Strengthening system, Re-implementing and improving efficiency -- Shenzhen Lions Club held the seventh Board of Supervisors in 2021-2022

On April 15, 2022, the seventh Supervisory Board meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022 was held in Civilization House, Nanyou Third District, Zhanjiang City. Thimproving翻译e participants sorte人道大圣d out the annual work of theclubman是什么牌子车 Board of Superv深圳大学isors and improved the system of the Board of Supervisors based on the actual work.

Ten members of Shenzhen Lions Club, including Tian Xingwang, Deng Ysystem是什么意思i, Secretary Gclubseneraclubmedl of the Board of Supervisors, Li Chunping, Wang Haiyan, Yu Hui, Wu Zhijian, Huang Shaofang, Zhclubang Zheqin and Wang Xuebo, attended the meeting, which was presided overrespect by Tian Xingwang.

The participating supervisors comprehensively sorted out t深圳疫情最新动态he work of the Board of Supervisors this year by focusing on the work of the Board of Supervisors, the operasysteminfotion of Shenzhen Lions Clionslub, the self-constructiimplementingon of the Bo任嘉伦ard of Supervisors and the eefficiency是什么意思英语xisting problems. As the supervisory blionsody of Sheclubmannzhen Lions Club, the board of Supervisors has the respoefficiency翻译nsibility to exercise its power independently in accordance with the law and protect the legitimate rights and interests of Shenzhenclub用英语怎么说 Lions Club and its members.人生若只如初见 Supervisor Tian Xingwang believes that the work report of the Board of Supervisors should be objective, fair, true and accurate to reflect the work of the Board of Supervisors and the operation of Shenzhen Lions Club. Secretary Gener深证指数al Zhou Zhihui will suimproving怎么读pplement and improve the深圳大学 content of the report according to the responsibilities entrusted to the Board of Supervisors by the Charter of Shenzhen Lions Clubstrengthening怎么读, and submit the report to the next bclub是什么酒oard of Supervisors for deliberation.

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Afte深圳天气rwards, the participants studied theefficiency和effectiveness的区别 Befficiency怎么读oard of Superv深圳大学isors system of Guangdong Lisystematicons Club and discussed the relevant provisions of the Board of Supervisors System of Shenzhen Lions Club. In order to find ways to solve practical problems and improve the qulions读音ality and efficiency of supervision, everyone actively thought and expressed their opinions, and fi人民币汇率nally formed a relatively unified revision opinio深圳疫情n. At the same time,efficiency中文 the chief supervisor stressed the seriousnesysteminfoss asystem32可以删除吗nd effectivenesslions的音标 of the rules and regulation人民日报谈天价彩礼s, ssystem怎么读aid that the arefficiency中文ticles of association and work rules on the board of supervisors on the relevant expression of the amendment.

In order to strengthen the communication with the competent units, the Board oefficiency是什么意思f Supervisors will i人生若只如初见nvite the leaders of shenzhen Disasystem是什么程序bled P深圳地铁线路图ersons' Federation to have a discussion an深圳大学d exchange, reporlion是什么意思中文翻译t the work situation and problems of the board of Supervisors, and fully list深圳地铁线路图en to the guidance of the leaders of the competent units on the wolions怎么读rk of the Board of Supervisors of Shenzhen Lefficiency怎么读ions Club.

Mr. Tian expressed his gratitude to the supervisors foimplementing翻译r their constant support and eff人民日报谈天价彩礼orts, anshenzhend to President Li Chsystemunpiclubmed官网预订ng for her thoughtful arrangements人民币汇率 and warm hospitality. He pointed out that every board of supervisors is a collision of ideas, an accumulation of experience, hopeimplementing翻译 that everyone continue to deepen their work, solid performance of duty.

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The shclubman是什么牌子车ort visit to Zhanjiang enhanceclubman是什么牌子车d thstrengtheninge friendimplementing是什么意思ship betwee深圳天气n the s人世间电视剧upervisorsefficiency怎么读 and deepened their understaclub用英语怎么说nding of the work of the Board of Supervisors. After arriving insysteminfo Shenzhen, Tian Wangxisystem32ng, chlionsief supervisor, tang Haozhi, Zhu Feng and other supervisors discussed and exchanged the contents of the meeting again.

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[Text] Lin Yanfen

[Photo] Lin Yanfen

【 Edi深圳t 】 Ma Huijuan Hu & NBSP; gefficiency和effectiveness的区别rey深圳疫情

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shlionsenzhen Lions Club Office

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