pioneer of reform and openinlion是什么意思g up in China. Shenzhen lioclubns as a lion in the domestic first,深圳天气 try to blaze new trails, ha深圳疫情最新动态ve the courage to bear the vanguard, laboratories, the lilion是什么意思ons in domestic develannualsopment first, flions怎么读irst try proper role, lions can take root and blossom in shenzhen, can become the life-blood of sheninaugural翻译zhen construction of a harmonious society, it cannot leave shenzhen lions lead and inheritance of the深圳天气 President. At tattributehe ceremony, 14 past presidents of Shenzhen Lions club were present to receive their cannuallyomclub翻译pliments froannual英语怎么读m President Tian Xitribute结尾的单词ng and President Ma Min on behalf of all lions club minauguralembers. At the moment when all the presidents stood on the stage, we seemed to feel the pulse of the development of Shenzclub是什么意思hen Lions Club. We deeply u深圳地铁线路图nderstood that only pe深圳风险等级rsevertribute是什么意思ance can move forward, and only inheritance can be strong. We firmly believe that under the leadership of the passionate, intelligent and beautiful Pr深圳天气esident Ma Min深圳疫情最新消息, Shenzhen Lions club will eventually lead to a more brilliant tclubmed官网预订omannual的名词orannual造句row!  

Just into the 60 years of Presiclubmed官网预订dent Tian Wangxing, see members o深圳疫情最新消息f the couclubman是什么牌子车ncil team dressed in military uniform, bruannualssh appeared in front of his eyes, all gorgeous wordstribute怎么读 are pale, but moved. “I think of myself when I was 18,” he said with emotion. Yes, once a teenager to nclub用英语怎么说ow a 60-year-old old man, always adhering to thlions翻译中文e purpose of “helping others and serving the society”, through many spring, summer, autumn and winter, experienced many ups and d深证指数owns. The olive green, a symannual的名词bol of responsibility and justice, pusinaugural addresshed the party to the climax. The elegant military uniform, the valiant military salute and the military feelings higher than the sky and wider than the sea drew a perfect ending for President Tian Wangxing’s dedicaannual英语怎么读tion tannual的名词o the yearlion是什么意思 2017-2018.

From the venue layout to the reception of non-local lion friends, from the party prinaugural翻译ocess to thelion是什么意思中文翻译 site management, all reannual同义词flecannual怎么读t the eclubmanlaborate planning oclub怎么读f the preparatory group of the conference. Shi Brother Guo Yongyong, the general coordinator, led the members of the preparatory group, after many preparatory meetings, exchanges and collisions, in every detailinaugural是什么意思, anclubd strive to fix positions, positioning and personnel. Whe深圳n the lion friends came in and sat down to watch the ceremony, the organizing group, the picket group, the party execution group,tributes the publiannual是什么意思city group and other preparatory groups continued to be busy in the field深圳大学. We staggered the time to grab a few lunch boxes and returned to the scene. When we were tired, we would find a corner to sit on the floor, rest for a while and tinaugural是什么意思hen return to their work. The preparation team did their best to make the ceremony perfect. The performance of the art troupe also added luster to the ceremony, which amazed the lion friends. When the ceremony ended and lion friends left the ventribute翻译ue, the administrative team and district club officers remainauguraladdress课件pptined on site to finish the work, p深圳大学ack up and t深圳地铁线路图ransport all the remaining mainaugural翻译terials back to the district club. No matter what your statusclubman是什么牌子车 is, no matter how old you are, because we have a common name – “lion frtribute是什么意思iends”. If thereclub is an answer to why such a groutribute翻译p of people do everything without any reward, I think it is because of love.  

The triannual怎么读bute ceremony and inauguration ceremony have come to a successful conclusion, and the new Lion year has begun. Thlion是什么意思中文翻译is article ends with part of Annie Lion Sister’s poem “A Century of Love, A New Lion” :tribute结尾的单词

Spring, stributeummer, autumn and winter 16 years, 5840 days and nights

New Lion era, standing at a new starting point, build a more clear drelions英语怎么读am road

Let’s move forward together

Let the lion’s love blossom everywhere in the world

Ginauguraladdress课件pptather all hearts, all wisdom and all strength

Jointly create a path of public welfare andtributes charity with domestic characteristics

Lion show new momentum, share the new lion generation!

Shen Shi News Agency jiang Xiezinauguraladdress课件ppthen, Zhao Wei, Chen Meihclub是什么酒ong, Zhao Annie

[images]Shenshi News Agency Shenzhen Lions Club Oannual翻译ffice

[Editor] Office Ma Huijuan, Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Offiinauguralce

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