Pass lion love to Light up the light - The Committee for Preventing and helping the Blind, together with hongyang and Shenzhen Bay Service team, sent light to 80 patients

Pass on the lion's love and light up

-- The Prevention and Assistance Committee of Blindcommittee和commissionness, together with Hpassportongyang and Shenzhen Bay Servicup是什么意思呢e team, sent light to 80 patients

From September 26 to 28, 2017, more than 30 lion friends and future liblindlyon friends from Hongyang and Shenzhen Bay Service teacommitteem came to Caotan Town,upset Suixi County, Zhanjiang city to perform free cataract surgery for 80 local poor cataract patients, and the service fund was 120,000 YUAN. At the event, CAI Min, chairman of shenzhen Lions Club blindness Prevention and AIDS Comuppermittee, donated a pair ofpreventing是什么意思 post-operation uv protection sunglalion怎么读sses to eachupgrade of 80 poolight的反义词r cataract patients, and promised to donate 100,000 YUAN to shenzhen Lions Cluup是什么意思呢b Blindness Prevention and AIDS Committee, which will help each service team to carry out "Bright action" and other blindness prevention and AIcommittee造句DS service activities.

On the afternoon of 26th, more than 30 lion frlionsiends and doctors came to caotan Town health center. With the cooperation of town officiallighters and health centerupper personnel, villagers with cataracts were organized efficiently and orderly to change clothes, register, arrange the number, drop medicine before surgery and other preparationslovely翻译. Lion friends carefully sent eachup patient tpassword什么意思o the operating room, successfully compllovely翻译eted the cataract surgery, each patient bapass掉ck to their families.

A ceremony to uncover gauze for 80 poor cataract patients after surgery was held in caotan Town health center square on The morning of Octocommittee中文意思ber 28. Leaders and reprcommittee是单数还是复数esentatives of Lions club of Shenzhen, doctors and experts from various supporting units, officialup主s of Caotlight是什么意思an Town, Caotan Disabled Perlove直播手机版app下载sons' Federation and caotan Town Health Center alovelyttended the ceremony. Withelpingothersmakesmehappyh the heupsetlp of doctors,light的反义词 lion friends slowly remove the gauze for the patipassportents' eyes, and patients to share the joy of seeing again after surgercommittee怎么读y, and communicate with the patients kindly, sent to tup是什么意思呢he lion club's clovealarmare alove最新版官方下载nd warmth.

At tpassword什么意思he ceremony, Chairman CAI Min personblind名词ally donated a pair of post-operation uv protective sunglasses to 80 poor cataract patients. The elderly coulightningld not hide their joy and gratitude and expressed their gratitude to the lion friends. Chairman Pan Zhiping patiently explained postoperative eye care knowledge to the patients. To better promote the international lions club to enter the mapreventinginland's first domestic brand service projectblind名词 - "apreventingttencommittee和commissionded" in-depth development of service activities, help more visually impaired patients restore vision, Cai Min President promised to shenzhen lions donation of 100000 yuan on tcommittee和councilhe spot, to support the blindness to help blind committee to developpassenger "attended" and the service such as blindness to helblinders翻译p blind servicommittee翻译ce activities.

The success of the "Light Walk"password public welfare activity is inseparable from the cooperation andupon selfless efforts of ophthalmologistup主, medical staff, local leapassageders and lion friends. I hope that more and more people will continue to support this actipass掉vity,lovealarm anupstairsd light up everyone's tiny fuponlame, shining all over the land of China.

This "Bright Trip" servicelovealarm activlionity not only received strong supcommittee怎么读poblindnessrt and assistance from the officials of Caotan Town, Caotan Disabledlions Perupdatesons' Federation and Caotan Town healtlionsh center, It has also receivedlove stronblind是啥意思g support from medical units such as the Third People's Holovelyspital of Dongguan City, the First Affiliated Hospblind是啥意思ital of Dongguan Univershelping.是什么意思ity, Shanxi Eye Hospital, The Second People's Hospital of Shenzhen City, Dongguan Dongfeng Peupsetople's Hospital and Dongguan Huasha Eye Holionspital, and sent professional doctors to participate in service activities. The Lions Club of Guangdong also participated in the on-site scommitteeervice activities.lion的音标

Zeng Shiyang, secpassportretary general of Shenzhen Lions Club, CAIlovealarm Min, chairman of The Committee on Preventing and helping Blindness, Pan Zhiping, Lin Bo, Zheng Xianping, exupecutivhelpingeupset chpass掉airmenblindness, Chen Xusheng and Hong Yang, members of shelion翻译nzhen Bay Service team, more than 30 lion friends and futurelovealarm lion friends attended the service activity.

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[Photo] Prpassengerolionkkvided by Hongyang and Shencommittee是什么意思zhen Bay Service Team

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

[Issued] Shelionsnzhcommitteesen Lions Club Office

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