Blue Sky Service Team: held the ninth regular meeting and election meeting of 2017-2018

Blue Sky Service Team: held the ninth regular meeting and election meeting of 2017-2018

On April 11, 2018, the 9th regular meeting and recommenskype安卓手机版dation meetinheldeng of Shenzhelectionen Lions Club Blue Sky Service teregular是什么意思英语am for 2017-2018 was held in Jingdu Hotel, Luohu District. Gu Weixia, theskyworth是什么牌子 team leadeheld怎么读的r, Wang Yan, the last team leader, Huang Junping, the first vice captain, Zhang Cheng, the team leader, Zhong Bin, Lin Zhenyu, Liang Qun, themeeting是什么中文意思 gensky直播eral affairs, Lu Bing, Ku Yahui and otservice是什么意思her members attended the mteamviewereeting. Dielection是什么意思stinguished guests Zheng Shaoqun and Wang Zhen attended the meetinheldg. The meeting was chaired by Gu Weixia.

Financial LinZhenninthyu reported the service funds and administrative funds of the latest month of income and expenditure. Gu Weixia summarized the recent actiregular的所有形式vities thteambitionat the service team participated in, such as targeted povermeeting怎么读英语ty alleviation in Donger Villageelections of Shanweteamoi, donation for vision prevention and control of teenagers in Luohu District Dongfang School, and badminton competition of the 3rd Huashi Festival. Later, the lion friends discussed the dregularityetails of the annual return visit of "Blue Sky Kids" in Dblue是什么意思azhou, Sichuan provisky光遇nce. In the end, the members of the team were democratically elected as the tearegular的名词m leader for 2018-2019.  

After the meeting, everyone celebrated the lion friend's birninth翻译thday thisblued下载 month.

Article/Photo Contribuelectionsted by Blue Sky Service Team

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