Grace Service Team: held the seventh regular meeting of 2017-2018 and the 2018 Spring Welcome Party

Grace Service Team: held the seventh regular meeting of 2017-2018 and the 2018 Spring Welcome Party

On Februaryseventhepeople 2, 2018, the 7th regulagrace中文名什么意思r meetinmeeting是什么意思中文翻译g of Thseventhe year 2017-2018 and 2018 Spring Welcome Party of Shenzhen Lioheldbackns Club was held in Xili Bawaheld的意思是什么ng Farm. The meeting was attended by 40 people including Wu Yuqiong, chairman of dheld中文istrict 6 of Liomeetingyou是什么意思ns Club of Shenzhen fheld是hold的什么形式or 2017-2018 and founding leader of Tien Service Teregular反义词am, Wang Shuang, Chairteamsman of Student Assregularistance Committee, Li Zhou, First vice leadeheld中文r Guo Liang, Third vice leader Qian Zhengyue and leaders of each service team. Liu Bin, Director general of dalian Repremeeting是什么意思中文翻译senheld的原型tative Office of Lions Club of China, Deng Yi, Chief inspectorheldback of Lions Club of Shenzservicemanhen for 2017-2018, and Faservice和serve的区别ng Shilei, chairman of Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Commigrace是什么意思ttee attended the meeting. The mseventhepeopleeeting was chaired by Guo Liang.

Li Zhou reported the lion work and the financial income and expenditure of the service team this year, summarized the development of the "most beautiful sangraceful什么意思itation worker"held的意思是什么 public welteamfare project, and arranged the division of lateamviewerbservicemanor for the Largregularitye-scale sympathy activities during the Spring Festival. Wu Yuqioregularityng praised the annual work of Tien Service team,meeting是什么中文意思 praised Li Zhou's smeetingselfless efforts,graceful and encouraged the service team to turn theheld "Most Beautiful sanitation Worker" publicregularly意思中文翻译 welfaseventhepeoplere project igraceful翻译nto a Lions Club brand project. Wangregular翻译 Shuang summarservicemanized the tien Service team's educational activities, affirmed the results of this year's educational activities, and put forheldbackward work requirements.

Later,held的中文意思 Li Zhou commeheldbacknded wu Yuqiong, Wang Shuang, Qian Zhengyue and Hu Xiang for thregular什么意思eir outstanding lion friends in February,regular什么意思 and thanked Wu Yuqiong for supporting the work of the service team as alwayregularly意思中文翻译s.  

Lions celebrate Li Zhou and Zhang Baizhong's February birthday at the 2018 Spring Welcome Party. The scene agrace怎么读lso arranged a wonderful rafteam什么意思fle link, we toast, happgracefuly. Wish tien Service team better and better on the road of pseventh是什么意思ublic welfare, lion love sailing, building the future together!

Article/photo Contributed by Grace Service

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