South China Sea Service Team: the third council and regular meeting of 2017-2018 was held smoothly

South China Sea Service Team: the third council and regular meeting of 2017-2018 was held smoothly

On September 6th, 2017, the third councisouth翻译l meeting of Shenzhen Lions South China Sea Service Team for 2017-2018 was held in Hall 1D 66, Building E4, Zone E, TCL Sciregular反义词ence Park, Nanshathird什么意思n District. Cao Yingwang, chairman of tthirdlyhe third district of Shenzhen Lions Club, Ma Feng, captain of the South China Sea Service Team, Lregularlyi Fengzhou, First vice captain, Liang Peilin, third vice capteamviewertain lei Sicheng, secretary Xu Jthird什么意思un, Finance Liu Jie, General affairs Cao Hregular的所有形式uajun,council词根 picket Chen Zhixiangmeetingtencentcom, directors Zhang Wanchun, Li Yong and other 15 people attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Ma Feng.

At the council meeseasonting, Captain Ma Feng inteamstroduced the "most beautteamiful Sanitation Worker" prregular的名词oject initiateservice和serve的区别d by Tien Service Team and the educational aid project of Longhua Township, Nanksouth africaang District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Provsouthplusince sponsored by the main association Servicechina意思 team, and appealed to lion friends to participate actively. The council members deliberated and passed the resoluthirdtion of investing 10,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan rcouncilespectively for the two service activities as co-organizing service funds. &nsea是什么意思翻译bsp;

At the regulthird什么意思ar meeting, Secretary Xu Jun summarized the project of the old book mobile station and reported the progsouthplusress of the activity of collecticouncilsng 3,500 books so far. He thanked everyone for their effortthirds and said that he would contserviceinue to set up mobile stations to influence more people to particiregular翻译pate in the activity. Finance Liu Jie introduced the expenses of the launching ceremony of the second-hand book circulation station and pointed out that non-essential expenses should be gradually reduceregularlyd in the activities. Captain Ma Feng introduced the preparation of the old books Movemservice是什么意思中文翻译ent Station (Duoli Statteams会议ion) organized by The Taishan Service Team, and proposed to carry out a condolence activity for the disabled in guangdong Zhikang Center before the Mid-Autumn Festival.

After the meeting, we dined in Lseasoniuliu Restaurant and tasted coconut chicken and other special dishes.

Article/photo Contributed by South China Sea Service Team

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