Sum up experience and make progress hand in hand

Sum up experience and make progress hand in hand

On April 23, the 57th Lions Club International Far East and Southeast Asiprogress翻译a annual conference Steering Committee meeexperience是什么意思中文翻译ting and conference organizing committee preparation meeting was held in the Lion Feng Hall, 1 / F cuigu Building, Silver Lake Convention Cupgradeenter, Futian distupperrict.

Lin Ziyu, Vice Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen introduced the preparations of the Organizing Committee for the 57th Southeup是什么意思呢ast Asia Annual Cuplayonference. She expressed the hope that by holding the summing-uexperience纯音乐p meeting of the Stprogress进度条eering Committee, the lion Friends could fully luponearn from the successful experience of theprogressive是什么意思 steering Committee in organi邯郸学步zational structure and personnel division, and constantly improve the preparatory work to make the 57th Southeast Asummersia Annual Conference a success. She encouraged lion friends to masummaryke suggestions foprogress可数吗r the opening and closing sessions of the 57th Southeast Asia Annual Conference.

Ma Min, the first vice Presidentsum函数, shared her feelings of邯郸限号 attending the mupdateeeting a邯郸疫情最新情况nd thanked Shenzhen Lion Friends for their dedication to the steering Committee meeting without complaining.experience纯音乐 It is proposed to streexperiencesngthen the design of the partyuplay through bidding, and e邯郸限号stablish a wechat group to rprogress可数吗efine theprogressive翻译 work and implement the division of labor, so as to lay a foundation for the successfupsetul holding of the 57th Southeast Asia Annual Csummaryonference.

Afterwards, the leaders reported the on-site work of the steering Committee respectively, and putprogressive翻译 forward suggestions on邯郸学步 financial workexperiences, reception, translation, etiquette norms, transportsummit, siteup是什么意思呢 design, personnel division and other aspects. Lion friends said that the convening of the steering committeprogress什么意思e embodies the wisdom and strength of the preparatory group staff, but there are still many details to be improved, hope that the preparatory group timely overcome the difficulties, formulate and implement the feasibility plan, strictly checkexperience的形容词 every detail, seriously do a good job of cohesion, work together, Take an active part in the preparatory work of the 57th Annual Conference of Southeast Asia.  

Wu Xiaoming, head of supervisor, affirmed thesum函数 ability of Shenzhen Lion Friendexperience纯音乐s to undertake large-scale conferences,progressively and hoped that all lion friends would actively pay attention to and implement the details of the work, create a professional, high-quality southeast Asiupstairsa annual conexperience的形容词ference, and show the good imagesummit of domestic lion friends.

Lin Zexperiencediyu, vice President of CCPIT Xiamen, mad马克龙e a concluding speech, tupshanking shenzhen L汉典ion Friends for their effoupperrts, and hoped that shenzhen Lion Friends would sum up tuponheir experience, work together, carry forwarprogressivelyd the spiriprogressivelyt of "we serve", and make the 57th Southeast Asia Annual Conference better.

Domestic lion federation vicuplaye-chairman, the 57th southeast Asiamake是什么意思 conference organizing committee chairman Lin Ziyu, shenzhen lions 2017-2018 supervisors long wu xm, vice President of shenzhen lionsexperienced的意思 first, the 57th southeast Asia conference organizing coexperience是什么意思中文翻译mmittee, Ma Min, vice President of shenzhen lprogressions, secretary general of the committee, deputy secreta邯郸学步的意思ry general, the 57th annual southeast Asia Zeng Shi, The meesummerting was attended by zhang Lprogress进度条app下载i, Secretary General of the Or马克笔ganiziexperiencesng Committee, Zhang Jian, Chief Financialexperience动词 Officer, Zheng Guoping, Deputy Secretary General, Nie Xiangdong, Chairman of Shenzh汉鼎余烟en Lions Club, Dai Jihong, Du Peng, Wu Yuqiongup是什么意思呢, and Luo Junping, supervismake的过去式or. The meeting was presidesummitd over by Zhang Li.

[Text] Xu She马克吐温ner邯郸学步的意思

[Photo] Xu Shener

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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