See litter act love my home

See the “garbage” act.   Love my home

On March 17, the fourth litter activity oractiveganized by shenzhen Lions Club’s 2018-2019 Environmental Service Committee was held at Shenzhen Bay Park. Nearly 100 people signed uplove直播软件安卓下载 for this activity, which was div麻衣神婿ided into six teams to slitterbugerve in different areas, and collected a total of 48.05 kilograms of garbage.

At 8:30 inaction the morning, the captains gathered at the subway entrance inlovely翻译 advance. After a tense division of labor, grouping, distri卖油翁bution of supplies and slove直播手机版app下载ign-in, groups of big lions and smalovely翻译ll lions set out in six ways to pick up more garbaglovely什么意思e in the limited time.

Look, our team of cubs started tractuallyying after seeing the big lionhomes pick up the first litter. From small cigarette butts at first,seem to large plastic strips and various plastic products later picked up, the little lions began to have a clearer understanding of galove直播破解版rbage sseetongorting and the extent of our environmental pollution. The cubs美颜相机 started out aloneseesaw, but whehomeworkn they found thlovely什么意思at they were more efficient in groups, thseetonge clever cubs began to form their own teams. Leo cubs are difact是什么意思ferent in age, perlovely什么意思sonality and hobbies, but in a short perioactuallyd of time, they can form a group for a common goal, and after forming a group, the米游社y take care of each other, solidarilitter英语怎么说ty and love. This makes the organizers feel gratified. A volunteer activity not only brings the children a sense of carilitter英语怎么说ng for the environment, but also exercises the childracthen’s sociaactivelyl skills and tsee的过去式eamwork skills, which will affect their whole life.

As the activity drew to a close, the cubs becamelitter可数吗 more awarlittere of whseeere the rubbish was. The cubs found g梅艳芳arbage in sseeyouome p美元汇率破7意味什么laces that were not easy to find, and learned morehomesick deeply that many people still do not pay attention to the problem of garbage poactionllution. Under rocks, under boards, are “good” places to hide gaactive是什么意思rbage. As everyone knows, duhome是什么意思e to a moment of laziness, we did notact throw the garbage inlove is gone英文翻译 the garba卖油翁ge can a few steps away, which will affect tlitter翻译he natural environment we rely on for survival. I believe that through this activity, the little lions have a clearer understanding of tlitter英语怎么说he severity of environmental pollution, in thlitter英语怎么说e future of daily life more care for the environment.

After the activity, the little lions learned to distinguish the beautiful birds in shenzhen Bay. Birds live in the sea, and whether many live in an area is ahomefacialpro good test oseesawf the environment. Teachers teach children how to identify birds, which helps them identif美颜相机y pollution levels more easiseeklyhometown and quickly.

Shenzhen lions supervisors aseekny salary from 2018 to 2019, such as, environmental services committee chairman wang, chenggang frolovelym red, blue sky, xili, yantian service representatives of lion friend, guangdong lions what slitter怎么读音ervice the lion, friends and family members of oct wetland nature of the school’s volunteer teachers alitter和few的区别nd air baoan dishome键在哪trict of shenzhen cihomework是可数名词吗ty school eight years a group of teachers and students to participate in activities such as parents.

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Zeng Meixiang,love is gone英文翻译 Liang Yidong, Zhanhomelessg Yanbiao, Wanglovely Chenzilu, Wenya, Zhseeyouu Xihua

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions C每月25号发工资意味着什么lub Office

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