The inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 election of Jiangshan Service Team was successfully held

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-- The inauguration ceremony for the 2017-2018 election of the Jiangshan Service Corps was successfully held

On September 16, 2017, the inaugural ceremony of jiangshan Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in Jingji Jingdu Hotel, Luohu District. The 2017-2018 president of Shenzhen Lions Club Tian Xingwang, the chairman ofteams the fifth Zone Nie Xiangdong, the chairmen of the sub-zone Ye Zi and Wen Yaoli, the deputy leader oinaugural是什么意思f the Guide Lion Club Qi Keli姜杉n, Jiangshan Service team leader Li Jinling, last teservice和serve的区别am leader Yang Chunxia, first vic江上寄巴东故人是谁的作品e captain Wang Qiang, second vice captain Liu Baijing, third vice captain Zhang Yaozhen, secretary B江上渔者ian Dexu, finance Du Juan and other jiangshan service teinaugural是什么意思am lion friends, lion friends representatives of the servicewashington tservice是什么意思eaelection翻译m and caring people from all walks of life, a total of more than 200 people attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired byservice翻译 Wceremony造句ang Qiang and presided over by Chen Zhiyong, Xie Lu Xingdan, Hu Diinaugurale and Ai Li.

Wang Qiang rang theteambition bell to annceremony复数形式ounce the start of the ceremony and deli姜珊vered a welcome spewasteech. Yang Chunxia introduceinauguraladdress课件pptd theceremony造句 guests and leaders of the lion friends. Yang Chunxia, the former team leader, summservice和serve的区别arized the main work of Jiangshan Service Team from 2016 to 2017, and reviewed the highlights of jiangshan Service tteambitioneam's participation in the Red Actioteampron, assisting the disabled and helpwasping students in the fowasprm of piserviceablectures. Subsequently, Yang Chunxia, the last captain of jiangshan Service team outstanding lion friend award for awards.

At the handover ceremony, in tian江山如此多娇 Wangxing, Nie Xiangdong, WenYao li andteambition other leaders lion friends and guests witness, Yang Chunxia will be the captceremony的名词ain of the ribbon and the staff handed over to Li Jinling. Tian Wangxing, president of ccPIT Xiamen presented the president's flag and badge to Captain Lee Jin-ling. Subsequentlceremony复数形式y, the new members of the board of Jiangshan Service Team read the inaugural coservice怎么读mmitment under the leadership ofinaugural address课文ppt President Nie Xiangdong and received the appointmeservice和serve的区别nt letter issued by Captain Li Jinling. Under the leadership of President Wan Yiu-lai, twassuphe new lion meceremony和celebration的区别mbers made a pledge telection怎么读o join the club and received a badge from President Tian Weng.

Li Jinling, the new team leader, delivered her inaugural speech and introduced the annual work plan. She said that the service team would continue to carry out threelectione daliang Mountain educatioinauguraln projecwas是什么意思t this year, focusing on the educateamstiserviceableon activities and participating in thewash怎么读 diabetes education activities in the fifth zone.

This event wasceremony sponsorwasheded andteampro supservice是什么意思中文翻译ported by many lion frceremony的名词ienwasds and enterpriseelection是什么意思s. Captain Li Jinling awarded MEDALS to enterprises and individuals who donated money and mateelection是什么意思rials enthusiastically.

Presideceremony用什么介词nt Tian Xingwang thanked Yang Chunxiaservice for her contribution to jiangshan Serwashedvice Team, and looked forward to Li Jinling leading the service team tservice是什么意思中文翻译o achieve more achievements, passing on positive energy and inheritinwas是什么意思g great love.

By Wang Qin

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