28 outstanding poor students were subsidized by Shenzhen Lions Club in Xianyou

28 outstanding poor students were subsidized by Shenzhen Lions Club in Xianyou

2019深圳大学-03-20 09:42:33   poor是什么意思中文   Source: Putian Evening News

Original title: Shenoutstanding和excellent区别zhen Lions Club enters Xianyou 28 outstanding poor students receive financial aid

March xianyou love surging, warm as sprilion是什么意思中文翻译ngsubsidized. On the afternoon of March 15, 2019, the sigoutstanding是什么意思英语ning and handover ceremonwerey of Shenzhen Lions Club Datong Service Team Xianyostudents是三单吗u (Sunshine Talent) was held in tpoorhe conference room on the first floor of Xianyou County Education Bureau. Twenty-eight outstanding poor students from four high schools, including Xianyou No.1 Middle School and Ov深圳疫情erseas Chinese Middle School, were helped by the caring people of Shenzhen Lions Club. Eac深圳天气hclubman是什么牌子车 of these poor students received 5,000 yuan per year fooutstanding是什么意思英语r three consecutive years until they were admitteclub怎么读d to university.

It is reported that Shenzhen Lions Club is a social and civil charity service organization established on Aprilpoor翻译 2, 2002. It has the independent corporate qualification and is rated as 5A social organization by Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. Adheoutstanding和excellent区别ring to the principle of “indelionsgatependent operation and independent creationweren’t怎么读英语“, the charity group has carried out a series of social welfare and charity activities in the fields of medical treatment, disaster relief, dioutstanding是什么意思英语saster relief, disability assistanlions读音ce, education, poverty alleviation and environmental protectwereion, centering on the purpose of “helping others and serving the society”. According to shenzhen lions datonclub翻译g soutstanding翻译ervice Chenclubman是什么牌子车 Mingjian President, he is a list of xianywereou head purple jersey, while doing business in shenzhen for a long time, but not our hearts xianyou education career, he lwere翻译earned that there are soclub翻译me outstanding poverty xianyou students last year due to family economic difficulties facing to drop out of schoolclub翻译, just want to bclub用英语怎么说ack student assistants, under the bridge of love people Fu Cailiang, From xianyou Zeng Demei loutstanding和excellent区别ove student asstudents是单数还是复数sociation to know that a batch of oclubmanutstanding poverty students archives, and shenzhen lions love togetoutstanding翻译her then, back to xianyou county deeply each XiangZhen Villageshenzhen visitingstudents英语怎么读 survey for many times, finally decided to 28students怎么读 funded the excellent high school students from poverty, family difficulties, to help them complete their studies smoothly.

It is reported that the outstandinoutstanding前面加a还是ang poor students will be requiredlion是什么意思中文翻译 toclubs rank in the top 25 of tsubsidizedhwere什么意思eir class. If their grades drop below that, they will lclubsose their eligibility for the aid. Chen mingjian said that the purpose of the pair is to inspire these outstanding students to work hard, ststudentsudy hard, and aspire to success, rather than rest on their laurels. Of course, they can undersoutstanding翻译tand tweren’that only good character can be helped,clubman是什么牌子车 so that they can finish high school successfully. In addition to providing finalions读音ncial aid to these outstanding studewere的否定形式nts, the caring volunteers of L深圳疫情ions Club shenzhen also talked with the pairs of students, bringing them spiritual nutrition — spiritual encouragement, encourwere怎么读英语aging them to face difficulties strongly, study hard, and grow up. The slion是什么意思中文翻译tudents said thatstudents的中文 they would cheroutstanding是什么意思英语ish the hard-won opportunity to turn the lions club’s love for them into a powerful motivation and give back to tstudents的中文he society aftepoor反义词r learnwere翻译ing. “Today we are recipients, tweren’tomorropoor名词w we will become donors”outstanding同义词.

Shenzhen Lions Cluoutstanding翻译b is a branch of Lions Club Ilionsgatenternatishenzhenonal, which was founded深圳大学 in 1917 by Melvin Jones and is the largest service organization in the wclubmanorld. There are 48,000 cluclub翻译bs and 1.5 million members worldwidelions是什么意思. The memb深圳疫情最新消息ership is distributed in 209 countries. Headquaoutstandingrteredwere怎么读 in the United States.

Responsibility: United Network

Originwere和was的区别al link:28 outstanding poor students were subsidized by Shenzhen Lions Club in Xianyou

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